Fall Equinox 2021 - The Zombie Apocalypse

Aberfa had a dream about Zombies invading the Quirliverse! She went out to Valentine for help and together, prepare the living for the arrival of the undead!

This is a short RP between me and Ne10Nettle (Owner of Elenore)

Word count for the complete RP Entry: 9000~ Elenore & Damien: 5300 words Wonder & Aureum: 2900 words Hallow: 1100 words

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On the eve of the Equinox Aberfa curled up tightly in her favorite sleeping spot, eagerly awaiting the celebrations to come the following day. When she went to sleep that night, she expected pleasant dreams of milder temperatures, leaves changing colors, and pumpkin carvings.  
With the Equinox being a major celebration in the Quirliverse anything but ringing it in on a pleasant note was unacceptable.  
Unfortunately for her, the dreams that visited Aberfa that night could be described in many ways, but positive was not one of them.  She spent the night tossing and turning, with what looked to be a concerned look on her face.  This definitely wasn’t the relaxed sleep she had anticipated. 
When morning sun gently kissed the large mare’s face, her eyes shot open as if something had startled her.  “It’s coming!” she exclaimed while pushing herself up on her hooves.  “We need to be ready.”  
Determined, she spread her enormous wings and took to the sky in search of one of her trusted underlings.  

The Quirliverse was silent aside from the swish of Aberfa’s wings.  Her shadow traveled along the mountainsides as she flew past. Below creatures big and small were slowly starting their day, no doubt thinking Aberfa was getting an early start ringing in the Equinox.  Little did they know things were quite awry and Aberfa was frantic in trying to find the right help.  

Aberfa’s wings, spread wide, allowing her to glide to a gentle descent.  Harsh landings simply weren’t her style, even if things seemed dire.  
“Valentine!”  “Get up, I need your help with something.”  Aberfa nudged the sleeping stallion with her hoof. “I know you can hear me, now get up already!”.  
Valentine let out a grumble and reluctantly cracked just one eye open.  “Come back tomorrow, I’m not interested in celebrations.” He turned his head away and pulled one of his wings over it to block out the light. 
Aberfa cocked an eyebrow and gave the grumpy stallion a swift kick to the ass.  “I told you, I need your help with something, now get up before I take away your ability to sleep completely!” 
Valentine begrudgingly got himself upright and dusted off the hoof print on his butt.  “You didn’t have to kick me, that was really rude.”  he mumbled. 
“So, what exactly do you need my help with?” Aberfa had his full attention now. 
“The Zombie Apocalypse is coming, I need you to get everyone prepared for battle.”  “If you know how to make any anti zombie potions, be sure to get on that too.”  

Valentine paused before giving Aberfa some serious side-eye.  “You can’t be serious, we may live in a land of magic but zombies aren’t a thing here.”  
“Don’t look at me like that, you know I wouldn’t come to you with something like this if it weren’t true.”  “I had a dream last night, everyone I knew turned into zombies.”  “The land was decaying too.”  Aberfa lowered her voice to something just above a whisper “Given that I had this dream on the eve of the Equinox, I believe it’s a prophetic dream.”  She closed her eyes and let out a sigh.  “Something is very wrong in the Quirliverse and we need to stop it!”  

Valentine took a moment to consider the information presented to him.  Certainly Aberfa was being truthful about not making this up, no matter how absurd it sounded. If this was indeed a prophetic dream, it would be important to put as many provisions in place to protect ourselves from turning into zombies.  There was no doubt in his mind that he’d be on board to help anyway he could.  
“Okay, I’ll help, but you owe me for this!” he grumbled grumpily.  
Aberfa smiled “I knew I could count on you!” 

Together they worked on preparations on how to best spread the word and teach everyone how to make anti zombie potions.  If the Zombie Apocalypse was coming, Quirlicorns would be ready!

Start of the RP Part:

Aberfa did her best to take advantage of Valentine and his connections. Even though he was a grumpy Stallion, he knew a lot of people, and he posessed a lot of helpful magic.
Together, they worked on creating a magic that would help protecting not only them, but also others from the unknown danger.

Aberfa couldnt help herself but pace around their area, her wings unsteady and never still on her back. She was just way too nervous about her prophetic dream.
"We cant even see if this would work!" she told Valentine. "...but there is no way to wait until it happens. We need to spread word to other Quirlicorns and help them prepare. We need to part and move in different directions, and teach as many of the others about this than we can." she told him.
"Id suggest I cover the swamps, mountains and go to the desert, and you will see to the windy and plains Regions! And we meet up in the Icy Region as fast as possible!" she told him, as she was not one to sit still and wait for desaster to strike.
Of course, she could also involve the other deities. And she would do so if she met one of her way, but time was running! She would rather tell other Quirlicorns to find them and warn them, too.

As in the Windy and Plains Region, a big herd was living between two lakes that went in both regions, and they had a rather peaceful life there after they drove one of the worst Stallions out that they ever met. The land was blessed, full of wildlife, healthy rivers and forests and had not many bad things to offer. The herd under Aureums lead faced not many problems until now. Their healer, Wonder, was traveling between lands as she also watched over some part of the Astral Region, and her magic had expanded to that of a demi god, which was a big favor for the quiet herd, though she often left to learn from the deities herself.

