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a story as soft and gay as it is short, which is to say Very (2019)

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Solana’s eyes fluttered open slowly, ears swiveling until they recognized the echo of thunder in the distance. It was soon smothered by the sound of rain, pattering in such a rhythm that she was quickly relaxed again. Her body and mind settled, further comforted by the warmth of…

The warmth of…

Solana suddenly became conscious of her surroundings. Her head was resting on Venith’s chest, pressed against her heartbeat. She could feel the rise and fall of Loligo’s breathing behind her, trapping her in a gentle, satisfied harmony. She became vividly aware of both of their bodies, how they were entangled with her own, of each small window where skin met skin.

There was Loligo’s: cool, smooth, and firm, with an intenseness despite her sleeping form. It felt attached to her much like how Loligo’s arms were wrapped around both she and Venith, keeping them close and protected even on this quiet night. Then there was Venith: warm, soft, lightly draped across her with the texture of velvet. Her hair cascaded from her shoulders to Solana’s, as though trying to draw her even closer.

If they had all been awake, Solana would have squirmed, buried her face in something, gotten flustered and shouted out of habit to hide how happy she really felt. But here, on the hazy boundary of sleep, cushioned by the two people she loved most in the world resting contentedly, it all felt so natural. Something felt light about her, as though she’d lost herself somewhere between the scent of vanilla and tropical flowers. Everything felt fuzzy, like she was dreaming already.

Another clap of thunder sounded from somewhere far away, insistently reminding her otherwise. It made her smile, face peacefully reddening, thoughts coming to a pleasant crawl. She nuzzled up against Venith, prompting Loligo to unconsciously draw them both in closer. Solana closed her eyes again, lulled to sleep by the affection that encompassed her and the knowledge that her future was just as warm.

Author's Notes

They're Gay