Unexpected encounter

5 months, 12 days ago

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Author's Notes

This one shot was made for the Coelune June prompt Cartwheel Carnival

It wasn't uncommon to Astrea explore new planets and accidentally bump into a celebration going on the Astral Hub but he didn't expect to see that  Cartwheel Carnival already started it was aways a fun place for the Coelune. His black ears twiched with excitement as he walked around the place. Vibrant colors, fun games and exotic ridesfilled his field of vision.

- The cottom candy here is the best!- Astrea speaked to no one in particulara nd pulled his travel diary to cross one more item of his list. - Oh! I should go and try to win something now.

Astrea wasn't the best on carnival games, but they surely they entertained a lot the Coelune.He started with a whell and tried to shoot some ducks and almost tripped over holding thehammer when he tried to ring the bell. With a little bag of goods the Coelune was happy tofinish the day befode he stopped on one of the stands after seeing a giant bunny plush, Itwas so big that he didn't know how he could bring to home, but it was so cute! Teal eyes andb lack fur like him! And a purple bow! He needed It! There was only one problem. The prizedplush was a balon pop prize and well... One time Astrea almost made the helper on thes tand need a eyepatch.

Garthening all his courage the Coelune walked to the game, he wanted the plush and had a good amount of money to spend today so... Why not?

- I want to try. - He gave a lovely smile to the worker on the stand and received three darts.

The first thankfully landed in a wood pillar.

The second on the stand cloth.

The third? On the floor near the helper.

- Can I try again?

Another try and another three darts that had been sent to unfortunate directions. The long

bunny ears of the Coelune started to droop reflecting his decaying mood, he wanted so much the bunny plush, well.. third time is the charm right? But lady luck wasn't helping Astrea, one of his darts almost hit another passerby.

- I'm so sorry! I don't have a good aim, you're alright?

-Oh, you gave me a little scare, but the only thing that I'm feeling it's my heart beating a little fast. - The passerby, a guy with cat ears and a exotic splitted tail responded. His looks were so exotic! Astrea loved how the passerby had a cream pelt decorated with little stars.

- Sorry again, I was trying to win the plush bunny before I need to go but... I think it's better that I try other things.

- No, no, I'll help you! The festival is so fun, I want you to enjoy it as much as I am! My name is Damien! I live very far from here, a friend of mine convinced me to go here and rest a little.

- Oh hello Damien... - A light blush colored the Coelune cheeks. - Nice to meet you, I'm Astrea. You really can win the bunny?

Damien gave the other boy a kind and big smile, the Coelune was so cute! His bright teal eyes shined as stars with hope as he asked about the prize.

- Yeah, I can do... No! I'll do.

Marching with his face read the cat picked the three darts, he could pop the balloons easily, but he needed a little luck to win the rabbit.

The first balloon to pop had a bag as prize, in his second attempt he didn't put the necessary force and the dart bounced back.

He needed to win with his last try, he couldn't bear to see the Coelune big eyes watching him with hope, much less see this hope be shattered. Damien took a long breath, choose a target and shoot the dart.

Pop! He had been successful in popping the balloon! As for the prize.... He happily gave the enormous bunny to the coelune.

-It's so soft... - Astrea gave a big smile. - And you are so kind, thank you Damien.

The Coelune words made Damien's expression be filled with joy and a pint of shyness. The catboy scratched his ear and looked to the side.

- It wasn't anything special I'm happy to...

The rest of Damien's frase was interromped with Astrea giving a long kiss on the cheek of the catboy.

- I'm really grateful for your gesture. Please let me buy something for you to eat...

-Oh... I appreciate it.

-I know a good restaurant near here, It will be lovely. - Astrea searched for the catboy hand, loving the shade of red on the other cheek, maybe he could extend his adventure on this planet a little longer. He had taken a liking to Damien and would be a shame to not enjoy his company.