The Draconic Empire and Draconic Magic

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4 months, 13 days ago

This serves as a brief informative piece rather than as a story.

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The Draconic Empire is the key backing for characters like Xan. 

It is heavily inspired by that of WildStar's Dominion and mimics some of its main attributes, namely, it is an extremely high-standard, somewhat-xenophobic, posh, but strong enough to back it all up empire. Unlike The Dominion however, dragon culture makes it so that they are not interested in constant expansion and conquest. Rather, they formed the empire by taking the incredibly daring move of setting up territory in the middle of their arch enemy's land, and have held it for centuries casually as their enemy sits on all sides of them at once. To them, being able to hold the empire grounds there for so long is such an unfathomably great show of power that it makes conquest look lame and boring. Conquest pushes enemies away and lets you forget about them. Sitting around in the middle of the land of the people that want you dead? Now we're talking - the stakes of this game are dangerously high!

Their Emperor, who does not yet have a formal name, is one of the few people in the world gifted with a hard-light crystal. This is an incredibly rare, holy material forged by the character responsible for the creation of The Ani (species). The crystal can be used for whatever purpose the recipient desires. All of the head figures of the land's strongest empires and cities received one of equal value to the others.

Draconic magic is based on sigils. Dragons come up with a symbol that they associate with the magic spell they wish to cast, and inscribe it on any material. They hold this material with them, and to cast the spell, simply express the genuine desire to do so. The strength of the magic always has a baseline value associated with how well written the spell is. The power is then boosted (or reduced) based on the value of the material the sigil is inscribed on. A material's value is effectively the average of some arbitrary measure of "how valuable does the average dragon think [material] is". Inscribing your sigil on a river rock would make it pathetically weak, but inscribing it on a gold ingot would make it considerably more powerful. In the case of The Emperor, he inscribed his sigil on the hardlight crystal, making it the single most powerful sigil in existence.