Character Shorts

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10 months, 28 days ago
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Entry 8
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A day in the life of Apricot Bay's residents, told through vignettes.

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Sebastian's mind buzzed like the AC unit hanging in the window. A perpetual scowl cut across his face as he stared at his three bright blue screens, blue as the moon hanging over the tide. It was the only time he could get any work done at all; by day, Kevin and Penny were too busy playing with bang snaps in the driveway or terrorizing people in town for Sebastian to focus any.

This Apricot Bay thing was weird to him. He was glad Kevin and Penny were where they belonged, yeah, but—this wasn't for him. Couldn't have been. Having to make small talk checking out at the store. Having to know everyone's name. That goddamn mailman. The strange sense that everyone else is just that little bit insane, under all the peace and ivy.

And the tree.

Even City Square, in broad daylight, in front of hundreds of people and cameras in every shop window, didn't give Sebastian the feeling of being watched quite like that tree did. Wasn't even the encroaching feeling of eternal surveillance, it was like he was being targeted. Scanned. By a tree.

"...It's fucking cold in here," he muttered under his breath.

Sebastian rolled his chair across the room, and with the press of a button, stopped the AC unit cold.

Thoughts. He didn't like those. Still work to get done.

Author's Notes

I started these all the way back in March, or...maybe it was April. Don't quite remember. The idea was to give each of the main characters at least one piece of writing in their library, just a short little thing that establishes their character on their own, little-to-no dialogue, over the span of a day, starting in the morning with Kevin's and ending late at night with Seb's. And then I got stuck and stopped working on anything for a month.

Only today have I been able to finish these off and get them posted. I'm not thinking about them any more than I need to. They're simple little things.