A Study of Hummus

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Chapter 1
Published 1 year, 10 months ago

It's slice of life trying-to-be-harder sci fi, ok?

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Author's Notes

Originally posted at https://www.deviantart.com/anonymous-69/art/What-s-a-Good-Pun-For-Carbon-Copy-739710620 by the dude. A Commission.

What's a Good Pun For 'Carbon Copy?'


Alice groaned as her 3-ton  eyelids slowly forced themselves open despite the immense force pushing  down on them, trying to get her to go back to sleep. This was worse than  any hangover she had ever felt before, even during her illustrious  adventures back at college, where she gained legendary notoriety for  draining 20 shots in one hour. She could feel nothing below her  neckline, as if the rest of her body was simply just a pile of melted  goop on the floor, limp and formless in nature.

As her eyes slowly  crept their way open, her vision was heavily blurred, leading her  natural instincts to believe that someone dared her to beat her college  record the night before, without having any water nearby. Basic  “instinctive” thoughts began creeping through her head, as her body  naturally does when these sensations arise; “did I sleep with anyone  last night?” “Am I on the floor?” “Did I manage to make it to a bed?”

She  eventually started coming to her senses and focused, trying to rally  herself to get up and at least make it out of her bed. Although her eyes  could now see straight and she felt more “awake”, but she noticed  something was wrong when her vision still appeared blurry. She squinted  her eyes in dozens of ways, trying to get just the right level of focus,  but still nothing. There was clearly some kind of unnatural light in  whatever room she was in, and she could vaguely make out what appeared  to be large blue and white “blob-shaped” looking things.

“She’s waking up” A muffled voice sounded from behind what appeared to be a window of some kind.

She  tried to move her hands to press up against the glass in front of her,  but quickly found that she couldn’t; it felt like they were “asleep”,  almost entirely limp and immovable, yet still heavy. She was starting to  realize that something felt “wrong” about this whole situation, but she  couldn’t quite put her finger on it. She was becoming more aware of her  surroundings at this point, and realized it was feeling a bit cramped  in whatever place she was currently sitting in. She tried stretching out  her legs a bit, but they had the same effect as her arms, almost  entirely limp and basically immovable. She poked her eyes around, trying  to get a better idea of her surroundings. That same effect the  translucent wall had on the blue and white “blob” looking people was  indeed not just in one place, but all around her. As she looked upwards,  she could see the glass of this “window” extend all the way up about 6  feet above her, and stop at the ceiling, but the glass appeared to be  shaped in a giant cylinder, circling around Alice in a 2-foot diameter.

“Wait,” Alice thought.

She  tried to feel the floor beneath her, and managed to feel the same slick  consistent glass texture around the entire bottom half of her body. She  could feel a surprising amount of surface area around her, much greater  than she would if she were to just touch it with her fingers or toes.

“Release the pressure lock.” The muffled voice came through again.

The  glass walls suddenly lifted upwards, and Alice felt her entire body go  limp, as she fell forwards, tumbling down a small black staircase, and  then onto the ground. She felt as though she was moving too fast to see  what was happening, but she clearly heard something disturbing, as every  time she flopped down the staircase, there was an audible “squish”  noise.

Alice looked up from the floor to see something  looking down at her, probably at least 5 feet above her head, and got an  answer to what those blue and white “blobs” were that she saw before.  Adorned in a long white frock was a very feminine-looking creature, but  appeared to be *entirely* a consistent blue color, every inch of her  body was the same exact color, with minor variations in her body’s  texture near where her joints where. It looked like she was made  entirely out of soft squishy jell-o, compressed into the shape of a  humanoid woman.

“Get the mirror” The mysterious woman ordered to someone out-of-sight.

In a few seconds, a similarly colored woman rolled over a full-body length mirror, and the first blue woman pointed it at Alice.

“You should appreciate this large favor we’ve done for you.” She said.

The  image in the mirror was not that of 21-year old Alice Jenkins, 5’8”  brunette sorority girl at Springfield State College, but something  entirely different. The face that stared back at Alice wasn’t really a  face at all, but merely a large pink blob with no discernable features.

“OH MY GOD!” Alice said, not entirely sure where the noises from her mouth were coming from now.

“Welcome  to our society, Alice. You are one of us now. Do not worry, your human  body is unharmed, and back on Earth. We made a carbon copy of your mind  and implanted it into your new body, like a “photograph”, as you humans  like to call it. Y-you know, because you’re a carbon copy, and it’s  organic chemistry? No? Ah, forget it.”

(“Stupid humans,” she thought to herself)

A  million different thoughts were racing through Alice’s head at that  moment. “What’s going on? Who are these aliens? What’s my human body  doing?”

“We think you will enjoy it here with us; you were chosen as a prime specimen for this recruitment, you know.”

Alice stopped crying and perked up a little.

“R-really?” She asked

(the  alien then went on to explain a list of criteria that he just made up,  in order for Alice to feel as though she was important, and calm her  down.)

“Okay, maybe I’ll give this a try.” Alice said optimistically.