None of them were aware of any threat coming over them anytime soon. Wonder might had been able to see to it, if she had the tiniest of hints, but she had been busy with other things and did not spend attention to her dreams, and no prophetic dream had shown up herself. The past week, she was with Aureums herd and just grazed in the wonderful daylight at the lake, that was only moving due to some stronger winds today.

On the other side of the world, things looked a bit different.
Damien had woken up to some very weird dreams. They made him shaken and nervous as he looked over his sparse land.
This place had not much to offer, but to his luck, he lived mostly right at the border to the mountains. It had kept him alive when he was not blessed with all the magic he posessed now. He did not know of any other Quirlicorn living in his part of this land, but he knew some that lived nearby in the mountains. As for now, he tried to calm himself before he set himself in trance for a prophecy. He needed to get clearance if what he dreamt off was just some weird neightmare, or a serious warning!
It took him a good while but when his eyes losed their bright shine and his body relaxed again, he was even more shaken.
That... that could not be true...?
He had never heard of something like that! What even were Zombies? Undead bodies roaming the land?
Yes, he had a plague friend, Crow... but Crow just had stinky moments due to his mutation, he was not a walking corpse! He was a very lively stallion and a friendly one, too. There was nothing the tall, skinny stallion could think of, that would halfway fit what his dreams and prophecy showed him, and all he could think of, was to talk to someone else.
Either Crow, or Elenore, the kind but fierce mare that had shown up close by recently. He posessed magic, yes, but he was not the best in deciding what he could do with it, and he would need to find someone who would also believe him! Elenore was probably the closest, but though he would not know where to search for her, he tried to reach out to her mentally.
~Elenore...? Can you hear me??~ he called out to her, ~I need to speak with you! Where can I find you?~

Valentine seemed a bit grumbly about it but he too was off and on his way. Taking to the air to head to the plains. That would be the best place to start now. There was a lot to think about, how she had such a vision and it was a lot to process no doubt! They had never seen such a thing, zombies...maybe in bad stories or something sure. But the actual virus itself? Or...what ever it could be, maybe even a fungus. But he rode the wind as quick as he could so he could speak to the residents of the Plains and warn them of the dangers that would be becoming of their lands. Was his Deity right about this though? Or was she just...mad? But the way she acted seemed rather sincere, and she was clearly panicked and upset. After some time he found himself in the vast plains and he lowered down to the ground and landed and started to run fast to see who he could find to relay the information.

Elenore was walking a path that she had come to fancy. It was a quiet trail that wove through the forest up to the mountains. It followed a face paced river and she just moved along. Taking in the early morning quiet. Her head was relaxed and lower as she looked to the ground before her. The birds were starting to sing and it was really rather tranquil to hear and to be here. There was a mist that was creeping about as she was at the valley from the mountain ranged. Slowly she made her way to start her trek up the mountain and to some ruins that she liked to visit, but it was a long ways up. Normally she would run up the path to the place but she chose for now to take her time. But, suddenly she heard some kind of voice?! She stopped and her ears went back and she snorted out and flicked her tail. "What is this!? Who speaks!? Show yourself coward!" She said as she stomped her hoof and snorted again and her ears flat to her head. She saw no one, scented no one, and what she heard did not seem of this world! Was it a fae playing a trick on her?

Aureum looked at his peaceful herd as he watched over them. There were no predators out to even try to take them, his species was way too intelligent and magical to fall as prey - other than maybe some serious magical predators themselves, and he had yet to face such a entity. Yet, he still had a huge feeling of the need to protect them. He was their lead stallion even if Wonder had stronger magic and more ways for their protection - yet, she often was gone and travelled their world a lot.
The strong winds caught up in his mane and the dim glow of his body did not allow him to hide anywhere easily - not that his rainbow coloured coat and hair would have supported any of that , anyways.
For some unknown reason, he felt a bit uneasy. He should be at peace... his herd was, the weather was nice, the land was fertile and granted them all they needed, all of them were healthy and friendly with each other.
There was nothing, absolutely nothing that would be reason for him to worry, and still, he felt something was not right.
With a sigh, he trotted over to Wonder.
She rose her head and twitched an ear in his direction, a sign she did hear him come, yet, her eyes were locked on something in the very distant skies. He followed her gaze and saw a white and red spot flying over far away, before it seemed to go down to the ground.
"...A stranger?" he asked her as he came to her side. "...the land there holds no other Quirlicorn as far as I know... maybe we get neighbours...?" he guessed to her, though he could not hide his unrest worry in his voice.

Wonder looked over to him and shook her head to sort the hair on her neck and chest.
"..thats not why you came over to me, isnt it, Aureum?" she wanted to know as her knowing eyes locked into his. "...what is worrying you?"

"...If I knew, I could tell you..." Aureum sighed deeply. "...I see this land, I see our comrades and friends, and they are doing well. Everything is perfect... yet.. I cant help but feel something bad is about to happen." he told her.

