[CardTamers] Hybrid One-Shots

3 years, 3 months ago
3 years, 3 months ago
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Entry 1
Published 3 years, 3 months ago

One-Shots telling the stories of some Hybrids. These Hybrids will likely be available as adoptables, and will therefore be unnamed until adopted.

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[TBD] walked through the City quickly, heading towards Anthe Forest.  She was curious as to the creatures to be found there, as well as simply wanting to enjoy the forest.  As her mind wandered, she hardly noticed as the familiar noises of the City gave way to the unfamiliar ones of the forest.

This time of year the forest was nice, and the sun filtering through the trees was quite pretty.  She knew there was danger, especially for a non-Tamer like herself, but [TBD] still visited the Forest anyway.  On this particular day, there were few Pests, and even fewer creatures.  For a forest this green, this was unusual.

The faint buzzing of the Orb Flyer would have interrupted [TBD]'s thoughts, if she hadn't been expecting buzzing from the Pests.  The sting from its bite certainly did, and the dizziness that followed caused her to brace herself against a nearby tree.

An odd sensation filled [TBD], almost as if the sunlight and air around her had somehow been absorbed through her skin and become a part of her.  She barely had time to muse on this feeling, however, as with a sensation that could only be described as rushing, the hand in front of her face (and presumably the other one) became a paw covered in short orange fur. Another rush, and she fell as her legs abruptly started bending a different way.  Something burst from her back, and when she turned to look, she realized she had wings.  The second burst was a tail, thin and tipped with feathers.  She felt a few other things, but didn't pay them much mind.

The sensations seemed to be fading, or at least becoming normal.  [TBD] knew she had to get to the Hybrid Resource Center, and that they'd know what to do.  As she returned to the City, she was well aware of the stares people gave her - some of pity, others of disgust or fear.

Inside the Hybrid Resource Center, [TBD] was greeted by the receptionist, who pointed to a door.  When [TBD] pushed it open, a staff member was waiting to take her to the assessment room.

The assessment room was simple enough, and soon the Hybrid was being told that she had a percentage of 39 - just low enough to be a Tamer - and that given the paws she now had, a Power Limiter would be her only way of regaining her hands.  Alternately, she could register with a Tamer and battle for them.

The Hybrid took the offered Power Limiter, a collar with a large red gem, and as she placed it around her neck, it began to glow. She felt a strange empty feeling, as well as the feeling of missing something.  The staff member offered a mirror - checking herself over revealed that her appearance was completely back to normal.  So why did it feel so wrong?