Damp Groceries

3 years, 1 month ago

Kevin surviving through another shift at Diesel's grocery store.

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Splat, splat, splat, splat, drip, drip, schluuup, splap.
Oh God.

"Hey, Kev-man? My big dude! You in there?"

Kevin shifted nervously in place as he curled up a little further into the corner, tail tucked between his legs and big ears folded back. He'd been hiding in the storeroom for the past two or so hours, but now it looked as though Diesel had finally found him.

It was day three of working in the local grocery store, day three of constantly feeling unnerved, day three of sliding around on a wet floor. He'd ran out of paper towels about an hour into day one. He gulped hard.


"Oh, nice, well, I need your help, dude."

Kevin shuddered as Diesel's tiny, useless, squishy hands tried in vain to turn the doorhandle, making bizarre, damp slapping noises as they did so. He got up, breathed in deeply, and opened the door.

"Oh, thanks. I think the door was stuck."

There stood Diesel, the tiniest little creature Kevin had ever seen, even smaller than Penny. Similarly to Penny, Diesel had a constant smug expression, though it was more self-absorbed than malicious. Little glasses rested on his mushy face and he wore a gigantic t-shirt with some band logo on the front. Teensy shoes stood in a pool of water, legs bent awkwardly, barely able to keep himself upright.

"Anyway... Could ya restock the fridges at the back? Shit's kinda heavy for me." Diesel explained, making sure to wave his stubby arms around to show how floppy and pathetic they were. Kevin felt slightly ill.

"O-of course!" Kevin replied, trying his best to look friendly. Diesel's smug grin widened slightly, and he turned back around to slowly make his way back to the till.

"Thanks, dude, I'll be where I usually am if you need me." The axolotl continued to splat and drip his way across the floor. "Ya never know when a hot babe might come in~"

Kevin felt himself calm slightly as Diesel disappeared out of sight. Another uncomfortable, strange interaction over and done with.

Eh, it's a living...