Lucien's Home

10 months, 2 days ago

A brief tour of Lucian's home

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The last  house in a street without exit,  Lucien's home was an appearance simple and cozy from the outside. A front garden, a door painted with stars and a colorful glass window is all that people could see from the exterior of the house.

Passing the entrance hall, after you put your shoes in the shelf, it is possible to access the living room the area: a pretty cozy room with a sofa and two arm chairs, blankets in gold and royal blue were scattered in the chairs and a pretty dark wood table with a mosaic cover store Lucien's favorite games to entertain the guests: chess and cards, if he liked you enough he would take his tarot deck and do a reading in this very table. 

The next rooms are a bathroom and a ordinary kitchen.The rest of the house is off limits for other people, since Lucian is very reserved with his space. 

For access, you need to activate a secret door using one book in the bookshelf of the living room.

The room next to the visit living room is his living room and study room, it occupies the majority of the house with an ornate glass wall that connects the space with the back garden. In there, it's possible to find Lucien's studies of the stars and books about constellations, astronomy and space or anything star related, it's the place that he estores his tools too. This includes his celestial globe and his best telescope, both occupying a considerable space in the place. 

Blankets and pillows are scattered at the floor and near the glass wall is Lucien's desk, a neat table with ink and a beautiful fountain pen that sparkles like stars.

One of the doors in the space is the alchemy room, a place with antique feeling and a large amount of flowers, herbs and minerals in jars. The stairs in turn lead to Lucien's room, the place that he had the most care to decorate it is his refuge, the place that he stay when the world is  too much for him.