Emil's Misadventures

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2 years, 10 months ago
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Entry 1
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buncha stuffs n facts abt him ig

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His life

Emil has disliked girls when he was a child, mostly because he'd be teased by them a lot. When he told this to Yvla, she would only laugh and tell him to man up. He hated it very much. Most of the time, it was Egil who would comfort him.

As much as he despised girls, he found their clothing pretty. At the age of 7, his cousin Amber came over and let him try on one of her dresses. He loved the feeling very much. He had to keep this feeling a secret however, for if Yvla found out, he would be in deep trouble.

He continued playing dress up with Amber and Egil for a few more months, until Yvla checked under his bed one day. She was shocked, but also enraged. She threw the dress in the trash in front of him then cut off his hair with the reason of "growing the fuck up". Little Emil was traumatized, he cried for days despite Egil trying his best to comfort him. From then on he grew hatred towards his mother, but still obeyed her orders anyway.

Due to his parents' wishes, he enrolled in a medical school and studied to be a doctor. He started working part time as a medical secretary when he was 17. With the money he earned, he realized he could buy his own things now. Walking home from work, he passed by the dresses store, and a fire started burning within him once again. In that heated moment, he decided to brought one home, this time he is determined to not let Yvla know. He only let Egil in on this secret as he grew ever more distant from his parents.

After graduating from med school, he moved away to another country, Peacekeep. Away from his brother, parents, from everything he had known. He brought his adiiction along with him too, of course. The moment he stepped foot in Peacekeep, he'd filled up his wardrobe with all kinds of dresses and be as feminine as he can. Of course many mistook him as a girl. Including Lucio, his first ever crush.

He signed up for the position of a nurse in Peacekeep Hospital, he was paired up with Lucio, one of the most skilled doctor there. Through working with him, he grew to like and eventually developed infatuation towards Lucio. But he was a coward at heart, and refused to confess his feelings to him. It was at this time that he also met Pedro, who he rejected due to his pride and only pursuing Lucio.

He changed his hair after awhile, to look more pretty to Lucio. As he was about to confess to Lucio, he'd overheard him talking on the phone lovingly with a girl. A thunder came crashing down on him at that moment. He seeked out this girl and started harrassing her whenever he could. It didn't last long, Lucio caught up to his wrong doings and confronted him about it. He finally poured his heart out, only to recieve a hard rejection with the familiar saying: grow the fuck up. In a pathetic move, he traced back to Pedro, asking for forgiveness, begging to be dated. To his surprise and desperation, Pedro pushed him away, saying he already had a girlfriend. Emil was mad, angry, he started stalking Pedro and in the process ended up hurting Iris, too. Pedro delivered one final blow before he finally broke down accepting his fate.

When he got home that day, he called Amber, telling her about his plight. Amber exploded on him through the phone, told him how selfish and childish he's been to all these people and effectively, also told him to "grow the fuck up". For Emil, that was the nail in the coffin. He quitted his job at the hospital and locked himself in his apartment, only going out to get food sometimes. On one of those rare occasions that he actually went out fresh air, he met a man while strolling through the local park, who introduced himself as Joji. Somehow, Emil found solace in talking to Joji, even agreeing to meet up with the man again. This lead to Joji growing interested in Emil, soon asking him out later. They ended up dating.

After reconciling with himself for awhile, Emil decided that it's best he went back to Phelicano, to sort things out with his mother, Yvla. He said goodbye to Joji and headed to the airport.