Eros and Ares

3 years, 5 months ago

Story written by my lovely friend MotherSalem

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At a young age, Eros was happy and excitable. He was by no means an introvert, but he was so incredibly quiet and had a hard time saying no to others requests. This mindset made him a charming kid, but screwed him over as a teen. At age 19 he went to a party and was pressured into having sex with a girl. As a closet gay this made him incredibly uncomfortable and scared him into his adult life.

A few weeks later he gets a call. The girl got pregnant and she didn’t want to take care of the baby. Eros, unsure what to do in the situation, asked if he could keep it. She gave him a maybe and didn’t talk to him until she actually had the baby and dumped it in Eros’s arms and walked away. He didn’t even get a name for the baby, so he named his son himself. Ares.

He thought it would be easy, but having an infant son through college was a million times worse than he could have ever imagined. His parents refused to help him, and the only relief he got was from his small group of friends in college who would babysit or help out with the baby from time to time. But the thing that killed him was the bills. They became too much, trying to pay for both a baby and school. The time constants and the tiredness he felt was just too much. So he dropped out. He was scared out of his mind but he knew deep down it was the right thing to do.

At age 21 he was at the end of his rope. He was running out of money and his friends left his life one by one. He was jumping from job to job just make ends meet and he couldn't afford to leave his son with a babysitter anymore. Just when he thought about giving up Ares, he was able to book a modeling gig. The money he made was enough to support him and his son, for the time being, so he booked more and more.

The people he had been modeling for were impressed with his natural abilities and beautiful face, so they placed him in a few training courses to make him even better. Things like public speaking, fashion design, and communications pushed his career so far forward that before he even knew it at age 24 he was moving into a large home, getting a new car, and buying his baby son Gucci shades.

He couldn’t stop it at this point, the tears freely flowing down his face as he hiccuped. He watched as his infant son gurgled in his high chair, banging a baby spoon happily on the plastic table in front of him.

What was he going to do? He didn’t have any money left, what was he going to do? He couldn’t take care of his only son, what was he going to do now?

He had been hopping jobs for 3 months now, but nothing seemed to stick. His friends slowly stopped responding to him when their lives got too busy to help him and he didn’t have any funds left to ask for a babysitter so he could search for another job.

The tears didn’t stop and he made no effort to try and wipe them away. He simply slipped the spoon out of Ares' hand and popped open a can of baby food.

At least he could do this. Ares was always a good eater and he was grateful that his friends at least brought a few cans of baby food over every time they visited. A nice stockpile grew in the kitchen cabinet so at least his son wouldn’t go hungry.

Ares giggled as Eros airplaned food into his mouth. Eros couldn’t help but smile at the bubbling laughter of his son as he ate. Even the gross leakage of baby food from Ares' mouth was the cutest thing Eros had ever seen in his life.

Eros hated himself for how he felt. He couldn’t give up on himself now, his son needed him and only him now more than ever.

He could make a few calls, get some suggestions and try again in the morning. He would find something that fit. Something that worked for both of them.

He would do this, no matter how terrible he felt. He would do it for his son.

He let the tears fall still, for a different reason now. He smiled too, watching he son spill mashed peas onto the high chair table in an attempt to feed himself.