Racconti di Volpe

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Explicit Sexual Content

Short stories set in the world of "Ragazza Volpe Magica ~A Fox by any other name isn't as rhythmical~"

These are more character focused and happen during downtimes during the story.

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Volpe colti in flagrante

Blakki was a fox-girl with very little to her name except the clothes on her back. She had no memories, no home, no real identity. Shouri, her maestro, gave her a home and a purpose. He helped her find her powers, fed her, and kept her company.

Most of all though, he let her use his cell phone so she could learn about the world that she awoke in.

It had become routine for the pair: they’d wake up mid-morning, well after the sun came up, but before noon-time rolled around. They’d share some kind of breakfast, whether it was cereal or leftovers depended on what was in the fridge. Finally, they’d take their respective positions in Shouri’s room: Shouri at his desk, on his computer; Blakki on her maestro’s bed, using his cell-phone.

The male would browse various websites, usually news sites before eventually settling on reading whatever came up. Blakki at first would look up whatever she was curious about. She had a difficult time comprehending some of the trickier subjects that Shouri liked to consume, but the simple stuff was fun in itself. However, it wouldn't be long before she grew tired of learning and wanted something more entertaining. That’s when she found something that felt a bit familiar to her: fiction.

The young vixen surmised that in her past life she enjoyed reading fiction since she had almost a nostalgic feeling of reading all manner of stories. There were a few short stories that she read that really excited her. She seemed to enjoy character driven stories the most. However, she began to get a bit frustrated. The short stories were fun, but she wanted more. As soon as they started, they were over.

That’s when she found it: “Romancing the Crimson Scourge”

“Brand Allura Veronica's life was a simple one, frittering away as the captive of a treacherous saloon owner, serving lecherous customers while forced to wear a particularly revealing maid outfit, possibly for the rest of her life...

At least until he appeared, and in a flash, she'd been whisked away by a savage gang of space pirates. Though she feared the worst, her freedom was promptly restored by their leader, the intimidating but honorable Captain Dorian Dumeril a.k.a. "The Crimson Scourge", who agrees to mentor the young maid and accept her into the ranks of his crew.

Finding herself eternally thankful for the opportunities she'd been granted by the gentle (and handsome) Captain, the awkward fox begins her training in earnest, and as her skills and confidence grow, so too does her admiration for him blossom into affection... and then something greater. An adventure filled with thrills, excitement, tragedy, and of course, romance awaits, and only time will tell if the kind but inscrutable dragon's tenderness is a sign of something deeper, and whether the anxious Veronica will be able to confess her newfound feelings, tame the dragon, and romance the Crimson Scourge.”

It sounded like something right up her alley. What’s more, there were a bunch of BOOKS in the saga; tons of adventures for her to read about and get lost in to pass the time. She looked around online a bit, trying to find out how to read this wonderful sounding story. Her tail swished back and forth quickly as her brows descended into a frustrated glare. It seemed there were only physical versions of this series. Given how many books there were in this series that would rapidly get very expensive. Shouri and Aura weren’t in the best situation financially, so asking them to put out possibly hundreds of dollars in books just wasn’t something she was willing to do.

That’s when she found it in an obscure internet forum:

“I scanned the entire “Romancing the Crimson Scourge” and put it up for download. Enjoy!”

Sure enough, scrolling down revealed several links. She tapped the first one despite Shouri’s warnings about clicking strange links. After the download finished, she tapped the completed download message to open the file. Her expression brightened instantly. It was the book!

She laid on her stomach, tail swishing side to side, kicking her feet up and down as she started reading her newly downloaded epic. The young vixen was even more drawn into the story upon finding out that the main heroine was also a fox-girl. The more she read the more similarities she drew to the main character “Veronica”. Except Veronica had the luxury of her memories. Though a bit more reading forced Blakki to swap the word luxury with curse. She paused her reading for a moment. What if she had been branded as some kind of failure like Veronica was? But instead of ejecting her out into space, they threw her to another world with no memories.

The girl shuddered; Blakki could only hope that her own home-world was more welcoming to her than Veronica’s was.

With the exposition out of the way the story really got going. There was this pirate crew, that showed up and whisked Veronica away, saving her from her life of indentured servitude. Blakki spent the whole day reading the first book, which had a couple of adventures with Veronica and the Crimson Scourge crew.

Day quickly passed to night as the young vixen lost herself in the world presented before her on the (virtual) pages. Blakki’s eyes hurt from the uninterrupted reading on a bright phone screen. The girl rolled onto her back and sighed wistfully, stretching out.

“You seem happy.” Shouri noted.
“I just found a good story to read.” Blakki told him, her eyes closed.
“That’s good.”
“My eyes hurt though.”
“Let me get you some aspirin and you can take a break from the phone.”
“Thanks Sho.”