"It is too perfect..." Wonder spoke it out, looking back over where most of their herd was. "..and you want me to try and find out what you feel? I have not gotten any signs from the deities or the stars at all, but I will try to see into it." she meant, but soon, they noticed that the figure from the distance was coming closer.
It was indeed a Quirlicorn and seemed to come straight over to them.

As Damien crossed the borders to the mountain region, he chuckled amused internally, even though his mind was heavy with fear. But Elenore was indeed none to joke around with. And she liked to talk face to face more it seemed. He could not hear her well in his head, as she had no telepathy magic, but his own was strong enough for him to get her words.
"~...I am too far away! Im Damien... remember..? Im sorry to disturb, I really am... But I need your advice...! Please Elenore, can I meet you somewhere? Im coming over from my place.~ he let her know. He was letting his instincts guide him as he followed path into this wonderful land But it would be easier to find her if she told him or opened her mind to him so he could figure it out himself...

Inbetween, Aberfa went straight to warn Quirlicorns on her way. She was the Deity in these lands. She had not much to explain as the Quirlicorns here knew her well, and they knew she would not waste time with such foolish jokes if it were one. So all she faced was worries and confusion, but also hope as she tried to share her magic with them. In hopes it would help. They could not try it, they had never seen a Zombie for real, and without one, there was only hope for them, but still, even if it would not help, she could warn them and have them make their own preparations. These Quirlicorns were all strong and wonderful, and if her and Valentines efforts were in vain, she knew the others would still be prepared, ready to fight, and throw their own ideas at the undead enemy.
That was, Aberfa made her way up through her land, from where she would cross into the desert region once she reached the far north end. There, she would seek out Anevay for help, but not without warning and preparing as many on her way as she could...

Valentine ran quickly across the plains and he saw two others look his direction and soon enough he got closer to them and slowed down a bit. There was a male and a female, and he knew that they were the proctors of the herds and land here. "Sorry to disrupt you or cause alarm." He said, though he was not really that sorry. He had a job to do, and he was not about to apologize for that! He walked up to them to get closer. "My name is Valentine. I am here to warn you of a prophecy my deity Aberfa had this day. And I fear it is not good, so I was sent to warn others of what she saw. I will be straight with you, we are at the cusp of a zombie apocalypse. We have made a potion that can help us with this outbreak that is undoubtedly upon us. She tasked me with warning as many as I can and teaching you how to make this potion. But understand that my deity does not take this lightly, she is convinced that this is true." He said to them. His ears were back a bit and his head was held high. It was clear he was serious about this and he had no time to waste just to tell little stories as he looked to Wonder and Aureum.

Elenore was still very confused about this voice in her head and she still looked around a bit. "Damien? What the--? ugh..okay never mind. I was on my way to the Ruins on the south face of the mountains. I can be there soon, but I do not know when you can get there..." She said. Damn, she was unsure if he could even hear her! She had no such abilities as she was a rather simple mare. But she made up for it with her spirit and ferocity. She knew Damien was a lot stronger than he looked when it came to magic so she should not be too surprised by all of this! But it still freaked her out as she shook her head a bit and started to make her way to the ruins. But this time, she started to run. She was sure that Damien had some way of getting there fairly fast. And it was not like him to reach out to her in such a way it was enough for her to know that he had something probably rather important that he wanted to speak about. Soon, she made it to the ruins. It was rather cold here and had a light dusting of snow. She walked through where all the strange stones were and there was a broken down watch tower as well from who knows how long. Here, she would wait for Damien but until then she would check around to be sure that nothing was lurking in the shadows. Tho it was morning, here it was still a bit dark and over cast.

Aureum and Wonder were standing still and waiting for the stranger to arrive. They were interested but not truthly alarmed or worried. If this one wanted to pose a threat, he would not land so far away just to run over, if he had wings to use. He was humble enough to make himself visible and approach them by hoof, which showed respect towards their land and the lands owners.

The stranger introduced him as Valentine... Wonder rose her ears beyond her antlers, as this name was no stranger to her. All of them who were using a higher kind of magic already seeked out the deities to learn under their guidance... She was no stranger as she followed Jagmeet, though the quiet deity was rather introvert.
They both listened to his words as he lost no time to explain his visit.
"Zombies...?" Aureum asked, sharing a gaze with Wonder that spoke of irritation and disbelief.
"...A lot of magic is strong and active in our lands, and creatures of all kinds are crossing this world... yes, we have heard of Zombies, but never seen one, or heard they were even real... this would be very dark magic to give the decaying life again of sorts.." Aureum feared, but he was not denying it - he himself had a unrest feeling not an hour ago and Valentines appearance just proved his feelings true. They were all magic creatures and connected through that magic!
"Follow us please... we might need Hallow when it comes to making potions..." he guessed.

