[MM] Ponds, Cellies, Mountains

1 year, 5 months ago
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Cyrus and Narke talk to each other over an instant-messaging app. Cleverly eventually joins them.

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[c] Hey are you around today
[c] It's fine if you aren't
[c] guess I'm just
[c] Yknow
[c] I walked out onto the porch earlier and I heard some birds chirping

[c] And I guess it just made me emotional

[c] And now I just want to talk to someone I think
[c] And it's fine if you aren't online I just

[n] No I'm here.

[c] Oh thank gods
[c] hhah wait was that in poor taste

[n] No you're fine.

[c] ok good. 

[n] How are you feeling?

[c] ummm
[c] On edge

[c] Like
[c] Everything is moving on
[c] the birds are still chirping
[c] The river's still flowing
[c] Everything is still moving and I feel like I'm
[c] I don't know, stuck in place? Like everything around me is stcuk in place

[c] i guess i still need to take some time, some getting used to
[c] everything is always changing but like
[c] man

[n] That's understandable.

[c] have you talked to any of the others?

[n] Cleverly texted me earlier. He wants to go out for lunch soon.
[n] I will accept his invitation, I think. I enjoy talking to Cleverly.
[n] We're texting right now.

[c] are you going to tell him about
[c] me?

[n] I'm not sure.

[c] man
[c] man!
[c] this is so fucked up
[c] like i keep waking up in the morning and everything keeps moving but it shouldn't be

[n] I understand.

[c] like all in one day everything i knew disappeared
[c] like i woke up and i poked my head out my window and the sun was just getting ready to set
[c] and the birds were chirping, and the river was flowing
[c] but there they were
[c] just over the crest of the hill
[c] fuck

[c] fuck! i feel so stupid

[c] i should've

[n] There wasn't anything you could've done.

[c] was it always six

[n] Yes.

[c] now it's five

[n] Yes. Yes now it's five.

[c] i'm sorry
[c] i know this is probably like
[c] boring as fuck to you
[c] dumb mortal problems

[n] No, I think it's good for me.
[n] I think I see what Cleverly meant.

[c] haha

[n] Haha.

[c] i guess it's just hard. spending years of your life like
[c] working towards something, towards this idea
[c] but also kinda knowing that nothing'll change
[c] this weird feeling of being stagnant without realizing

[c] and then the status quo changes right from under your rug
[c] fuck i fucked that up

[c] that is so not how the saying goes

[n] I like the way you reworked it.

[c] i'll have tow orkshop that a bit more
[c] haha
[c] hhhhhh

[c] i woke up today and the birds were chirping but

[c] but there was a person knowing
[c] knocking
[c] knocking at my door, not knowing

[n] Oh?

[c] yeah. they said hello and asked if i was cyrus ink
[c] and i said i'm cyrus ra and then i stopped and said yes
[c] and they just smiled knowingly at me, like it was a joke or something

[c] they said they were the executive manufacturer for ink colony
[c] and asked me for the reports of our supplies usage so they could start arranging usage

[c] and i was like i don't know? i wasn't - why are you asking me?

[n] Mmhm.

[c] and they said well
[c] well during the battle

[c] and i said oh 

[c] and they said during the battle your executive manufacturer 
[c] they were killed
[c] so i don't have anyone else to ask, do you understand, they asked me

[c] and i said ok

[c] and they asked me for the reports
[c] and i said ok, i'll get those to you tomorrow and i closed my door

[c] and they were, yknow, nice and professional
[c] clean cut, they had a suit, yknow, they looked like... normal, but i had no idea who this person was
[c] and i went back into my bedroom and i sat on the bed and i thought about larkspur
[c] because that was their name, larkspur, they were our executive manufacturer

[c] i remember them because if you told a joke around them they'd slap the wall and start laughing and they'd double over
[c] like every joke was comedy gold to them
[c] they just laughed all the time
[c] and someitmes you'd laugh with them and sometimes you'd laugh because it'd be awkward if you didn't? and sometimes you just sat there smiling while they laughed

[c] like it was a weird experience that you couldn't share with anyone else
[c] just laughing
[c] and deciding if you wanted to share that experience with them or not

[c] and they're dead
[c] and like objectively, objectively i knew that

[c] like they gave me the list of people who'd died during the siege 

[c] and they had me identify the bodies and stuff

[c] and like i saw lark's body, and i knew they were dead
[c] but it didn't hit me until that like
[c] ink person was asking me about the supplies
[c] and like
[c] that was lark's job

[c] and now there's nobody else who's going to fill that job

[c] god i'm

[c] i know i'm boring you

[n] You aren't.

