no humans were harmed in the making of this meal

2 years, 4 months ago

this scene has been stuck in my head for a minute and i finally had the time to write it down

cw for light mentions of cannabalism

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“Oh, this? I was just sitting down for dinner.” Chae motions to a large platter, stacked high with what looks to be pork shisk kebob, steam still tantalizingly wafting from the meat. “In fact… I believe I’ve made entirely too many.” She gives Keyshia a sly smile. “Would you like one?”

Keyshia reaches for one – “I’d love one!” – but Cordelia grabs her wrist.

“Actually…” Cordelia drawls, pulling Keyshia’s hand away. “We’re kinda on a schedule, here. Next time.” She looks up to Keyshia. “Hey, princess, mind waitin’ in the living room for a bit?”

Keyshia sulks, clearly put out, but sighs in defeat. “Fine.” Cordelia waits for Keyshia to disappear around the corner before whipping her head around to glare at Chae.

Chae’s still smilling, but at Cordelia’s glare, she acts all fake-affronted, complete with batting eyelashes and a hand over her heart. “What?”

Cordelia still glares.

“One little nibble wouldn’t have hurt her.” Chae offers, voice sickeningly sweet.

Cordelia glares harder.

“It’s true. It’s just pork.” Hand still on her heart, she raises her other hand, like she was taking an oath. “No people were harmed in the making of this meal.”

Cordelia crosses her arms. “Yeah, right.”

Chae groans and rolls her eyes, finally dropping the act. “Oh, come on! I got that straight from the city!”

Sure you did.”