Sweet Proposal

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Arriving at Eureka’s home, Sai darted his eyes around, searching for her presence. She was in her workshop, working hard as usual. He reached out and hugged her from behind, if this had just been a normal visit, he wouldn’t have done that, but he needed her attention as of now. She was a bit caught off guard, but realizing that it was him, she turned around smiling. “You’re back!” Her face was beaming with light, and somehow Sai found it even more endearing than it is already. “Is something the matter?” She got worried not hearing a respond from him. Sai shook his head “Haha it’s nothing, love. It’s just… I have something to tell you, it’s quite important. And… I hate to interrupt your work like this but, would you like to go for a walk?” “Oh, sure!” She hadn’t known what to expect, but it’s not everyday that Sai appeared this urgent. After securing the doors to her home, they took off for a stroll.

The first few moments were spent in awkward silence. Sai only stared off into thin air, only uttering a few words here and there, talking about the weather and how pretty everything looked, to which Eureka nodded in agreement. She was getting more nervous by the minute, she had considered saying something, but Sai’s hand suddenly took hold of her. ”Sai…?” Her eyes were wide open. “Eureka, I don’t want to keep any secrets away from you.” He said in a stern yet calm tone, grasping her hand in his. “The truth is, before you, I had a partner whom I loved very much.” He paused and closed his eyes, as if readying himself. “Unfortunately, life hadn’t been so merciful on her. Just after our marriage, an illness hit her, soon enough she couldn’t see anymore and passed away. It’s been awhile now since her death, I never thought I would find someone again so soon, and yet there you were that day, captivating since I first laid my eyes on you. Eureka, I just want you to know that, despite everything that’s happened to me, I would never think of you as a replacement for what I have lost. There will only be one Eureka that I love with my whole heart.” Eureka’s face went red after he’d finished talking. She didn’t know what or how to reply to all that, she was too flustered to anyhow. But he wasn’t done there, seeing her reaction, he gently smiled and continued. “Do you know why I’m telling you all this, Eureka?” She shook her head. “I have been thinking hard about this…”, he reached in his pockets and took out a small wooden box, “But I realized that I can’t live in the past forever, my late wife, she would have told me the same haha. And I think this was what she wanted for me in the end.” He opened the box, revealing a ring inside. “You know where I’m going with this by now, don’t you?”

He knelt down and looked up to her with sincerity in his eyes. “Eureka dear, the time I’ve spent with you was the most alive I’ve ever been. I would always sit in the emptiness of my home, imagining my life together with you and today, I’d like to make that a reality. Eureka, will you marry me?”