Hermadia Dragons (Species)

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Information and guidelines about a semi-open species of dragon!

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This literature is now marked as outdated! A world has been created to keep track of lore and characters from here on out!


>> Saga (owner: AndyArtworks) (presently UFT) <<

>> Skunk (owner: FlittLocke) <<

>> Enigma (owner: AndyArtworks) <<

>> Sunset (owner: Beetleblood) <<

>> Lakeside(owner: presently UFT) <<


Image details a generic, baseline Hermadia. Colors and markings are random, and not species-wide.

Note on gender terms: don't take any to heart! Please, please, please, give your dragons whatever gender identity, presentation, and pronouns you'd like! :D


Species: Hermadia [Dragon] (Hermahas may occasionally be used as plural)

Informal: Hermas, Traveling Hermit Dragons

Group: Flock (in the air), Herd (on the ground) (ex: Look, a flock of Hermahas have taken off! / Look, a herd of Hermahas are on the move!)

Masculine Gender: King (ex: The king is proud of his children)

Feminine Gender: Queen (ex: The queen wasn't interested in her neighbor's gossip)

Neutral/Non-binary Gender: Baron (ex: The baron knew they were the ultimate ringleader) / Jester (ex: All were fools for not taking the jester more seriously)

Offspring: Hermay(s), May(s), May-May(s), Lil' May(s)


Hermahas aren't too lore-heavy, all considered. This is on purpose! Hermadia dragons are aimed to be those niche characters to fill in a little gap in your world or plot-holes where you need it! Meaning these friends can be pretty much anything! Need a wizard apprentice for your warlock, or a fun creature to make anthros out of? Look no further! Maybe you'd need badguy lackeys or a big head honcho - why not give a Hermadia a shot? They can be magical, they can be scientific, they can be engineers, berserkers, a random face wandering the street, or a celebrity on the face of a Fabulous Reptiles Magazine! Maybe you'd like a fun form of a shapeshifter to take, or a space traveler from another planet full of dragons. If there's one thing to know about these guys, they're pretty much limitless when it comes to the ideas they can do for your worldbuilding if you'd ever want!


The main guidelines come in their appearances (boring, I know). They are as follows:

  • At least one unicorn-esque horn upon their forehead
  • Feathered wings mixing into western dragon-webbed wings
  • A mane of fluff or fur (up to owner's personal choice) on the head, neck, and tail (back, where a saddle may go, is optional)
  • Tails are plain, but exceptions can always be made
  • Can come in any color, any sparkle, any gradient, any marking
  • Mutations, such as extra limbs or eyes (up to eight eyes), more horns, more fluff, more wings, are a-ok as long as the base requirements (ex: unicorn horn, feathered-web wings, some sort of mane) are met
  • They are not an aquatic species, meaning they can not have gills and must breath through lungs, but could have aquatic additions, such as fins
Hermahas that have no wings (done through a YCH base I provide on some social forum sites) are the only exceptions to the wing requirements.


This species is non-profit, meaning no IRL money/cryptocurrency can be made off of them, such as through character adopts. Game currency (ex: Flight Rising treasure/gems) is fine. Please do not make/receive a Hermadia only for the purpose of monetary gain. Yes, you can take commission of other people wanting their Hermahas drawn. I have no control of that, you go :)

Absolutely no Hermadia is to be created if to spread hate. These are friendly dragons to all.

If posting characters on Toyhouse or on another social site, please either credit my Toyhouse or Deviantart Page! Thank you!


If there are any questions, please let me know! This is my first time attempting an open species like this! :D