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Chapter 1
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Chapter 1

Rebecca Bloom Bio

874 words (excluding headlines)

Living life as a Paradigm

Up up high on a cliff stood a lanky figure staring down at all the busy activity in the town of Yamton. Several had reported a wandering child in the middle of the night, and others claimed it to be some sort of creature assuming the form of a bloom. The first whisperings about this bloom creature all started from a tired worker trying to update his roof feeling his worn heavy body suddenly being "lifted off the ground". He could "see nothin' under his feet, almost thought he was sleep-flying until he saw a shadow of tiny hooves under his own shadow".

His neighbor retold this story to her family, and it made the neighbor's family very famous! This was probably due to an extremely driven writer and illustrator creating an entire series of books based off this single event. Next thing you know, the character out of this writer's stories had "been wandering town" according to some real sleep-deprived adults. It had only been two months since those books were published, and now a mansion-like building belonging to the the writer had been built in the middle of town. 

Meanwhile this "shadow" slowly formed into being the shadow of a bloom, then a shadow of creature, and now the shadow of a Vespire attempting to mock a baby pouflon. Of course... this may or may not have been influenced by the book series transforming the mysterious character into these things.

If one were to meet this "creature" up close (should they ever had been able to catch up to such a "creature") they would've found it was in fact... a baby pouflon! Only found under the shadows half in the sunlight, half under the shadow of a building, this little pouf called herself "Paradigm". Her exceeding amount of knowledge within the first conversation anyone had with her had quite honestly led to an entire collection of verbal stories about "Paradigm".

Also known as "Paranoid", "Polaroid", "Photo", and "Painting" by those who forgot her name, the few that saw her wandering about said she's actually a plain genius short adult looking for work in the education field. A number of desperate school administrators had been seeking this pouf, but due to the name constantly changing, couldn't quite find her! If you were to see "WANTED: For Hire" signs scattered about all depicting an inaccurate image of this "Painting", know that this was the same "creature" common folk are chatting about every festival.

An Entire New World

What looked to be a young bloom walked quietly through the hallways of a school with children that look much older than her. On the contrary, this sweet pouflon was the same age, but her child-like tendencies and wishes would suggest otherwise. Rebecca was quite shy to making new friends, but over the years of childhood, decided to make any new friends she could. Due to family she planned to tear herself away from, she had to keep on the move and discovering new opportunities to cut them off-- however she'd always offer to be a lifetime penpal to friends she had to leave behind!

If you were to ask Rebecca, she'd say her biggest goal was to find a long-lost uncle from her biological family. The only issue was remembering his name, for some reason she remembered it being about something to do with science or hypothesis...

Family Wished Away Upon a Star

Earlier in her youth, having a whole new family had a big impact on Rebecca. Her biological family wasn't the easiest to live under, and honestly Rebecca was afraid her future would be a predetermined one by her fiery father. However that all changed when a fierce set of events landed Rebecca in a new home with siblings suddenly being hers. During her transition to this new family, she thought she had to have a whole new identity to become someone else's daughter.

Coming up with a new name was challenging, and her adopted siblings (which were increasing in number as her new father looked more stressed everyday...) weren't sure who she would be the next day. Eventually she settled with Paradigm, however her siblings were still calling her by previous names of hers around town. This all somehow lead to Rebecca becoming a fictional character in a set of books, and there was no doubt this made Rebecca feel uneasy.

Her father was Mayor of Yamton, but Rebecca was worried that job did no good to him. He seemed like a fragile pouflon that took on too much work much like a long-lost biological uncle Rebecca desired to find. The introduction of a new brother however changed Rebecca's entire view of her adopted father, particularly the day that brother ran away and destroyed Rebecca's whole adopted family while doing so.

After the devastation the family was left in, a couple of her brothers were becoming absolute monsters and her father was doing nothing about this. As an adolescent, Rebecca grew up fast in her mind and figured out a way to sign herself up for boarding school, pulling herself forcefully away from her monstrous family. The amount of turmoil this brought to places Rebecca last stepped left her heavy-hearted, and there were a few times her abnormal amount of strength got out of hand...