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Chapter 1
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The Terror of Cookies

The Terror of Cookies

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Fresh Out the Oven

It was a bitter cold starry night that only the steam of fresh baked cookies could break through the frigid atmosphere of. Upon the window seal of a window open did these cookies sit, and no one dared question why someone would leave a space for the heat of their house to escape out of. Those delectable sugary guests of the house had just survived the inferno of the oven, and yet some cruel soul was making them suffer more by exposing them to all the bitterness of this world: Jackal Frosty himself. As if these poor cookies weren't frosted enough right after narrowly avoiding being burned, the cookies started to feel as if frost was forming on their edges.

"THESE HUNGRY ANIMALS WON'T LEAVE ME A THING!! I don't know why the heck I bother baking mountains," some loud voice shouted from the living room, "when all I'll be left with is some dirt dang-on cake! I want my cookies!!"

It then occurred to the big googly brown eyes of the villain that made these cookies suffer that she could make a cookie dirt cake! "Why I can call it a garden cake if I make flower-shaped cookies!" Gladis exclaimed. "An absolute genius idea is extraordinary enough to make into a reality!"

After an hour of putting more sweets through fiery torture, Gladis very much grew her own garden all on top of an airy fluffy patch of dirt sugary goodness. The melting oozing chocolatey mud pudding could hardly be contained, and those big brown eyes glistened at every last bit of cocoa within that layer of mess. Somebody in this world had to ask Gladis, in addition to the question about having an open window on a winter night, why she didn't put any grass on that dirt cake. Somebody had to ask why she was about to eat just the dirt cake.

Truth be told, this pouflon wanted nothing to get in the way of the bittersweet nature of the chocolate flavoring overflowing in the pits of dessert. Spiked-up frosting mimicking grass would've gotten in the way of true chocolate plans of destruction, Gladis wasn't having any of it! After a good ten minutes of eyeing the chocolate landscape of cocoa despair, Gladis set her new garden down to have the same fate as the cookies. Was there any true love for that cake considering it was purposely put in harms way of slowly being frozen cold? Let's be honest, it was true doom from the start for that cake seeing what Gladis' canines had planned for it.

Suddenly a burst of arctic winds entered in through somewhere other than the open window! Perhaps it was sign of recuse for the cake? It was not such a beacon of hope, why no, it was none other than a wild loupine that somehow managed to open the heavy mahogany front door. That loupine navigated its way straight to a shuttering baker that had flown to the living room, and greeted her with a loud snarl.

"Unbelievably fluffy tree creature of much howling!! What business do you have breaking into my house?!" Gladis barked with eyes of fury at the pippet. "You better not have a crew with you or I'll destroy all of you!!!" While the loupine didn't seem at all moved by such threats, a flash of a frying pan sent that tenacious fur baby fleeing in full crying fear.

There's an intruder...

Before Gladis could investigate how in the world such a tiny tree could pick a lock, her sensitive ears picked up a slight brushing of snow from the kitchen. Peeking her head through the doorway, her eyes locked onto the window just as a flash of light ran by it. A glint from outside sent chills down her spine, and within seconds her body temperature dropped from unease instead of the winter wonderland flowing through the curtains.

Out from the deep snowy darkness did a pair of fangs launch, and if cakes could scream, a shrill would've been released from the fright. Just inches away from the cake's soft corner, the teeth sunk into the plate, then proceeded to yank the entire thing into the depths of cold undetermined endings. Wherever that cake just went, it wouldn't be returning anytime soon from what looked to be the bite of Jackal Frosty.

While the cake had no identity of its doomsbringer, Gladis flared up knowing exactly who that blushed snoot belonged to. Almost blasting out the window, her hind legs kept Gladis from flying straight out of it, but that didn't stop her from crying for her son to return! "Destin! DESTIN!" There was no use any more. It was over.

The lost of land on a platter had Gladis' belly sink in sadness, and with no time to spare, Gladis' aching hind legs failed her, letting her collapse to the floor. Why, why oh why does my son have to still feed from his mama's house? Why does he just take? It was clearly her tummy speaking these words, not her head or heart, but Gladis wept over such words nevertheless. A mountain appeared before her memories, and awakened it did her legs. This made it clear that mountain was still to be delivered swiftly-- the cookies didn't have to get dragged into the darkness too.

It was far from over...

Filled with much purpose, Gladis packed up the mountain of cookies onto her back, and swung that heavy door open to invite the rushing cold winds back into her home. Nevermind the cold now being a guest of honor, a letter entered the home upon these intruding winds. Catching it in the nick of time, Gladis immediately opened it in preparation of being summoned by a royal knight she couldn't get rid of to whatever fancy party he wanted her to attend. Instead of persistence, why it was a letter from St. Veti-- Gladis always wanted to meet such a big ursuki in person!

Reading the contents of the letter, it was obvious she had no time to pine, no no, she had to help instead! It was nothing to the overworked pouflon to add a bundle of lights upon her person. One could string up lights to help the dear old suki navigate this dreaded snowstorm while delivering the mountain to Gladis' client! It could be said Gladis had the world upon her back, but what world would she not bring to The End to make a client happy?

Well, it goes without saying whatever world she was willing to bring to an end for happy customers was full of more aggressive creatures to attack her before she could bring such world conclusions. Out of the bush, some Noeleon decided it was pounce play time, and Gladis' hair was the victim. Gladis windmilled that fool straight into the abyss*.

That head of ginger locks wasn't getting any breaks as yet ANOTHER thing decided to target it while Gladis ran at high speeds. Coils of hair were flying ever which way, and Gladis felt her strands being tugged to and froth. Out the corner of her eye, she could see the snow white fur of what she figured was a white loupine. Considering how often she felt those pine needles in a mouth sink into her coat, she just knew it was another one of those bad boys.

"Goodness GRACIOUS, I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!!!!!" Those cute heart markings turned into the last light that loupine ever would want to see.With tints of pink, blue, and white light reflecting off a flash of purely whites and dagger-sharp canines, the widen jaws of this stressed baker successfully sent that fur baby running for its life.

Whatever in the world was going on today, Gladis had enough! Strings of flashing colorful light flowed out of her bag, and instead of using them to light the road with much cheer, she began using those cheerful decorations to whip anything that threaten her own cheer. Cries and welps from mysteriously reappearing loupines joined the joyful carols singing away in the background. At one point some singing Gladis could hear to the left of her crescendo to high-pitch screeching. Oops, guess one of those loupines had a gentler landing.

In a way Gladis was achieving Veti's request of lighting the way by having loupines graduate from holiday beat down class and spread lots of lights through several unsuspecting neighborhoods. Might we say these neighbors' faces lit up with fright when they found out those shining signs of hope turned out to be agitated packs looking to tear up anyone in their path?

It's suggested those watching these events happen be spared from several other attacks Gladis experience trying to get some cookies she couldn't eat to someone who might only say "thanks" and shut the door in her face. However little mini critters of terror were going to grow up quite a bit as this determined baker reached closer to her destination.

* No Noeleons were harmed during the delivery of cookies