Camping Sneezes

3 years, 2 months ago

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The sound of crickets outside and the hooting of owls is soothing as Corinne settles down onto the blow up mattress they brought with them for their camping trip. She can't help but smile as Cullen crawls into the tent behind her and zips it up for the night. The trip had been a surprise one, but she was happy nonetheless to go on it. Time with Cullen was always the best way to spend a day. They'd done a lot today and Corinne was rather exhausted.

"Thanks for bringing me out here Curly." Corinne smiles at him and reaches out to gently run her hand down his arm until her hand lands on his own.

"I'm glad you wanted to come." Cullen says as he leans down until their foreheads touch.

Corinne feels at peace as the man settles beside her, a laugh escapes her as the mattress jostles a little. Cullen scoots close and presses their foreheads together again, a calming gesture that makes her heat skip a beat. The thing that never fails to blow her away is the amount of pure love in his eyes. Cullen always looks at her like she's some beautiful work of art meant to be appreciated. It almost makes her tear up, but she blinks the tears back and laces their fingers together.

"I love you." She whispers and closes her eyes. Cullen moves to kiss her nose before he rests their forehead against each other again. It only takes a few seconds for that calm to be broken. Corinne feels the sneeze before she can stop it. It's loud and enough to make the mattress jostle again.

There's the sound of animals scurrying away and laughing. Corinne opens her eyes to see Cullen sitting up, doubled over, laughing his ass off. She can't help but join him, their sweet moment ruined by a loud sneeze. Corinne is just glad she didn't actually sneeze on Cullen! That would have been gross! They still probably would have laughed about it though.

Cullen gasps as he begins to calm down and regain his breath. "Wow, my sides hurt." He says as he wipes away the tears from laughing so hard.

Corinne nods along, still laughing a bit about the whole thing. Leave it to her to sneeze during a romantic moment! Just her luck isn't it? "I'm sorry!" She stumbles the words out but chuckles as Cullen shakes his head.

"It's nothing to worry about." He says as he settles back down beside her. "Let's try that again huh? No sneezing this time maybe?" He says with a bit of a teasing tone.

Corinne nods with a small smile, already relaxing as she rests her head on Cullen's chest. His heart beats calmly under her ear as he reaches up and cards his fingers gently through her hair. It's relaxing just being like this. She looks up at him and can't help but feel warm. The way Cullen looks so calm and content never fails to make her beyond happy.