Commission TOS

2 months, 10 days ago

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liiontai's commission terms and conditions

1. I reserve the right to deny or cancel commissions at any time. If I have cancelled your order you will receive a full refund.

2. Payments

2.1. For virtual currency on websites with pending trade functions (such as Chicken Smoothie) a trade must be sent ready to be accepted before I will begin work. I will not accept this trade until I have completed the commission. I will then accept payment and deliver the artwork/s. For websites without pending trade functions, payments will follow the same guide set out for real currency.

2.2. For real currency payment must either be sent upfront, or one half sent upfront and the second half sent after completion. Payments must be delivered through Steam Giftcard. All prices are in USD, Steam automatically converts currencies.

3. If you require a cancellation for any reason a full refund is available if I have not started any work. For commissions where I have begun working only partial refunds will be provided based on the progress made.

4. Your commissioned artworks may be reposted and used for personal use with direct credit to any relevant social media accounts liiontai. For websites where I do not have an account you must either credit my, Instagram or Twitter (all liiontai).

5. Commissioned artwork is not permitted to be used for commercial purposes, including but not limited to mass reproduction on merchandise items and promotional material. Personal reproduction for limited use among the commissioner and friends is permitted. Commission inquiries with the purpose of commercial use are permitted with the expectation of extra fees and discussion. If you have already commissioned an artwork from me and wish to use it commercially that would need to be discussed with me and requires express permission.

6. A full clean reference must be provided (with exception of reference and custom design commissions). I will not work from NSFW references that contain genitals (breasts/nipples are ok). References must not be covered by a watermark that obscures the design/limits my ability to colour pick.

7. I will not draw NSFW, gore or drug-related content.

8. You may inquire regarding commission types that are not listed (eg linearts, species concepts, editable PSD files). I am usually willing to work out a cost for any ideas you might have.

9. Commissions turnaround times will vary. I am a student and have a job outside of art so commission work is often not a priority. Depending on my schedule commissions will usually be completed within a week to multiple months. You may message me regarding progress if a month has passed without an update. I am also often forgetful so I appreciate your patience. If you have a due date you would like your commission completed by you must approach me minimum 2 weeks in advance, ideally a month in advance.

10. You may not edit/distort my artwork without my permission. If there are mistakes in your commission you are free to message me and I will fix your commission to match your character. You may make edits such as resizing the image/cropping for private use such as character websites, profiles and banners/profile pictures with credit.

11. By commissioning me you allow me to post your commission on my social media and use them as examples where I see fit (eg commission forms, portfolio etc). Commissions completed as gifts will not be posted publicly until the giftee has received their art. If you are opposed to me posting your commission on my social media please state that explicitly when ordering.

By commissioning me you agree to these terms. I will not apply amended terms retroactively. You are bound by the terms present here at the time of commission inquiry. If you have any questions, please ask me.