Wonder did not lose any time and followed her lead stallions wish as she notified Hallow to come to the fireplace, where they had not only herbs but also cauldrons. But her ears were still with Valentine.
"...Aberfa is in the mountains.. so you came all the way over from there?" she asked him. "...Do the other deities know of this? I am follower of Jagmeet of the plains.. He has not warned me of any of this, so I suppose he is not informed yet.. I could let him know and ask for his guidance as well. If Aberfa is right with her prophecy, this would affect our whole world... and not only us Quirlicorns but all creatures alive... This land can not turn into a desert of death..." she as sure. To her, this was not only for QUirlicorns... if there was a potion to protect them, it needed to be shared with all things alive... and all magic they could use to protection, it would not be there for the horned ones only, but for all animals and magic creatures.
She was no Deity herself yet, though the magic was strong in her horns and hooves, and she would try to get a prophecy herself. Not that she doubted a deitys words! But she wanted to see herself, know more if she could, maybe getting clearer answers or knowledge if this was a whole-world-problem. Of course it was, but if they could find out where it might start, it would be able to be limited.

For now, they went to the fireplace. As they arrived there, a little open space of land and very low grass, surrounded by even rocks at one side, Hallow was already waiting there. The fire at that place was always going. Several in their herd were able to use fire, and a lot of them actually loved to brew things. Not only magic things, but believe it or not, some of those lovely Quirlicorns liked the taste of sweet tea!
Right now, the Cauldrons were empty though, which might be in their favor. The smaller lake was right by its side and Hallow knew they might have to get some water in a moment. Her blue eyes had no focus but she lifted her head to those arriving and waited patiently and quietly.

"Hallow, we have a visitor, Valentine of Aberfas lead has come to us with bad news..." Wonder explained to her, as she could only take in his noises and scent. "...he meant he would be able to teach us a potion that might be of our use.."

Damien sighed internally as he heard Elenores answer in her own head. The ruins were pretty high up and his endurance was meek. There was no way for him to be there fast sadly. All he had were his long legs as he started to run towards her.
~Maybe you could not go full up there...~ he asked her. ~Im sadly in no condition to go so high up from the very desert I just left... at least not within the short time I would love to...~ he admitted. Though he did his best to catch up with her, it was still a lot of wonderful land ahead of him.
He liked the grass and rocks and the tiny paths between bushes and trees.
But his body was made for the desert, and he started to feel pretty cold soon, as the burning sun was not as strong anymore, from the higher moisture in the air as well as the shadows that fell on him from all the flora around him.
He could only concentrate on breathing right as he galloped upwards..

Aberfa lost no time. The minutes and hours passed as she went from one to another, seeking out herds mostly where she could share the knowledge of the potion mentally, with both her followers as well as other spirited QUirlicorns around. She was not one to lose time. And for her it was easier than for Valentine, for she was a deity and nobody would question her, - and she lost not time explaining too much. There was no insecurity in her words, no doubt that her dream was a warning of what was to come.
As she went further north, there was a wide land where she did not find any other, and as she nearly reached the sea and was about to turn into the desert, she sensed a single living being up a hill at some ruins. Spreading her wings wide to slow down her flight, she carefully landed.
"You are all alone here?" she asked the mare that stood there.

Valentine followed them as he listened to Wonder. "Yes, I did come from the mountains. But I am unsure who else knows of this prophecy." He had to admit. "I hope that we can spread the news quickly. Please understand I cannot stay here long as I have others to warn. But I will show you how to make this potion and trust you will show others as well." He said to her. He was not meaning to be rude but indeed, he had a mission still and not as much time as he would have liked for this. This was a severe thing and he had to warn as many as he could in all the lands. He looked over and looked a bit stiff as they went to the cauldron and he sighed. "Hopefully this will help you." He grumbled. More so that he felt the potion would either work or not. it had never been tested! "Hallow, my dieity had a vision and Zombies are destined to strike. I will coach you on how to make a poition that should be rather useful. It will be in your best interest to spread this knowledge to your heard." He said to them as he then flicked his tail a bit and started to give instructions on how to brew this potion. He hadn't much time and would have to move on. But this was a start!

Elenore listened to Damien and she would wait for him. Okay, that was a little dumb of her to think he could run as far and fast as she could, and she did feel a little bad the thin stallion would have to make his way up here. But it was too late as he was already on his way! She walked around the ruins as her hooves made prints in the dusting of the snow from the morning. She suddenly heard a voice and looked up immediately and her ears were back as she stomped her front hooves in warning. Now, Elenore was a very...simple mare. She did not think much of magic or the way of the world. It was not really in her nature at the moment in her life. So, the thought of all powerful quirls were not really on her mind, nor the inkling of a thought that they were real or she should take time to study them. So seeing this otherworldly creature come down from the sky made her pretty alert! And the fact it asked her if she was alone made her think this thing was about to attack her! She rose her head high and her ears were flat to her head. "Oh! I am alone alright, but you best believe if you want to fight, I will give you a run for your money!" She said to this creature. She did not know that this was Aberfa, a deity.

