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Chapter 1
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Information on the assassin cult Erebus

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Ved Ediin is an assassin cult created hundreds of years ago under the first Morana. 

They believe that there in the God named Erebus. He is a god of death, black holes, and the infinite. They believe that he will reward the souls most loyal to him by giving them a place in his plane of the after life, Ersetu. 

The cult started after a dragon named Morana claimed to be Erebus' emissary. This dragon created the first Sanctum (location unknown). Morana laid the foundation and relayed their god's words. Morana is the only dragon who hears their lord's words

Morana is chosen by the god. They are told a phrase which only Vemir, the secret keeper, knows. The dragon that is chosen is female, either biologically or trans. Never Male or ftm. The chosen dragon must get rid of their name. It is wiped from their mind and who they were before becoming Morana is wiped from the minds of those who knew them. The only ones that remember are Erebus, Morana, and Vemir, past and present.;

Morana is gifted with ice breath regardless of tribe, the ability to dream walk and cause nightmares, presence of Erebus, and shadow travel.

Presence of Erebus - Passively this makes dragons naturally feel like they are being looked at by an Apex predator. Activated it creates a nightmare in the waking world.

Shadow travel - Can move through shadows to 'teleport' anywhere

Vemir is the secret keeper. They keep the history of Ved Ediin. They also maintain a position as an advisor. Vemir is another name that is passed down. They are chosen by the previous Vemir. Usually male but any gender include nonbinary have been chosen. The Vokun Ruknaar are the sanctuary leaders under Morana. They are