[c] are you sure about htat?

[n] Yes. 

[n] You know, I think you would like Cleverly.

[c] honestly i shoudvle guessed
[c] that he's a god i mean
[c] like he's lived forever

[c] but i guess with the gyne and stuff
[c] and there's immortals so i didn't

[n] It's okay.

[c] you think i'd like him? we never really talked

[n] I do. Some of the things you're saying, they remind me of him.
[n] He's going through his own... grieving process right now, I think. He was close to another person who died recently.
[n] He's always - he - he mourns a lot. I used to wonder if

[c] if?

[n] I used to wonder if that was what made him. You know.
[n] Hate us.

[c] oh?

[n] I mean, we all cared. Care? At least at some point all of us cared. We protected what we wanted. Things that mattered to us.
[n] But, over time, we started to - rot, I think. There was something rotten. And the way we protected, it was - no good. 
[n] Bear with me, these are feelings I haven't thought much on.

[c] it's ok

[n] But.

[n] We ended up, I think, so worried about 
[n] Our relationships with each other decaying, that we stopped caring about the mortals. Stopped getting involved as much, because it hurt each other.
[n] This is a pitiful example, but picture this: you have a pond in your colony. You love this pond very much.

[n] Your other aner councilmembers do not love this pond. In fact, they think your pond is a hazard and should be filled in. And you, obviously, do not want to back down.
[n] But it is you against all of your peers, and they bulldoze your pond.
[n] And then you resent them. Every one of them, for not protecting your pond.

[n] I think it became hard for us, arguing over what we thought was right and just. Everyone had their own ponds and we just couldn't compromise. 
[n] And we forgot that you all were... just like us, I guess. Just with... I don't know. Just like us.

[n] I used to not get sentimental over mortals, used to not empathize. I was one of the hardest on Cleverly, for no reason. 
[n] I think Cleverly remembered that mortals are just like us, and he felt bad. I think he didn't have a pond until we all gave up ours.
[n] And I think back to some of what I said to him, and I feel so guilty.

[c] what were the things you said?

[n] I don't want to repeat them. But they were - they were mean. For no reason.
[n] I don't even know how I used to justify it to myself. I'm probably half of the reason that he left us all behind, cut us out of his life so he can mourn mortals.

[n] But here he is, messaging me. Asking me to lunch, like we're friends.
[n] Are we friends? I don't know.
[n] I hope so, but I don't know. And I don't know how to tell him that.

[n] So I sit here, and I... I try to be like him. I talk to mortals. I immerse myself in your culture. I just want to... understand him.

[n] It feels like - whatever big piece of the puzzle we've been fighting over all this time, Cleverly knew what it was all along. And he tried to show us.
[n] But we weren't ready for it.

[n] But I want to be ready.
[n] Does that make sense?

[c] yeah, yeah it does

[n] I'm sorry. I shouldn't have dumped that all on you, especially considering... well.

[c] No. You're ok. It helps

[n] Does it?

[c] yeah. like knowing that no matter what life just kinda goes on
[c] it's sort of comforting
[c] like yeah larkspur is dead

[c] and that's still hard to say

[c] but life's going on anyways and like

[c] i don't know the takeaway i got from your message was like
[c] you don' t have to keep doing a bad thing forever if you don't want to
[c] you changed your mind and you're sitting here on a messaging app talking to a mortal yknow

[c] i mean you admitte dto me that you were a god!

[n] Yeah

[c] and like i guess it's just like. it's ok
[c] i'm not sure where i was going but just like

[c] its ok

[c] stuff'll keep changing and maybe that's not so bad

[c] i mean it still hurts but it hurts a little less

[n] That's good.

[c] yeah!

[n] Do you want to talk to Cleverly?

[c] oh shit

[n] It's ok if you don't

[c] did you ask him?

[n] No I asked you first. But I don't think he'd say no to talking to a mortal
[n] If you want to I mean.

[c] oh man ok oh man

[n] No pressure

[c] i'm ok
[c] oh fufk

[c] i've never even been near clover colony is it nice

[n] Do you want to ask him?

