New Beneville

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Chapter 1
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Step into New Beneville, the coziest little town with a less-than-charming past! Meet a motley crew of locals, each with a quest for love. As they search for their soulmate, you'll be left wondering exactly what they'll do to achieve their end goal - and how far they're willing to go. Brought together on this island without knowing how they got there, secrets will be revealed as morality and personality clash. With humor and heart, you'll fall in love with the lovable residents of New Beneville!

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Author's Notes

Due to school, I had to put my visual novel project on hold, but I hope you enjoy this alternative version instead!

Coats Me a Fortune

The scene opens with FATHER SAWYER SPECTER arriving at SAGE INGRID’s tailor shop. He struggles to carry an oversized coat, which appears too big for him, and keeps stumbling on it. Fortunately, the milkman DIEDE MELKBOER quickly catches him before he falls. Father Specter and Diede resent each other, both in love with Sage.


I appreciate the help, Diede. Father Specter, dear, what are you struggling with? Is that coat too big for you?


I... uh... a-aha! You’ve caught me, milady. For you see, I, uh, may have overestimated my body proportions... I am... just a touch too short for this garment. I, uh, apologize for taking such precious time from you…


Oh man, Father Specter, that jacket is way too big for ya! Lemme give you a hand.  

The camera pans to show Diede quickly lifting the oversized coat off of Father Specter. Father Specter scoffs at Diede while Diede smiles back with a self-satisfied smirk.

Diede hands Sage the coat. She proceeds to drag it to her sewing machine to get to work.


I’ll resize this jacket in no time for you, Father Specter. Now, what I would like to know is where you managed to find such a piece? I love the style and the color. It’s vintage, I presume…


Ah, yes... I, uhh... I may have, uh, found this coat, milady. Please don’t ask me where I found it... The coat is, indeed, vintage. I purchased it... I mean, it was gifted to me…


Aw, c’mon Father Specter, don’t be so mysterious. 

Lemme guess, the coat was stolen, right?

Diede smirks at Father Specter, who blushes.


Father Specter, dear, let me assure you, we won’t judge you for any questionable actions you may have committed before. 

We all have our pasts, and we all must atone for them. 

This tailor shop is a neutral space, without any judgment. 

Now please... tell me where you acquired the jacket…

Father Specter hesitates as if he’s still unsure about sharing this information.


I... uh, I don't recall where I found this vintage garment. I apologize for the mystery, milady, but I fear I was rather intoxicated when I acquired this coat, so, uh, my memory is a bit foggy…

Father Specter chuckles nervously. Sage seems amused by his reply.


Ahh, I see. Well, in that case, no matter where you acquired it, it is a marvelous coat. It shall be restored to its former glory in no time.


Aw, c’mon, Father Specter! You’re a priest; you ain’t supposed to get drunk! 

A man of the cloth gettin’ tipsy, I tell ya... what kinda world are we livin’ in?

Diede chuckles, clearly enjoying the playful taunting. Father Specter rolls his eyes, annoyed at Diede’s mocking.


I’m sure you’re not the perfect practitioner of your religious beliefs either... You’re no angel when it comes to following the rules...


Hey now, me and the big man up there are totally on good terms, ya hear? I’m just an old-fashioned country boy, doin’ everything I can to love my neighbor and community. Besides, what kinda milkman doesn’t have a little fun once in a while?

Diede smiles innocently... Well, innocent is definitely the wrong word to describe it.

Sage chuckles.


Boys, boys, let us focus on repairing the garment before continuing the debate on morality. The jacket is made of a beautiful fabric in a traditional pattern. I would guess it was made in a 1950s or 1960s tailor shop with excellent skill. The coat would be perfect for any man, not just Father Specter... And since winter is upon us, it shall be excellent protection against the elements.

Diede stares at Sage, then the jacket, then back at Sage. His face flushes with a sudden realization.

Diede’s eyes go wide, his tone suddenly tinged with greed.


Wait... if that coat is vintage... and it’s in mint condition... then it’s worth a lot of money, ain’t it? 

Father Specter looks shocked at the suggestion, as he has grown quite attached to the piece. Father Specter begins to speak, attempting to claim his property.


Wait! I, uh... I’ve really come to love —

Diede quickly cuts him off.


Hey, uh, sorry to intrude and all, but this coat must be worth a small fortune, right? 

