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Mild Violence
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The silence was deafening after the long battle had finally ended. The only sound the shakily standing Guardian Carran could register was her own ragged breathing, and even that she tried to suppress. Where was he? She needed to find him and fast, as the last time she had seen the poor Fae was when he got stomped on by the gigantic Roc that now laid dead on the ground. The bird had been a fearsome enemy and even its bigger dragonic opponent was torn, bleeding and thoroughly weary, but still alive. Then again the other dragon…

“Marus!” the Guardian gasped when she finally found her tiny companion from the battlefield. As gently as she could she picked the Fae up. Her heart was beating so fast and hands shaking so violently that she feared she would drop his silent, unmoving body.

“No. No no no, oh no…” Carran’s voice started to rumble when the smaller dragon didn’t show any signs of life. Albeit a little annoying from time to time, Marus had been a good companion for her during the months they had traveled together. Seeing anyone like that dead would’ve been of course upsetting, but what the Guardian felt was beyond anything she could’ve ever imagined. She felt like her soul was bleeding out of her body through the hot, giant tears that rolled from her eyes when the usually stoic dragon started to weep.

But then, when one of the tears fell on the body of the Fae–

“Gahh!” Marus cried when seemingly being jolted back from dead by the tear that had been about the size of his head. Carran couldn’t really register what had just happened, so she just stared with still watery eyes when the Fae started to cough and slither into more comfortable position.

“Oww, oh wow, I don’t think there’s a single place in my body that doesn’t hurt! That was some crazy battle, right Ca– Carran..?” he started to blabber and only then noticed how bereft the Guardian looked like. “Hey, what’s going on? We won, right? The birdo is there and unless it’s taking a nap I’d say we got it real good!”

“But… You were dead. I saw you die. The Roc stepped on you and when I found you again you weren’t moving at all…” the still dumbfounded dragon answered. It made Marus ruffle his crest in amazement, as that was about as many words as he’d heard the female usually let out in a day!

“Oh! Yeah I think I went out for a while, but I definitely didn’t die! A few of my ribs are likely broken and my tail feels really weird, but no no, I’m not any more dead than you are. Maybe even less with those wounds of yours”, he shot back and even attempted to laugh a little, but it seemed to be - understandably - really painful for him. “Hey, let’s go grab a few potions so we’ll get in good enough shape to find us a proper healer. There’s no way my spells are gonna patch us up this time.”

Getting something concrete to do finally pulled Carran out of her stupor. Quietly she lifted Marus to his back and started to limp away from the bloody field. Maybe when they had rested a bit she’d come back to collect some sort of trophy from the carcass, a few feathers and possibly some bones, but now she just needed to get the Fae to safety. It was all she really cared for, all she felt like she would ever want.

Suddenly the Guardian stopped to her tracks.

“I have… Found my charge”, she mumbled, which made the resting Fae perk up as fast as his aching body would let him.

“What?! What is it? Where is it? There’s nothing here except for the dead bird”, Marus excitedly inquired. But Carran just continued walking while smiling faintly to herself, carrying the ever so talkative Charge on her back.