Hallow listened to the new arrivals and it seemed all rather hasty.
She nodded to them gently as her ears were moved towards the Stranger, Valentine.
"...I will hear your instructions and follow them with the help of my friend.." she agreed.
The next hour, they spent hearing the recipe of the potion, brewing it in front of Valentine and taking notes.
Wonder and Aureum carried water over from the lake, Hallow collected ingredients from their stock to prepare, and Wonder was told which herbs were missing, so they used collected seeds and Wonders ability to have things grow, to produce new and fresh herbs on the site of the fireplace.
It was interesting to watch them work, as everybody knew exactly of their abilities and what to do, and Hallows nose could not be fooled about which herbs would work and which lost their effect.
Soon, a potion was brewing in the medium sized cauldron, and they had the recipe written and logged for future use, in case they would need it.

"...will this.. protect us against the Zombies... or will it be able to cure Zombies if they cross our paths?" Wonder wanted to know. They only knew of the potion but not on how to use it, and she had no knowledge that Valentine didnt know of this either.

The mighty mare rose her brows at the attitute that was shoved in her very face.
This mare was ... not a grounded one...
She snorted in a weird mixture of being amused and upset, as this soul had no idea about her? How came that a deity, especially in her very own land!, was not recognized?
"You set foot in my lands, yet you dont recognize your deities?" she snorted towards Elenore, her ears pinched back as she flapped her wings. Even the audacity to threaten her! This mare was so much smaller than she herself was! "Dont waste my time, you fool. Either you listen to what I come to warn you about, or you`ll be left behind to fend for yourself."
Oh no, Aberfa would not lose time with a stubborn single mare if she could safe more herds on her way. Either she would listen now and learn what there was needed to be known, or see herself what to do. Not that Aberfa did not care for her people, but she still wanted to be shown respect for her help!

Inbetween, Damien made his way up the hill more and more. He had lost all speed by now as he was not made for running far, definitely not. The cold here was pulling at his coat that was thin and useless against winds and rain.
He breathed hard and the colder air up here started burning in his lungs. Elenore had not answered him anymore so he had no other choice, but suddendly, something was wrong. She was upset, he could literally feel it as he was still on her mind if she said something. She herself couldnt use Telepathy so if he lost the connection to her, she could not reach out to him.
~What is wrong?~ he asked her, knowing it might still take half an hour until he could reach her.

Together they worked as Valentine gave them very detailed instructions on how to make this potion to help with the troubles that were about to befall them. Hallow seemed very precise with her work, and Valentine respected that as she was sure to check each herb that was put into the brew. They worked very well he had to admit! They all seemed very in tune to their magic and knew what needed to be done with no fuss. This made it much easier for them all as they worked to get things just so. As they were finishing up Wonder did ask Valentine on what this potion was to do. Was an offensive way to ward of the zombies? Would it be a weapon? Or a cure even? "I have to be frank with you, I really do not know. All I know is that this is to help us. I do not know how to use it, or how it will react once activated. But I am more than certain that this will help us and its critical that we all have this to fend off what is coming." he said as he looked to her and let out a bit of a sigh, shaking his head a bit. "It is strange, what was told to me." He said to her and the stallion. "I never would have thought that zombies would be some form of issue that we are dealing with." He said to her. But soon, it was time for him to part. They finished making this strange potion. It was a shimmer pink, and looked like something that would probably taste rather nice! It did not look like anything that would ward off zombies! It looked like a pixie potion! "And that was how it looked for Aberfa and myself. So that is correct. I guess that we will know when it is time to use it..." He said as he looked to them. "I fear I must part from you now, I have to show this to the others in the lands." He said to them as he started to make his leave. "Good luck to you!" He said as he sped off and took to the air.

Elenore looked to this mare and she was more confused. She did not really pay much attention to others about her. Well, save Damien who she saved from some beasts. She felt that maybe she should know this angelic mare qurili. But nothing was hitting her about who she was. She was rather cut off from a lot she felt! "Look, I....am honest with you, I do not recognize you and I am a little on edge when you just...show up." She said just being blunt about it. It was something she was rather good at! But it did put her on edge a little as she was just unsure about the situation. And then Damien spoke in her head and she was ready to flip out. "DAMIEN WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!?" She looked around. She looked like she lost her mind! But she was not too used to magic! So, in front of her was a...goddess like Quirlicorn and Damien be in her head asking her what is wrong! She was getting pulled it felt in all directions. One side had an angry goddess the other had a meek little Damien. And Elenore was, well, in this moment she was a bit lost with what was happening. She looked back to Aberfa "I am sorry to offend you but I have not seem many in my time as I move around often." She said trying to, get her bearings on the situation.

"...it should be safe to drink..." Hallow said. She could not tell the colour of the potion they created together, but she knew every single ingredient they had put in it. And there was nothing dangerous to her knowledge unless the magic woven in would cause something. "...we can proceed to make more.. and soak the very lands in it. If it is any help in warding off such a terrible infection, we should protect as much and many as we can..." she said. And of course they could, the lake was here and Wonder could grow all kind of plants they needed.