The  scientist scooped up Alice’s body into a bucket, and brought her over  to a bizarre contraption on the other end of the room, similar to a  medical operation table, but riddled with all sorts of strange alien  tools. This was a little more spikes than Alice was mentally prepared  for, located on two large “blocks” suspended around the sides of the  hospital room from hell. The bucket of Alice was dumped onto the table,  still mostly in a circular blob form. As Alice was about to ask what was  going on, the machine began whirring and churning, as two black metal  irons slammed together against Alice with incredible force, pancaking  most of her body into a paper-thin layer of goo, and the excess spraying  out the sides. By the time they made it back, she was reveling in  ecstasy, feeling the human equivalent of a satisfying “back-crack” all  across her body, with a steamy hot press, warming up her entire body’s  temperature and even getting her a little hot and bothered. Alice  realized that part of her newfound whole-body awareness was that she  could feel and move every part of her, even if it gets separated. She  concentrated, slowly moving the smaller excess blobs slowly towards  herself. The first two metal plates started to move back towards her, as  well as a new set coming from her front and back sides. The 4 panels  slowly moved together simultaneously, putting the pressure of industrial  hydraulic plates against her new body and forming it into a small cube  containing all of her mass, not unlike Wall-E. Now, the spike blocks  began moving, crushing Alice’s warm goop between walls of spikes akin to  an Indiana Jones movie, tenderizing her form and making it miraculously  feel even softer than it did before.

More and more of  these various tests went on, squishing, poking, pulling, stretching,  rolling, and flattening Alice’s new malleable body, until the scientist  decided she was finished.

“Your preparation cycle is complete.” The blue jell-o woman stated.

Alice  rolled herself off the operating table and onto the floor. She closed  her eyes and concentrated, focusing her energy inwards, drown out the  outside world, and feel and experience her new body. She focused her  mental energy on making her natural human form again; where she could  most strongly locate where her “head” was separated itself from the rest  of the blob, connected by a thin section of the pink goop. Extensions  of the slime began protruding from the sides, making up her arms and  legs, and then she got to work on shaping the rest of her body.

One  of the benefits she quickly noticed was the ability to shift and sway  her body parts around, pulling all of the extra “fat” from her stomach  and displacing it into her chest to form a set of massive goopy tits.  Regardless of the fact that she was now mono-colored, Alice couldn’t  help but feel so vain and pretty re-shaping her body at will like a  slushy shapeshifter. It got to a point where she almost forgot about it,  in fact, because she became so enamored with it, it was barely on her  mind anymore.

No, the aliens didn’t brain-wash her or  anything like that, this was a perfectly natural emotion that Alice  developed on her own. It felt like a raw, instinctive desire to her; she  was flooded with primal pleasure even just touching herself, not even  in the “right” parts, just because touching this substance truly felt  “right” to her, like discovering a new emotion you didn’t know you had.

Alice  quickly got the hang of it, being able to move and control the various  parts of her sloppy pink gooey body at her whim when she concentrated  hard enough. It felt like her entire body was just made up of fingers,  being able to delicately touch and feel anything that made contact with  Alice’s mass of blob flesh. She shaped herself into a gorgeously shapely  feminine body, toned legs, (literally) juicy ass, and a heavy chest.

“They never get tired of finding out they can grow their boobs, do they?” She overheard one of the assistants in the background.

Her  long brunette hair made a comeback as a different shade, as it was now  made of pink slime, but clearly styled the same way to anyone that knew  her on Earth would know. Every inch of her new body was teeming with raw  nervous sensations, literally dripping with a sloppy, goopy, pink pile  of slime. She meant to try and stretch her new body out, in the same way  a normal human would after waking up, and inadvertently stretched a  little *too far*, causing both of her arms to fly upwards over her head  about 5 feet longer than usual.

Alice was getting more  and more comfortable with her new body, and finally settled down with  her excitement, ready to move on to more serious discussions.

“So why am I pink?” Alice asked.

“Well,  based on our research of human society, our thought process was that  pink is the color that Caucasian people like yourself would look like…  if they were to go through a blender.”


The  assistant approached her, holding what appeared to be a  futuristic-looking water hose, coated in a sleek black outer-layer and a  steel gray nozzle.

“You’ll need this.” The assistant  said. He took the nozzle and jammed it into Alice’s mouth, until it  looked like it was a pineapple in a pink-colored translucent fruitcake.  He squeezed the nozzle, flowing gallons and gallons of water straight  into Alice’s body, quickly making her features fill out more and more,  from her liquid-y legs to her beautiful body, and growing in both height  and width. The water kept flowing until Alice was approximately 6 feet  tall, standing proudly as a see-through pink jell-o woman, and felt  incredible, as if she was a living battery that had just been charged  for the first time in years.

“Alice, we have just one more test for you, to confirm with us that you have mastered your new form” The woman said.

“Okay, what is it?” Alice replied.

The  blue goopy scientist pointed her finger towards the corner of the room,  where a small 3 x 3 ventilation shaft appeared at the base of the  floor.

“Once you can melt your form down into liquid,  slide through the other side of the grate, and then re-form yourself,  you will have learned all of the basics of operating your new body.”

With  a firm nod, Alice walked over to the wall and pondered, trying to  figure out how exactly to make this work. Seeing as how her mind  controlled most of her body movements, she simply closed her eyes and  concentrated, letting go of all the tension in her body, letting herself  go completely limp. She fell flat on the floor, once more in the shape  of a big pink formless blob. She rolled herself over to the vent, and  simply pushed. She forced her head against the grate, but it only felt  painful.

“Relax yourself, and try again.” She said.

Alice  took a deep breath, simply “turning her brain off” and pushing  forwards, and the rest of her body followed, as the squishy pink goop  squeezed through all of the tight little cracks in the ventilation grate  and out the other side, squirming and splatting herself all the way  through. Finally, once she felt every part of her blob had made it and  was still attached, she concentrated deeply once more, in the same way  as before, growing and re-shaping her body to her new form on the other  side of the grate.

“I think I’m going to like this.” Alice said.