Always distracted by you.

3 years, 2 months ago

Fandom: Dragon Age Pairing: Cullen Rutherford x Corinne Evans ft. my Inquisitor, Ryna (mentioned) Rating: Teen+ Genre: Romance, Fluff | Warning: Slight NSFW? Words: 842 (I went a little overboard whoops) Prompt: Staring At The Other’s Lips, Trying Not To Kiss Them, Before Giving In

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Corinne was terribly distracted today.

Earlier, she was requested to deliver some paperwork to Inquisitor Ryna Trevelyan for Lady Montilyet, but her mind went blank the moment Cullen requested her presence for a short game of chess. Sitting across from him started to prove difficult as she shifted awkwardly in the chair that dug slightly into the curve of her back. Her eyes traced across his face, drinking in his features and committing them to memory. Captivating honey-gold eyes, high and prominent cheekbones paired with a strong jawline and his lips. Maker, his lips were wildly distracting, with their fullness paired along with the tiny, yet noticeable scar lingering upon the bridge of his upper lip.

Biting gingerly at her bottom lip, Corinne could feel the apples of her freckled cheeks turn pink as her gaze flickered away from his most alluring mouth.

Quit it! He’s going to notice the awkwardness brewing! She snapped at herself, in thought of course, not being able to outwardly express her apologies towards him for the way she came across. However, the commander merely saw it as alluring.

“Corinne?” He questioned with a sultry smirk gracing his lips as his honey-gold eyes softened. “It’s your turn.”

“O-Oh of course!” She yelped out a reply, shyly shuffling forward to move the pawn across the wooden board. The stuttering action, however subtle, did not go unnoticed by the previous Templar, it only further soothed the growing temptations that plagued his mind concerning the cheery and gentle mannered assistant.

“You know…you’ve been acting odd lately.” Cullen muttered, moving his knight to capture yet another one of her pawns. “Is everything alright? You know I’m here if you wish to talk.” The look in his eyes proved his worrisome nature for the kind beauty, one of pure nativity and loyalty.

Bringing his form closer to her, he allowed his arms to rest securely on his knees while a large gloved palm reached itself out to gingerly grasp her much smaller hand. Her hand fit perfectly in his, something that launched her heart into her throat.

“I’m here for you.”

Corinne could feel the racing in her chest increase to an incredible speed. Every word he uttered housed such a charming whimsical tune that it made her mind go blank. Freckled cheeks heated to dust a sharp crimson hue along with her almond shaped orbs to widen extensively. “I-I…” No words could escape the brunette woman, feeling her form immediately jump up, causing her hand to rip itself from his gentle grasp. “I’m…fine.” Corinne said between light pants, only inkling that something was wrong in the commander’s eyes. Before he could whisper another concern she had fumbled out a rather obvious lie and left the outdoor chess match, heading frantically inside to help Josephine with something he didn’t quite catch.

“C-Corinne?” Cullen called her name in pure confusion, quickly making his way to follow her path, allowing his larger physique to quickly catch up and corner her into the brick wall. Gently capturing her, he moved a hand beside her head in order to properly lean down. “I know when you're being dishonest, please tell me...”

“Cullen I…” She could feel her hands gently grasp the brick wall behind her, gasping in pure shock at how forward he was being. He truly did become a different man when he was worried about the ones he cared for, did that truly mean he felt the same?

“I’m fine.” She reminded him once more, plump lips parting to release a shaky breath while her head tilted up, brunette curls licking flushed cheeks. Cullen instantly felt his own cheeks heat up in reaction, finally taking notice of the position they were in, and yet he did not care. Glancing his warm yellow irises down he targeted her moist lips, watching as a pair of pearly canines bit into the peach colored flesh, an action that made his knees become weak. “Cullen…?” Before she had a moments time to continue her sentence he instantly dived down and ever so gently brushed their lips together before pressing a solid kiss over the gasping mouth. His free hand slowly moved forward to grasp a hold of her slender hip, bringing their forms together.

Corinne merely widened her eyes in pure surprise by the sudden dominance radiating off of the knight, her instant reaction was to return the intimate affection only to mentally smile, small palms raising to touch his covered chest. With a shaky breath the now flustered blonde tugged back and lowered his head further, pressing his forehead into her shoulder. “I-I’m so terribly sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. I was out of line and…” His words halted once he caught more breaths and suddenly could feel a small palm cup his newly shaven cheek, connecting their eyes once more.

“Corinne I…” Without time for a response a second kiss was laid to his lips, one now starting from her perspective, and a response he gladly replied too with a mental smile of his own.