I mean, I’m no expert, but this jacket ain’t no ordinary garment, ain’t that right?

Diede’s eyes glow with excitement as his thoughts race at the prospect of getting rich by selling Father Specter’s coat.


I’m afraid you are right. This jacket would fetch a hefty sum on the market. 

It could easily go for ten thousand dollars in the state it is currently in.

Sage smiles at the men’s differing reactions, clearly enjoying watching Diede salivate over the coat, all while Father Specter looks distraught.



Father Specter is stunned; he cannot stand the thought of losing his jacket, and his demeanor becomes increasingly desperate.


I... I... I’ve grown so attached to this jacket... I, uh, I…


Father Specter, you need not worry yourself, my dear. The jacket will be staying with you.

Sage smiles gently at him.


I am a seamstress, not a businesswoman. 

I make and repair clothing for my neighbors; I do not sell goods. Besides, the jacket looks perfect on you.

Sage looks deeply into Father Specter’s eyes, trying to gauge his reaction.




Yes, Father Specter, of course!

Sage smiles sweetly, enjoying the way Father Specter melts at her words.


Besides, do you think I haven’t noticed how much you adore the coat by now?

Sage gives him a playful wink, prompting Father Specter to turn an even deeper shade of red. 

Diede leans towards Father Specter. His tone is more harsh and urgent.


You sure you wanna keep that thing? 

I mean, it is real nice, but that’s ten thousand dollars, ya hear? That’s a big sum of money, boy...


Diede, do not pressure Father Specter to give up his possession.

Sage looks at Diede sternly. Her tone softens as she speaks to Father Specter.


You are keeping the coat, Father Specter. 

It’s your property now. 

You should use it as much as you like.

Sage smiles at Father Specter, trying to assure him.


Hey now, I ain’t trying to pressure nobody, 

I’m just thinkin’ about what’s best for our friend here. 

I mean, he could really use that cash to give his congregation what they need... right?

Diede tries his best not to sound too concerned and fails miserably. The greed on his face makes it abundantly clear how badly he wants that coat for himself.

Sage turns to Diede, her expression becoming a bit more stern.


That is Father Specter’s decision, and it is his money. 

Why wouldn’t he be allowed to treat himself to an item he truly likes?

She puts her arm around Father Specter, her tone softer than ever.


You deserve something that will make you happy, Father Specter... don’t you think?

Diede puts his arm around Father Specter, his tone almost patronizing.


Oh, come on now, Father Specter. 

You can’t go and let a woman treat you that way. 

You’re a grown man, not some little child who begs his mommy to buy him something nice.

Diede smirks at comparing Sage to a mother as he rubs Father Specter’s back.


You’re a man with a profession, a career... 

ain’t no reason for you to be coddled like a child.

Father Specter blushes brightly, his cheeks glowing red as he is wrapped up in the warmth of Sage’s touch and Diede’s words. He has never been in such an intimate space, and the feeling intoxicates him on multiple levels. He finds himself smiling broadly as he replies to Diede’s accusation.


Well... yes... I suppose... I-I am a man... 

And... uh... and men enjoy... having nice things?

His words trail off as he focuses all his attention on Sage, enjoying her comforting presence.


Oh, Father Specter... 

No one will judge you for enjoying an item here and there. 

You are an essential part of this community, after all.

She smiles warmly, stroking his hair in a comforting manner.


Your congregation values and respects you... 

Do not be afraid to use your own money on things you enjoy.

Sage speaks softly, her tone filled with love.


You deserve to be happy, Father Specter...

Her eyes remain locked on his, her kind smile never faltering. The words have a profound effect on him. He is speechless, only able to respond with a sheepish grin.

Diede nods, accepting defeat. His tone is almost soothing as he speaks to Father Specter, attempting to comfort him as well.


C’mon, Father Specter, it’s okay. 

You do deserve to have nice things every once in a while. 

This jacket is a real nice piece of clothing, and I really do think it suits ya.

Diede smiles at Father Specter. He pauses, then whispers something to him in a hushed tone, his voice almost sounding flirty.


...Besides, you look damn good in that thing, if that’s anything to go by.

Diede’s flirtatious comment unexpectedly impacts Father Specter, who blushes even deeper. His face nearly matches the intensity of Sage’s outfit, a bright red. But the words were not entirely unwelcome to his baser nature... Father Specter smiles back at Diede, his manner becoming more flirtatious as he glances at Sage, who is also blushing.


