Mirror Domain Overview

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9 months, 27 days ago
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Chapter 1
Published 9 months, 27 days ago

Lore for Mirror Domain!

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The Mirror Domain is a very old world, with very new intelligent life. Society is in an industrial revolution of sorts. Science technology is starting to advance, but isn’t largely understood.

The world's environment is very dirty and polluted. It has less than 10% water, with the majority of it being found in plants. Towns and cities are all built around areas with plants, or areas with ponds. Cities built around ponds or lakes are typically reserved for the rich, or those is political power. Almost every plant is brown, black, or yellow. Green plants are extremely rare and valuable.

Mirror Domain’s climate is relatively stable, with the majority of the world having similar weather and temperature. Most areas are warm and damp, but not with water. Dampness comes from the large amounts of oil and waste products. Muddy areas and tar pits are also pretty commonplace. There are a few swamp/bog like areas, but most of the world is either grasslands or desert.

Terrain is mostly flat. There are very few mountain ranges. The few that exist are uninhabited due to demon infestation.

There are two main classes of life in the Mirror Domain. Those are Oomays and Demons. The two groups have been at war since the beginning of society, with no end in sight. More on that later.