"Valentine." Wonder said as he was ready to part. "If there is any problems with others, let me know. I can aid them in creating the potion or growing needed herbs that they miss. I fear especially the Icy Region will have troubles finding all ingredients." she said, and she worked on packing some seeds together to hand over to Valentine.
"Take those with you... if other herds have healers and those able to grow plants, it will be useful. I will start creating more seeds as soon as you are on your way. Dont hesitate to contact me mentally, I can teleport over to aid." she offered him.

If he and Aberfa were right, this was a danger coming down on all on them, and all of them had to be protected.

"Thank you for your help. I hope you can reach everybody in time, and I am sure we will notify whoever we know and share the knowledge with them. It is impossible for two Quirlicorns alone to wander the whole world, even if one of them is a Deity." Aureum was sure. "I will bring my herd to a nearby cave and we will work to make it a shelter for the worst case to retreat. Stay safe out there." the lead stallion thanked him, bowing his head in respect before he turned to gather his herd members.

"You seem pretty lost here. I come to warn my people for the upcoming threats." she said, as she could not read this strange mare.
"Believe it or not, but the Universe warned me of a Zombie Apocalypse coming upon those lands, and we created a dew that would be able to help. I am to teach you how to do it. But you seem all on your own, without any supplies, any way to brew a potion, even without fire in this high place. You should seek shelter with a herd as soon as possible as there is no way for you to do this on your own." she told her, and instead of telling her how to do it, she told her baout some herds closer by that she would be able to reach in time. She did not care that this mare called for someone else, but as she was about to leave, a huge Stallion appeared at their place.
She would be impressed of his sheer size, as he was not much smaller than she herself was. Close to the size of a Deity himself, but the fates had cursed him with a weak body it seemed.
He panted terrible as he stumbled towards them, his legs shaky and his head low from the exhaustion the climbing up here caused.
Aberfa rose a brow in confusion.
This was clearly a Desert Quirlicorn, not made for the colder areas of the land, but something on him was more mighty than it seemed like. There was magic in him that way surpassed the bright blue mare.

"Im here... im here..." Damien panted, and he just placed his hooves in the ground to lower his head and catch up his breath. He used no time to warm himself up as he called heat and fire over him. This was not a place he was used to!
But as he looked up, he saw not only Elenore but a big, impressive mare!
His eyes grew big.
"..Aberfa...!" he gasped, lowering his head to her in respect. "...Im sorry! I didnt know... a deity would be here!" he still panted. "...but that.. that is good... I had a prophecy... a prophecy of something very dark coming over our land... the appearance.. of the dead, still moving and cursing all thats in their way...!" he spoke out, moving closer as he regained his breath a bit though he wished nothing more than to lay down for a moment. But this would not work. There was no time to rest, not now! "I am sorry! I am.. Damien.. I usually live... down at the border to your lands...!"

"...mhhh... " Aberfa made as she looked at that meek but huge figure. He seemed shaken and he knew about this already? The Universe granted him with the same kind of warning?
Maybe more, magically skilled Quirlicorns had the same knowledge...!
"...I just told your.. friend here... that I came to bring you a potion we created to fend this off. But you cannot do it here. There is nothing you can use here. I suggest you go down more south and seek out the small herd living there... and unite with them to stay safe. You can teach them the potion if you can keep the recipe in your head..." she told him, before she looked back to Elenore. "...even as two, you stand no chance alone.."

Valentine looked to Wonder before he started to make his leave. "The Icy region will be in the most trouble of getting what they need for this...unless they have been stocking up on herbs and ingredients for potions. If they are in need of extra support I will be sure to contact you first as you can get to them rather fast." He said as he took the bag of seeds that Wonder handed off to him. "I appreciate this, thank you Wonder." he said to her and looked back to the others. "Stay together, it is best that no one strays off too far. I have personally never seen a zombie so I am not sure how they are acting or how they attack. But I know that the sickness is highly contagious so do not let them near as much as you can help it." He said to her with a sigh "Please forgive me as I do not have as much information as I would have liked." He said to her with sincerity. But after that he had to push on and get to the next region to warn them,

Elenore surely was a bit lost, and this greater being spoke of an attack of sorts? It was a bit strange to hear and she just listened to her as she referenced some groups that were close by. It was hard to say if Elenore would join them as she had mostly been a lone wanderer most her life at this point after her own herd got wiped out. But it would seem that Aberfa was about to leave and then Damien came running up and Elenore turned to him and moved her ears up. Oh might, she should have went to him. But she was a bit forgetful sometimes that Damien, despite is size, was not really much of a runner. She then caught on how Damien seemed to have known this mare and showed a
 lot of respect for her. Well, if Damien trusted her Elenore would too. Not that she had much of a choice. Elenore went over to Damien and looked to him. He was not fit enough to go back to the foot of the mountain and to the closest herd. So, she could carry him and run. That could be a little difficult but it was the only way to get there fast enough and work to get this, potion. It would seem they would have to make it and Aberfa was right that they had no way to do so. So they would have to join up with a herd. Not that Elenore was totally pleased with such an idea but it seemed that it was going to be the only way that they could survive. "I can get us to the south to find the small herd." Elenore said. Well, she was not much for magics but she could carry things and run very far for a long long time, so this would work. If she could get a way to get Damien on her so his legs would not drag.