[c] no im asking u i dont want to look rude in front of cim

[n] It's fine. Cleverly isn't
[n] I mean

[n] Don't worry about being rude to him hahaha

[c] aw shit no im worried even more now

[n] Come on.

[c]  okok oko k
[c] i'll talk to him
[c] but you have to invite him to this gruop chat

[c] i'm not going in alone

[n] ER... how about I make a new group chat?

[n] I'm not sure I'm ready to have him read my. Feelings about him
[n] Yet at least.

[c] that's ok

[n] Alright let me set one up.




[c] Hello

[n] Hello!

[cl] hi

[c] oh my gods
[c] wait shit now's an even worse time to say that!

[n] Ahahaha

[cl] its ok

[c] you're
[c] you're a C
[c] hhghhhgb n

[cl] what

[n] I told Cyrus

[cl] wait what

[n] About us being
[n] gods

[cl] WHAT

[c] oh no

[n] Cleverly it's alright. Cyrus can be trusted.

[cl] you have 
[cl] auguugu are you kidding me
[cl] narke what the fuck

[c] oh god

[n] Cyrus hasn't told anyone about me. Why are you taking offense to this?

[cl] dude you can't just! DUDE
[cl] dude i have been stealth for like THOUSANDS OF YEARS
[cl] and now you're going around telling mortals what i am
[cl] what the fuck man

[n] I'm sorry.

[cl] are you even

[n] Yes....

[cl] oh my stars. oh my stars
[cl] narke
[cl] you fucing

[cl] you have no idea what my day's been like

[n] Sorry.

[cl] yknow who i had to talk to earlier

[n] Who?

[cl] the new
[cl] the
[cl] the kid. Tinte ink

[c] that's the leader of ink colony

[n] Oh.

[cl] yeah. yeah him
[cl] yknow what he does

[c] i hate him
[c] oh sorry carry on

[n] What?

[cl] he kidnapped some of my ergates ok
[cl] like just. stole them
[cl] and he kidnaps ME
[cl] and he's sitting there all smug with me on my knees all bloody

[cl] cause i got beaten up

[c] by mortals?

[cl] what the fuck

[c] oh sorry

[cl] anyways


[cl] and im shitting bricks righ t bc why's he telling this to ME???
[cl] and he looks all smug like "oh you show up a lot in history cleverly" 
[cl] and im like so what??? and he lets me go but like ive just shat a brick a mile long

[cl] you cant be going around telling random fuc lbndflkj mortals about me

[c] oh

[n] I'm sorry. I didn't know.
[n] Sincerely, I'm sorry.


[cl] DON'T??
[cl] i am so mad right now.

[n] I'm really sorry.

[cl] ughggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
[cl] its
[cl] ok

[c] im sorry too

[cl] its ok
[cl] just
[cl] you can't tell. anyone. especially not fucking tinte

[cl] i will die

[c] he'd kill you?!

[n] I don't think so?

[cl] no but like

[cl] UGH fuck
[cl] i've spent so long running this ship don't ruin it for me narke

[n] I won't.

[cl] if you want to tell mortals about you, that's fine
[cl] leave me out of it
[cl] ok

[n] Ok.

[cl] Promise 

[n] I promise

[cl] Thanks

[cl] ok why did you add me to this group chat anyways?

[c] oh yeah

[n] Oh I just thought.
[n] I've talked to Cyrus for a while now, a few years, we're friends.
[n] ANd I just thought that

[n] You two would like to be friends too?

[cl] what

[n] I mean

[cl] narke i have plenty of my own friends you dont need to try to hook me up
[cl] i mean i appreciate the thought but

[c] oh

[n] Well I know you like mortals, so here is a mortal for you to be friends with.

[cl] wait what
[cl] you
[c] what

[n] What?

[cl] wait you think i befriend like every mortal out there? like i go nuts for every mortal?

[n] No that's not what I meant.

[cl] Are you. sure

[c] oh 

[n] Cleverly ok enough. I'm sorry if this was ill-timed

[cl] hlhhhhhhhhhhh

[cl] no i'm just really crabby today. i'm sorry

[n] No you're right. I should've asked you first, put more thought into your feelings too.

