Morning Musings

3 years, 2 months ago

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Rough, calloused fingertips glided across the thick, chestnut locks in an attempt to push them from slumbering eyes. Corinne's lips twitched up into a smile, leaning up and into the loving touch. It was early--she could tell from the small slivers of light peeking their way in through the slits in the blinds. Opening her hazel eyes, the young woman slowly reached her hand up to rub the sleep away. Cullen softly carded his thick digits through her hair and gave a heartwarming smile. Today seemed like it was going to be a lazy morning, and Corinne had no complaints. There was nothing she'd rather do than be wrapped in her lovers firm embrace, lips laying dizzying kisses across her flushed and freckled flesh.

"Good morning," A sleepy mutter fell from plump lips as her hand reached out to gently tap him on the nose.

"Morning." Cullen chuckled, reaching up to grasp her palm in his own. Amber eyes lit up with pure joy at the sight of the delicate golden ring around her ring finger.

"You seem more amazed by it than I do some days," Corinne muttered softly, scooted closer to his body. Her nose tickled with the scent of musk that rose off his skin as the warmth of his body soaked into her own.

Cullen paused and looked away to lock eyes with Corinne. "Sometimes I still marvel at the fact you said yes." He whispered softly, a slight crack in his voice. The emotion lacing his words was evident, nothing but love emitting from his body language and the words he muttered.

Corinne stared at him, eyes a bit wide with shock. "Cullen..." Her breath hitched in the back of her throat, swallowing back the surge of emotions welling up and pricking the corners of her eyes. "I would never have said no, not ever." She uttered softly, pressing her forehead against his own.

Her hand clutched his tightly to her chest, hoping he'd be able to feel the pounding of her heart underneath her bosom. "I love you, you are my lion, the very sun in my sky, and you never fail to make me happy." Corinne admitted and quickly let go of his hand to wipe away the tears that threatened to fall. "Never forget that."

Cullen was silent for a few seconds before he smiled yet again. A dazzling smile that lit up Corinne's life. "I swear every time I look at you, I think I find myself falling a little more in love with you."

Corinne blushed darkly and laughed cheerfully. "You're suck a dork this early in the morning." She moved to sit up and stretch out her tired body. "Come on dork, time to start the day and have breakfast. We can take a morning walk together." She suggested as she got out of bed.

"Alright, alright." Cullen said as he himself got up and looked around for something to wear. Something simple for today, a dark red t-shirt and a pair of plain jeans. There, it was perfect!

As Cullen changed into his clothing, Corinne took a quick peek over her shoulder and felt a bit giddy. This was the man she was going to marry, the proof sitting on her ring finger. She turned around quickly before she could get caught and sighed blissfully. "You know Cullen, you're the best thing that has, and probably will ever happen to me." She admitted with a bright smile as she changed into a pair of plain jeans and a dark grey shirt.

Before he could say anything Corinne left the room in a hurry, her face flushed a deep scarlet almost. She could hear his chuckle behind her and before she knew it she was pulled into a tight hug and being lifted into the air. She couldn't help the small yelp she let out as she grabbed onto his shoulders, but the expression of sheer love and happiness on Cullen's face made her weak. Corinne joined in his laughter as he pulled her close to him and they held onto each other.

"Now that your hand is mine, I feel like I'm quite possibly the luckiest man to walk the planet." Cullen said as he pressed soft kisses to her cheeks. "Come on let's have breakfast. I can make us something quick and easy! Oatmeal sound okay?" He asked and set her down.

"That's fine with me." Corinne nodded and followed him into the kitchen, this room much brighter than their bedroom. Sunlight flooded the room from the bay window and Corinne sighed happily as she took a seat beside said window. Her fingers gently tracing the wood grain, as if it were art. Her eyes however slowly drifted towards the ring on her finger. She smiled and brought her hand to her chest as Cullen whistled in the background.