Valentine was gone, and Wonder looked after him for a moment, before she got to work. They gathered more herd members to bottle up the potions, Hallow instructed them on what to do to create more potion after the cauldron was empty, and Wonder had the needed herbs grow. Some for harvest for more potion, some for seeds. If Valentine would call for help, she would be ready, and she would be loaded with seeds. Even in the Ice Region, there would be a spot where she could have them grow, they would not last, sure, but helping them to their adult stage was not hard to do for her.

It took them time, but as the big herd they were, they worked together without many questions, and soon they would have a good reserve of potions, food and bedding in the cave that Aureum chose for them to gather. In that, Valentine was right, - they should not spread around and sleep secluded.
Whenever the Zombies would come, they would be ready. And if Valentine was to contact Wonder for help, she would answer.

In the mountain Region, Elenore and Damien were far from ready.
Damien was shaken to hear those news. The Deities knew already, and had preparations. A potion to help them, but up here, with nothing at their hands, they had no way to even make it.
"...we cant be out in the open.. if this comes... but.. But I wanted to have.. others know..." Damien told Aberfa.

"Dont worry. I was on my way to Anevay. You two take care that you find shelter with others. Be careful. The herds more south will also know how to make the potion. I will let them know to take in single members like you guys until the danger is over.." she told Damien and Elenore, as she imprinted the potions recipe on a parchment for them to take with them.
She handed it to Elenore, as she had some cloth garments on her where she could stash it away until needed, before she said her goodbyes and wished them luck. Yes, she could have helped them more. But she was in a hurry as to reach out to Anevay and other herds. Those two were very unfortunate, but maybe they made it to the closer herds in time. If they fell ill to the Zombie threat, they would have to be killed probably.
The mighty Deity spread her wings and took off.

As soon as she left, Damien just fell to his stomach and panted out for a moment.
"...I hoped.. it was just a bad prophecy... I hoped I was wrong...!" he mumbled into the ground. "This cant be real...! How would we survive a Zombie Apocalypse...?" he asked, but the question was more for himself. He knew, Elenore was strong. She would simply outrun any Zombies and probably kill them meanwhile! He on the other hand?
Oh, he could burn them to death... they would not manage to go through a lake of Lava, would they...?
"...If we get on.. on even ground... I can at least hold any Zombies off... they`d not cross a lake of Lava..." he guessed. That was for sure a very helpful magic, and a reason for any herd to allow them in for a short time.. hopefully short time.... Damien did not like to stay in herds. He was scared of their reaction, of their fear and disgust of his condition, and he barely had friends. Crow, but he was far far away and hopefully safe... Elenore, of course... and maybe some of the others he had met on his ways, but a lot of them just did not know much about him. So he just wandered alone. He was no lead stallion or anyone mighty, even though he worked his way up in the magic to a point where he surpassed normal Quirlicorns Abilities already. He still was weak physically. If the magic within would grant him something to not be so exhausted all the time.. that would be really great...
With a sigh, he got back up. "...I dont like staying with a herd, too... They might.. have prejudices... but.. if this is real and coming.. we need their help and they might need ours..." he told Elenore with a sad smile. "...at least I know that no Zombie would stand a chance against your hoof and horn.." he was sure. "..lets get... back down there..." he meant, and he started to set his hooves back on the trail he just came up to.

Elenore watched as Aberfa made her leave after giving her some parchment with what to do. She looked back to Damien, who seemed rather overwhelmed! Of course this was a hell of a lot to take in, no doubt about that! She walked over to him and looked down to him as he just laid on the ground for a bit and spoke his worries. Of course she too was a bit worried about this whole thing. Sure she was strong, but she had never fought a zombie before! How the heck would she kill something that was already dead? And then yes, there was the problem with getting to a heard. Aberfa did mention a heard that they could meet up with for a moment and that would seem to be the best that they could do. So, as Damien got up she let out a sigh. "I know the feeling, I am not one for herds either. I know it is more dangerous to be alone but we make our own herd. So, if anyone gives you any issues, they will have to deal with me. I know I am not as magical as most but you best believe I will fight to the death and they better be ready for that." She said with a snort and her ears back. She may have been a bit of a loner but by the heavens she would do all she could to keep Damien safe. He was the most kind and gentle creature she had ever met. So, the idea of someone hurting him was a direct attack to her! "Here...I can get us down there. You already did enough. I know you are rather large but I can carry you with a lot of ease if you keep your hooves out of the way." She said as she walked up to him. "And you best believe I would wreck any zombie that got too close." She said again with a slight stomp at the foot. "Alright. Lets get moving then. We haven't much time." She told him as she checked the parchment in the black sock where it was placed. She did not need that flying out!

