Real Adulthood™️

6 days, 2 hours ago

Identity's hard enough for loved and safe people to figure out. It's even harder to figure out when the people who are supposed to be taking care of you act more childish than their children.

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Shroud's loved Legolas Greenleaf since childhood; which, fun fact, is roughly when Ardan Elves pick out their soulmate. However, he's under the impression that this is a childish love and he needs to put away childish things.

"Idiot," says Wolfgang. "You haven't put away any of your other childish things, why should you put away this? Legolas is one of the three Elves who kickstarted your lifetime love of elves. Childish things were pretty much all you had in your first life."

"Being an adult is more than just getting a job and moving out of your parents' house," says Dancer. "Historically speaking, most people didn't move out of their parents' house until they wedded. This 'shoo them out at 18' nonsense is a recent, modern-day phenomenon―a phenomenon that not even the entire world participates in, at that. People of all ages who are truly mature appreciate their interests. They embrace what makes themselves unique. They also embrace what makes other people unique. It's very tempting to go along with the crowd, especially if you're someone with high social needs, or someone who's suffering the consequences of a world centered around socialization, but you cannot center yourself around public opinion. That is dishonest, and if you're honest with yourself, highly unsatisfactory. Real adults also understand that their inaction and actions have consequences whether they're a god, an aristocat, a wild cat, or a domestic cat―even when those consequences are good consequences. Or when those consequences aren't for them."

Most people love the nature-loving cottagecore pretty boy archer archetype of Legolas they've built inside their head. The version of Legolas Shroud's built inside his head is a condescending, dad-worshiping nature lover whose heart is as noble as his lineage. Legolas does whatever it takes to defend not just his home, but also his world―including cooperating with Dwarves.

"I love Legolas most," he claims. "Case closed!"

There are many mysteries in life. But one thing's for certain, Shroud loves that Elf even more than his own creator did. Hell, he may love him more than his father does. Thranduil thinks he doesn't have any treasures like the rest of the Elven kingdoms.

"Yes, he does," Shroud says. "He has Legolas Greenleaf!"