Welcome Home

1 year, 6 months ago
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Robyn comes home from a week-long convention.

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"Man, what a trip."

Robyn had to resist collapsing in their front doorway as they dragged their suitcases in and began to unpack. Much to their delight, it seemed their neighbor had taken good care of their house (and succulents) while they were gone, just as promised. The sight brought a tired smile to their face as they carried their dirty clothing from their bags to the laundry room, dropping it into a basket to wash later in the day. They unzipped a reusable plastic baggie and removed their toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, and other cosmetic tools and put them back in their respective places in their bathroom. Afterwards, they did the same with their medication. Once their suitcases were finally empty, they plopped down on their couch with an exasperated sigh.

Robyn had just returned from an artist convention a few cities away. It was a week-long event, and they had attended every single day. Needless to say, this was beyond draining. They'd met lots of fellow artists of all different mediums; painting, music, as well as mediums they didn't work with themselves, like comics and sculpting. They had also come across several of their online inspirations, though they'd been far too shy to speak with any of them, barely stammering out enough to ask for an autograph before paying them and scrambling away. They'd sold a few pieces during their visit, as well as gleefully united with some of their online friends, whom they hung out with during breaks and back at the hotel.

The hotel itself had been remarkably pleasant. Typically, from their prior experiences, the various hotels and motels Robyn had stayed at for conventions could have been... far nicer, to put it gently. They had anticipated roaches and stained, reeking carpets upon entry this time. However, they were greeted with no such things; instead, they were met with a modest but clean lobby with very polite staff. Their room, which was on the second floor, was odor-free and had nary an insect in sight, save for a moth that had gotten in, which didn't bother them. They were able to unpack and make themselves comfortable in less than an hour. It was a great place to crash after each long day of sitting at a booth, surrounded by passing crowds and other talented folks. The TV in their room didn't get many stations, but that was alright; they'd brought along plenty to read.

The whole thing had been extremely fun. That being said, however, it had also drained them of any and all energy in their body. Poor Robyn could barely function after the excitement and mayhem of it all. So many people, so much to do, such a long way to and from the convention center... Their head was still spinning. Taking in a deep breath, their eyelids sluggishly fluttered open as they took another look around their living room. The tiny smile reappeared as they took in the soft colors of their walls, the leaves of their plants, and their own paintings hung high and low, here and there. It had been quite the week (an understatement for sure), and as fun as it had been, it was pure bliss being back home at last. With a loud yawn, they snuggled up against the cushions of their couch and felt themselves drift off.