[cl] its ok

[c] I'm still here

[n] Yes

[cl] hi

[c] um

[cl] Did you want to like
[cl] talk about anything in praticular

[c] well
[c] i didn't have anything in mind initially BUT

[cl] hm

[c] i heard you talking about tinte
[c] and i was wondering how you
[c] felt about him

[cl] why

[c] well
[c] i am not a fan

[n] Oh my stars

[cl] hmm
[cl] i mean i don't 

[cl] ok well

[cl] i don't like ihm either
[cl] he killed a good friend of mine

[c] what a coincidence he killed several good friends of mine

[n] Are you two going to bond over mutual hatred of Tinte?

[cl] spite is powerful

[c] spite rules

[n] Oh my stars.

[cl] haha you're ok cryus

[c] cyrus

[cl] oh sorry

[c] no you're fine 

[n] Haha.

[cl] lol
[cl] hey narke do you have any other mortal friends i should know about

[c] yeah narke

[n] No Cyrus is the only one I'd call a friend.

[c] awwwww

[cl] ok. just making sure
[cl] also wasn't sure how far on mortalfucker side you were yet

[c] mortal


[c] mortalfucker


[cl] eheheheheheheeeee
[cl] that's what llune says about me

[cl] calls me?

[c] wait la llune is real?

[n] Yes

[cl] yeah
[cl] shit narke you told them about me but not llune? 

[cl] llune's famous they totally would've known llune

[c] Oh man

[n] I didn't, think to tell them about Llune. 

[cl] dummy

[n] I am.

[cl] haha

[c] wait are all th e legends real?

[n] Well.

[cl] to some extent
[cl] sort of
[cl] like obviously things got changed or embellished 

[cl] but at least most of the people in them are real
[cl] maybe not hte events but that's what you get from oral retellings

[c] oh god

[cl] you ever play a game of cellie?

[c] huh?

[cl] its like
[cl] one person comes up with a sentence
[cl] and - shit wait i missed a crucial step

[cl] ok so a bunch of people sit in a circle in a room
[cl] and someone comes up with a sentence and they whisper it to the person to their right
[cl] and the person to their right whispers whatever they heard to the next person

[c] oh i have heard of this

[cl] and then at the end you hear how badly it
[cl] YEAH

[cl] now imagine the entire world is playing and that's basically what an oral retelling is
[cl] like they're accurate, generally, you can see the idea of what it meant originally below all the embellishment
[cl] but when you have  
[cl] only like, people's memories to go off of (specifically mortals) 

[cl] you lose bits and pieces

[cl] and well mortals are really good at like
[cl] analyzing stuff, remembering the real meaning of things

[cl] they really like to find patterns, they're pattern-finders

[cl] so maybe the story changes its like, shallow waters, those ebb and flow
[cl] but oyu guys, you hold onto the real meaning of it, you cling to that and push it forwards as hard as you acn

[cl] idk i just thought that was neat about you guys

[c] if mortals are pattern-finders what are gods?

[cl] well like everyone has a different answer but i think we're more like
[cl] pattern-watchers
[cl] like we look at you guys and we just drink it in and think about it

[cl] And like, it's not as easy for us to notice patterns
[cl] we can't go looking for them

[cl] when you live forever everything becomes a pattern
[cl] it blends together
[cl] so you kind of have to ignore those patterns, or learn to accept them
[cl] it's all or nothing, really

[cl] if you don't acknowledge them it drives you mad
[cl] because you feel like you can't really change anything (that's ignoring them)

[cl] but if you learn to accept them then you can learn how to work with them
[cl] you can't change the entire pattern in one night but - to use the cellie game analogy - you can learn to change a word or two to what you want
[cl] and years and years of this and you can alter the pattern

[cl] but nobody has the patience to do it on such a small scale
[cl] like gods, gods think on this big grand scale
[cl] a god looks up at the stars and thinks about how they can move them

[cl] but it's hard to move people, people are pretty rigid
[cl] they set themselves in what they want to believe and they hold on 'cause that's all they got, that's their identity, who they are
[cl] to change that is to admit fault in themselves, on some level, and people can't handle that

[cl] like if you grew up thinking the sky is purple, your entire life depends on this purple sky, you wake up and pray to it every morning and worship it
[cl] and then i hand you scientific evidence that it isn't, thousands of papers of documents about how it's really blue
[cl] it's hard for people to accept that, and i understand why
[cl] because every day of your life you walk through it thinking about this purple sky or whatever
[cl] and i just told you that everything you do, the reason you do it for? it's a lie

