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A re-post of current lore originally written on DnD beyond character page.

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|| Origin of the Beast ||
 -One of your parents is a lycanthrope, and you’ve inherited some of their curse.
-A fey spirit gifted you with the ability to adopt different bestial aspects.
Child of Zenesha (lycan cursed) and Valerian (Dhampir Cursed)

From a small town called Windermere known as a stone cut somber place that is entwined in a war, Windermere feuded by a lycanthrope clan "The Vanished Nightwalkers" and a Dhampir clan "The Banished Coven" humans were left in the middle defending from both sides. Zenesha the daughter of  Windermere's war leader fell in inseparable love with  Valerian her fathers second in charge, their love survived for years as their town fought valiantly against both dhampir and lycanthrope. With the war against each other tiredly showing no victor other decades both sides struck a plan to individually try to advance their own victory, on one fateful night the war chiefs home was ransacked by the Nightwalkers clan, clawed up and turned over he returned to fine his daughter Zenesha missing. In urgency her father recalled his men only to find his war party leader and her lover Valerian also missing. Windermere's involvement in the war grew with savagery as a grieving father and war chief now fought to eradicate both sides in revenge of his believed deceased daughter. With both her and her mother gone his ruling order soon began to achieve progress in ending the war.

 Months having passed the mystery of both Zenesha and Valerian unfolded on the battlefield, Zenesha abducted by the Nightwalker clan had been burdened by their curse and ruthlessly molded into another fighter for their cause. Made into both a vicious fighter and an emotional tool for victory from such a gentle eloquent woman. Valerian however had found himself ambushed after a routine war plan meeting by the Banished Clan of Dhampir. His battle hungry and frightful skills on the field now fueled by a hunger for the blood he shed for once good. Under a full moon all sides met in great numbers across a gloomy field of grass that spanned across their territories, many fought for hours not knowing truly the depths they were in among other comrades. As the sides clashed into each other it was only time that they all met again, leading their respective sides they met in the bloodshed of war, the lovers eyes meeting again. In this moment, witnessed by Zenesha's father atop horse back,  both felt the cloud of their curse lift from their vision leading both her and Valerian to turn their created wrath back to vanquishing the dhampir and lycanthrope along side her father.

  With their plan of gaining the upper hand in war turned against them the Nightwalkers and Banished clans retreat with who they can salvage and recede into a more reclusive living to ensure their future survival. The battle having been won the two rekindle their love under marriage and blessing her father in  the now sleepy hollow of Windermere.

 This re kindled love and marriage soon blessed the two a child however with the birth of their son Wolfraum they found him to be carrying both their curses of dhampir and lycan, they loved him no less but were left in fear of their old war trying to claim their child.

After A few peaceful years of growing up in a now cleaner and brighter Windermere Wolframs parents began to feel comfortable to allow him to play outside on his own while they kept watch, unfortunately at the age of 6 a overcast day had set in that brought with it shadow and misfortune. Their home hit with a thump followed by dragging claws set in impending danger for the two parents but by time they got outside their child, Wolfraum, was gone. Frightened by the huge attacking lycan he had ran into Ferview Wood, the woods having out skirted their outer town property he had often explored them as he got used to his predatory instincts, but in fright he had gone to far from home to find any scent to return. Mother and father locked in battle defending off lycans from abducting their son and Wolfraum neither knowing if or who was coming for him, danger or parents, took safety in a large hollow tree. The tree sat huge in a grove clearing, twisted without leaves and shimmering with silver bark it appeared to offer him great safety until his mother could find him but as he clawed his way into the gave like opening Wolfraum found himself falling into a deep dark tunnel. He clawed and fought against his spiraling travels but it was to late, he had been dragged down and through it into the Fey.