Beloved badges

11 months, 21 days ago
11 months, 21 days ago
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Chapter 1
Published 11 months, 21 days ago

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“Oh.” Sunny said one day, in a voice soft. “My birthday was the other day.” 

Birthday? You gave him a look that silently asked him Was it?

“Yeah uh… I didn’t even notice time has passed.” He frowns then. “It’s just weird to think that I’ve lost almost a full year of my life for the Blight, you know?”

“I see.” You mutter, cocking your head to the side in thought.

You understood part of his disappointment with the time passing. You had a few instances of it, times when you simply noticed that there were gaps in your memory that, no matter how much you struggled, you couldn’t remember anything. It was different from when you were a bloom.

As for birthdays…

You wonder what Sunny's reaction would be if you told him that you’ve long since forgotten your own birthday. It never really mattered to you, when you lived alone in the woods with only yourself for company. It didn’t have much meaning or joy, to commemorate another year of being alive, not to you at least - you remember a day where you failed to make a cake, and was staring at an empty table, with a crude paper sticked to the wall saying happy birthday, lark.

You couldn't really understand how birthdays could be important to someone, but even still, you asked:

“Does it bother you?”

“Hm? What?” Sunny asked, his face telling that, just like you, he got lost in his own thoughts. “That i’ve lost part of my life, or my birthday?”

“Both.” I suppose. 

“I mean… About the time, that’s a bummer and just… weird to think of it. I don’t really know how to feel about it. Requires more thinking.” More overthinking? “But missing a birthday upsets me a bit. Which is funny, because i’ve never really had a meaningful birthday. Hardly people remembered it, too. I… guess I’ve always wanted to have a nice little party with people I cared.” Then he blinked, and you practically see the lon retreating into his introvert shell. “Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that much.”

You shook your head; Words escaped you, like they usually did. You didn't know how to comfort him.

An ideia suddenly invaded your mind.

“Would you like to celebrate it?”

“What?” He lifted his head to look at you, with a nervous smile. “No, silly.”

“Oh. If you’d like, I wouldn't mind.”

“That’s very sweet of you.” Sunny waved a poove. “Maybe next year?”

Yeah. That could work.