[cl] and you have to do things in little steps
[cl] i can't just tell you the sky's blue, but i can point out things
[cl] very gently i can point out things that cna help you change your mind

[cl] and stars idk maybe i'm wrong about all this, something something imposing my will on other people
[cl] shit i'm sorry for ranting lol i don't get to talk about this stuff oftne but i think about it a lot

[c] nono omg you'pre fine!!! that was super interesting to read
[c] i really appreciate you sharing your thoughts

[cl] well i'm glad for that lol

[cl] narke are you there?

[c] oh shit

[n] Yes.

[cl] oh ok

[n] Sorry, I've been mulling over what you said.

[cl] sorry it wasn't supposed to be like
[cl] a vague at you or any of the others or anything

[cl] just the results of infinite time to throw at that problem

[n] It's alright.

[cl] i think like
[cl] even despite our differences we all need something to hold onto, to wake up for
[cl] and for me, this life, this existence is what i've been holding onto
[cl] and i just think about that a lot.

[c] i don't know what i'm holding onto right now
[c] i guess the like

[c] the memory of everyone i knew, everyone that died in the siege and stuff
[c] and trying to figure out how to like, honor that memory i think

[c] i think that's why i'm waking up every morning

[n] That's poetic.

[cl] narke why are you waking up in the morning?

[cl] its ok if you don't want to answer.

[c] yeye

[n] No, I do. Give me another moment

[cl] k

[n] I wake up every morning because I feel bad.

[cl] oh?

[c] sorry

[n] No, it's not either of your faults. It's mine. I feel guilty.
[n] I can't quite put it into words yet, it's not fully formed.

[n] But it almost feels as if my entire life, like you said, it was... a lie, maybe. Not a lie, that's not the right word. But
[n] It feels like this ideal that I strove for was, a farce. Some sort of cardboard cutout, and I finally reached it and got to see that it was flat all along.

[n] And I ran out of an idea to believe in, and then I had to look for another. And I don't know if I've found that yet.

[c] i'm sorry narke

[n] It's ok.

[cl] that's heavy stuff to be carrying, narke
[cl] guilt's pretty heavy

[c] yeah

[n] It is, I know. But I still wake up in the morning.

[cl] Yeah and you didn't answer my question

[n] huh?

[cl] why are you waking up? if you felt bad you wouldn't wake up

[n] Oh.
[n] I think I just want to make reparations. Make up for all the... negative things I've done.

[cl] ahhh

[n] Especially here, now... in this chatroom, I just feel
[n] do you remember

[cl] me?

[c] me?

[n] cleverly

[cl] me

[c] you

[n] Do you remember when we were younger

[n] and we'd go sit at the top of the tallest mountain and look out over the universe, and i would ask you what you thought of it all
[n] and you would sit there for hours just talking about, i barely remember, just whatever came into your mind, and you'd weave it all together
[n] make it sound so poetic, even if you were talking about like. a peanut butter sandwich, you'd find a way to make it sound so beautiful

[n] and you'd talk for hours about mortals and the world and what you thought the meaning of it was

[cl] I do remember yeah

[n] I think about that all of the time. How many times did we do that?

[cl] i have no idea. lots?

[n] And then one day we just stopped.

[n] I know why we did, but we just did. And I remember the first year we didn't, I just felt so angry. At you. But I was the one who - who ostracized you.

[cl] yeah

[n] But for some reason it still felt like, like we should be going up to that mountain. And every year around this time of year I thought of that, and it made time slow to a crawl.
[n] Because now for three months out of every year I was missing you so badly.

[n] All I could think about, all summer, was you. Those mountain talks. ANd it felt like I was wasting my time on mourning something that I didn't have to. I was a god, you know?

[n] Mourning was below me.

[cl] yeah

[n] But that was stupid. It's not below me. And I spent so many years angry, and the anger just compounded over and over, every time I thought about you and how badly I was missing you.
[n] I had no right to miss you, but I did. All my angry frustration spent, missing you, year after year.

[n] I wanted to sit on a mountain and listen to you talk about the glories of peanut butter, and how happy it made you, and how it made you feel. And
[n] This conversation, that we just had, where I listened to you talk about the world all over again, it reminded me of that
[n] And

[n] I may be crying.

