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Due to the nature of Hell College, there's a lot of injury and death about. None of it is terribly gristly, though, and any particularly detailed content will be appropriately warned.

Pleroma in Blue is a fairly blunt view into the mind of an all-devouring monster who struggles with their impulses and fixation on a solitary person they know nothing about. There are a lot of sexual allusions and Some Stuff will definitely happen at least off-screen. The narrative is extremely up-front about Istra's feelings and their often negative feelings toward those feelings. It's an uncomfortable psychoanalysis of a really weird, terrified character who's struggling to find their identity, find their place in life, and become a healthy and satisfied person.

Again, anything explicit (probably not much happening on that front) will be appropriately warned for. The maturity rating might get bumped up if violence/sexuality starts coming up enough to warrant it, but for the time being I think things are fine as-is!

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