Ah... W-well thank you, Diede... 

It really does suit me, doesn’t it?

He glances at Sage once more, smiling broadly.

Sage feels her heart racing faster as she realizes Diede is flirting with Father Specter. She is unsure how she feels about this development and is too busy tending to Father Specter to notice what’s happening outside.


You look very handsome in it, Father Specter... As I’m sure you’ll look in other things...

She says with a wink, glancing at him from the corner of her eye. Father Specter can’t help it - he smiles wider than ever, becoming even more flustered at Sage’s flirtatious remark.

Diede laughs loudly at Sage’s comment, then points out the window, shocked at the sight before him.


What the...?! My truck! What... What is happening?!

Diede looks at Father Specter and Sage with genuine concern as he grabs his keys.


This ain’t good, folks... looks like someone really doesn’t want me working today!

He quickly heads out onto the sidewalk.

Father Specter seems a bit amused by Diede’s reaction. He watches as Diede rushes outside, clearly shaken by the sight of his milk truck on fire. He speaks quietly, almost whispering, as his tone becomes even more flirtatious.


How did you, uh... Did you...

He catches himself when he realizes he is being too obvious, his mind racing as he tries to think of a way to change the topic.


Father Specter... I must admit... I am very glad to have met you...

Sage smiles warmly, her voice soft and sweet. She can’t help but feel a bit guilty over Diede’s current state, though she doesn’t like to linger on the thought.


I have enjoyed our conversations... You may always come to see me if you have any more clothes that need repair.

Her tone is gentle, though she cannot deny that she quite likes having Father Specter close at hand for her own... personal reasons.

Father Specter is completely lost in Sage’s charm, oblivious to the outside chaos. Her comforting words fill his mind, and his cheeks grow hot. His voice is barely a whisper as he responds.


Y-yes, yes.. I, uh... like talking to you as well.

He looks at her a little too longingly.


I... hope we can see more of each other...

Father Specter trails off, unable to express himself further without blushing even more.

Diede looks visibly frustrated as he desperately tries to put out the fire. Sweat drips down his face as he angrily mutters to himself.


Goddamnit, this was not in the plan...

A group of onlookers have gathered around to watch him work. Diede catches several people snickering at him, his embarrassment mounting each minute.

Father Specter watches Diede’s attempts to put out the flames with worry. He feels sorry for him, and his eyes flicker quickly toward Sage, unsure what to say or do. His eyes are filled with pity, but they also seem slightly amused by the spectacle of Diede working so hard. He leans closer to Sage so their faces nearly touch.


I could help him, if you want.

He whispers, his voice filled with a newfound, almost daring confidence.


You needn’t trouble yourself, Father Specter.

Sage flicks her wrist as his words are almost complete, extinguishing the fire instantly. She smiles at Father Specter, seemingly unfazed by Diede’s reaction outside, which the others are all too aware of. Father Specter looks at her with shock, but it quickly turns into awe as he sees her demonstration of magic. He can’t help but smile, his expression filled with happiness in the presence of something beautiful.

Diede drops to his knees, staring at his milk truck in awe as the fire is extinguished. He looks up to the sky with tears, believing in a miracle from a higher power.


Oh, Lord, I cannot believe your benevolence in this day’s darkest hour. You have saved my property from destruction, and I am forever indebted to you and your great kindness. Thank you, Lord, for sparing the world of my wrath.

He continues to pray out of deep gratitude for the fire’s sudden disappearance.

Sage smiles at Father Specter, handing him his jacket back.


It seems I am out of supplies to fix this, so you are welcome to bring it back another day.

Father Specter looks slightly disappointed but quickly brightens at the sight of his favorite jacket. He puts it on, looking at Sage with puppy-dog eyes. Her beauty distracts him from remembering that he was just talking about magic. He speaks softly, his tone filled with adoration.


I... I look forward to... to seeing you again, Sage.

Diede kneels on the ground, eyes closed, and heads bowed towards the ground. He holds his hands together in prayer as his expression becomes one of joy and relief.


Thank you, Lord... Thank you.

He repeats to himself, shaking his head in utter amazement and disbelief. Diede takes a few deep breaths, finally feeling calm and at peace. He slowly opens his eyes, glancing at the bystanders around him. Seeing their smiles, he can’t help but smile as well. He stands up and brushes the dirt off his pants.