[cl] oh my stars narke

[c]  awwww!!!

[n] Yes I know.

[cl] aw you big crybaby

[c] narke!!!

[n] I missed you so much more than I thought, and I couldn't admit it to myself.
[n] Because it meant I had been wrong. 

[n] But, despite everything I put you through, when my guilt head eaten all the way through me - do you remember what I said when I reached out to you again?

[cl] 'sorry'

[c] for real?

[n] Yes. My first words to Cleverly again were 'I'm sorry, Cleverly.' Because I was, because I was tired of feeling guilty about it all.
[n] And I still feel so guilty, thinking about it all. But talking to you makes it feel less bad.

[cl] aw

[c] awwwww!!

[n] So the reason I wake up in the morning is to talk to you, Cleverly.

[cl] shit if i knew you'd be a sap i wouldn't have needled

[c] omg

[n] As if you aren't a sap yourself!

[cl] heehee

[c] that's so cute omg you two are adorable

[n] Oh?

[cl] oh my stars

[c] no i don't mean anything by it ahah
[c] you just have a nice friendship a nice long history together

[c] i just think that's neat

[c] something to hold onto

[c] like it'd be sad if you two stopped talking again, you just seem to be
[c] good friends

[c] like i'd be sad by proxy to hear about you two hating each other

[n] That's thoughtful.

[cl] oh yeah i get what you're saying, like 
[cl] like empathy sort of

[c] yeah! like i'd feel bad because i couldn't imagine how bad it'd feel

[n] We have known each other a long time.

[cl] cyrus you're an alright guy
[cl] you're rain colony right?

[c] ink now but yeah

[cl] fuck ink man

[c] fuck ink!!! fuck ink solidarity

[n] oh my stars

[cl] ok jujst fuck tinte soldarity


[n] Guys

[cl] Narke join us


[n] What



[n] You've both misspelling solidarity multiple times

[cl] SAY IT


[n] fuck tinte solidarity

[cl] YES

[c] YES!!!

[n] ahahaha oh my stars

[cl] perfection, pure purfectier
[cl] shit i'm tired

[c] purfectier

[n] Cleverly I missed you.

[cl] haha i missed you too

[c] third wheel

[n] No Cyrus you helped bring us closer! Not a third wheel.

[cl] when you think about that isn't that what third wheels do
[cl] like on a trike you have this single wheel in the front and two wheels in the back
[cl] the two back wheels are closer together but they're only closer together because the single, third, wheel is there

[cl] catch my drift

[c] living up to your name

[n] Cleverly I love you.

[cl] everyone should at least once

[cl] shit ok wait cyrus what was (is) your job

[c] i used to be vice consul

[cl] oh man that sounds badass. keep being badass ok

[c] omg i'll try

[n] Print that out and hang it as a motivational poster.

[cl] Yes!!!
[cl] ok but i have to bed. like i'm tired i'm mistyping everything autocorrect only saves me so many times

[c] goodnight!! it was great meeting you

[cl] yeah you're a good guy
[cl] we'll talk more sometime got it

[c] yeah!!!

[n] goodnight Cleverly.

[cl] catch you for lunch soon narke

[c] bye!!!

[n] Bye!

[cl] gnight

[c] i should probably sleep too

[n] How are you feeling?

[c] pretty good
[c] a lot better actually

[c] talking to cleverly helped i think

[n] He's a warm person. He helps me feel better too.

[c] do you have
[c] feelings

[n] What

[c] idk it just sounded a little romantic between you two for a bit there
[c] you even said 'love' to him

[n] Platonically!

[c] you can keep your secret safe with me narke

[n] CYRUS!

[c] ahhaaha

[n] Do not go spreading around the idea that I have a - a CRUSH on Cleverly
[n] That is absurd!

[c] alright alright

[c] jokes aside i am feeling better
[c] idk just

[c] talking to people helps
[c] even if they didn't do much
[c] like sometimes just listening to someone else for a while, or talking to them, just about anything helps

[n] We're a social species. I think that's a fairly natural feeling

[c] true

[n] I'm glad you're feeling better. Thank you again.

[c] for letting you be cute with cleverly?

[n] CYRUS!


[n] CYRUS!!!!

[c] alright i'm logging off bye bye ybye see you tomorrow!!