"...I know..." Damien said, and he smiled to her. She was rough and aggressive, and usually that would scare him off, but to him she was very gentle and kind. "...dont worry about your magic not being strong yet... you have yet to find your connection to it, that is all.." he was sure.
He watched her put away the parchment.
Steam emerged from his fur as this was so cold compared to his body, who was filled with fire magic. "..I know I can... I can do a lot about this, too... But when they can fly.. we have a huge problem... I would rather not meet any Zombies...." he feared, but his eyes grew big as she came over and announced to get him down there.
"Wait...!" he stammered insecure! This was not the first time she would have carried him! She indeed had showed him her speed and strength before, that she was even able to run with him on her back as if he was not there at all!
But that was on even ground! "You cant climb down here with me on your back!" he was sure. Even if he was skinny and lightweight, it would not be easy to move down with him, and in the worst case they would just tip over! "..its going downhill... it should be okay.." he was sure, as he hastily tried to avoid the awkward situation by simply moving on, trying to have some speed on his hooves as he started the way back down.
However, they did not came far before some rocks got lose below his legs, and he tripped and fell. His legs were just too shaky to catch that, but Elenore was fast to grab him by his mane and keep him in place, so he would not slid down the rest of the way! It made him yelp out in surprise but also in a bit of pain as his mane got pulled so hard.
This time, Elenore did not allow any denial and she used the environment to get him on her back before speeding down the trail.
Which was crazy!
Damien shut his eyes, bit in Elenores mane to keep himself up, while he had a hold on her neck and shoulder with his legs, which looked just so downright awkward! He was highly embarassed by it but there was not much he could do but wait and endure it. And the sheer speed she did!! He prayed to the Deities internally and was ready to crash hard into something if she fell... but to his surprise she knew exactly where she would have to set her feet!

He had no idea how long it took until the land was more flat again and the cold lost its bite and made place for the normal temperature they had around this time of the year. In his land, it was always hot during the day, but for the night, Damien often seeked out shelter from the wind and the cold air. To Damien the cold itself in the desert was not even the problem, but the strong temperature change over night and at dayfall again. But now was no need to think too much about it.
"Okay.. okay Im fine...!" he told her as her hooves went over lush, green land again. "...you can let me down..!" he meant, but instead of listening to him, she just grinned and started to run... and Damien held onto her for his bloody life.

She knew not exactly where that next herd was, and with the speed she took on, there was no way to be able and scent it, yet, she looked for signs.
"Hey! You could tell me if you think you notice anything alive out there!" she called back to Damien, who had his eyes closed.
"...if you slow down a bit I might..!" he whimpered.
"What?!" Elenore asked, as the sound of her hooves hammering the ground was not helpful!
Damien had to repeat it in his mind to her, where sounds had no might to interrupt him. Finally, Elenore slowed a bit down and Damien let out a relieved sigh. She had been so fast! How any creature could run so fast , even carrying someone, was out of his knowledge! And there she was saying she did not posess much magic, but this was indeed incredible.
"..okay... okay... now I can easier... try to sense some nearby Quirlicorns.." he said, as Elenore only trotted for now, still unwilling to let him down. As he looked back, the mountain they came down from was far in the back. The whole land on their side was full with mountains, but they were in a valley now and the desert was only a vague idea in the far away east.
"And? You sense something?" she asked, impatient as she usually was. It was clear she had no desire to move to a herd at all! Damien shared this, but it was the best they could do now.
His ears moved in all directions while he looked over to the woods and bushes and the wild land that seemed so untamed, with lots of space and places to hide. A lot of Quirlicorns could hide there, and sure enough... soon, he could feel their presence, their magic!

While Elenore still walked, Damien reached out to them with his telepathy, sensing at their very minds before he decided which one to ask. He signaled Elenore where to walk, but as they were close, he struggled now to get off, and she finally let him.
"Sorry... I.. I am weak enough as it is... I dont want to appear even more useless to them.." he smiled helplessly to her. Even if he was on the steps to become a Deity himself for his magic alone, his body... would not be. And they would not know him.
"...I sense them about a mile away... I will announce us..." he told Elenore, as they now walked side by side as he reached out to the STallion he thought might be their leader.

He poked at his mind, introduced him and Elenore and told them they came to seek help but also offer help for what was to come. The poor herd had no idea yet, so Damien told him they were a mile away and coming closer, and that Aberfa had found them and announced a terrible desaster to come upon them. Damien offered his magic, Elenores strength, as well as the recipe for a Anti Zombie potion Aberfa had given them.

They both knew this would not be the best time in their life, but they would be able to make it trough those times, if they worked together... and the Lead Stallion from this Mountain herd agreed to work together with them.

Upon their arrival, he was stunned by the huge and meek stallion, but pleased by the strong and confident mare that showed themselves. He had a nice plot of land and a decent herd around him. Their ressources were stable and helpful, and they got the recipe over to the Quirlicorns who would be able to brew it. Damien helped with his fire and Elenore checked over their place for any safe spot where they could reside, all followed by the herd members. Soon, it did not even look like they were strangers anymore, and they had a solid plan on what to do if this desaster was about to strike.
"...I promise we will leave back to our original places again once this is over... But I am very thankful you grant us a place at your side, because we would have a hard time surviving it on our own.." Damien said, as they went to rest for the night. And stay with this herd until this was over...