The next day she downloaded the second book and began reading it immediately. The (mis)adventures of Veronica and the Crimson Scourge crew drew her in. The dynamics between all the crew members made them feel like real people with their own problems and dreams. However, the book took an interesting turn.

It got rather descriptive about a scene between Veronica and the ship’s Capitan, Dorian. A large draconian man who while powerful and intimidating also seemed to have a gentle side that Blakki could appreciate. Blakki’s face turned entirely red at this particular portion of the novel however. It wasn’t a sex scene but it was one step away from it! They didn’t skimp on the descriptions of what was happening either! The girl flattened the phone on the bed and covered her face in embarrassment of what she was reading.

“You alright Blakki?” Shouri had noticed the girl’s sudden, strange reactions.
“Bene! Bene Sho!” She shouted, muffled by the bed.

He shrugged and returned to whatever he was doing on his computer. Blakki slowly lifted her face from the bed and moved the phone up with her finger. She caught how the scene continued to escalate and allowed the phone to drop, too flustered to continue. She laid there thinking about the scene in question. It made her kind of warm? Maybe hot was a better word to use? With a hesitant gulp, the young vixen picked up the phone again and continued reading.

Every time Shouri moved now Blakki flinched. It felt so wrong just reading this here. But she wanted to keep reading it. Curiosity was getting the better of her. That’s when she hatched a plan.

“I’m gonna go take a bath Sho.” The fox-girl hopped off the bed and rushed out of the room and into the bathroom without giving him a chance to respond. She giggled to herself at the genius of her plan. This way she could indulge in the fantasies she was reading about without the judgmental stares of her maestro.

She sat on the toilet and resumed where she left off, her face immediately becoming warm at the ever escalating situation her beloved characters found themselves in.


“EEIYAH!” Blakki screeched, throwing the phone into the air. The device clattered to the ground. The startled vixen looked to the door. “S-si? C-cosa c'è?”

“What are you doing? I needed to grab something from in there.” Aura’s voice came from the other side of the door.

“T-taking a bath.” She replied hesitantly.
“Oh, I didn’t hear any water, so I wasn’t sure.”
“A-ah… I was uh…” She quickly looked around. She caught sight of the brush. “Brushing my tail! Just wanted to make sure it didn’t get any knots!”
“I see. Make sure you clean out the drain catch when you get out then.”

Blakki sighed in relief. That worked, for now. She picked up the callously tossed phone. There was a bit of dirt on it, but it was okay. After a light dusting, she sat back on her porcelain throne and resumed reading. Things were getting really hot and heavy now, she wondered if the captain and his vixen crew member would go all the way. Just as she scrolled to the next page-


“EIGYAHH?!” Once more the black-haired vixen threw the phone up in fright. This time however, the device hit the counter before returning to the ground.

“Hey Blakki, you got my phone in there? I need to check something.” Now it was Shouri who stood outside the bathroom door.

The vixen didn’t respond, her face was completely pale, eyes wide. A lovely crack now decorated the once flawless phone screen. The girl trembled in fright, recalling how Shouri once proudly boasted how well he took care of his electronics and couldn’t understand how other people could live with cracked phone screens.

“Blakki?” He asked, not hearing any reply after her initial scream.

“I don’t have it!” She blurted out. Immediately she regretted saying that, as she never wanted to lie to Shouri, not after everything he did for her.

“Oh okay, maybe it’s on the bed still.”
“W-wait!” Blakki yelped.
“What is it?” He asked.

The girl’s bottom lip trembled as she picked up the sad, damaged device. It seemed to work; however, the screen was irreversibly altered by its many collisions. “I-I have it… in here.” She shakily admitted. “Oh, can you slide it under the door?”

“H-hang on a second…” She whimpered. Dragging her finger across the screen she accidentally dismissed her book, however that wasn’t the pressing concern. Tears began to well up as she stared at the extent of the damage. There was a definite point of impact where the screen had met the corner of the counter; ravines that stretched the length of the glass expanded out from the epicenter.

“Blakki?” He asked.

The girl threw open the door. Shouri’s expression immediately turned to concern as his dear resonator was crying her eyes out. “I-I’m so sorry Sho…” She whimpered pathetically, shakily holding out the damaged device for the boy.

He took the device and looked it over. “Hmmm.” She lowered her head and closed her eyes, pushing the built-up tears down her cheeks as he attempted to use the screen. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry…” She repeated, not wanting to look at him.

She felt his hand on her head; he gently stroked her hair. “No worries. These things happen.” He said gently. Hesitantly, she opened her eyes. He wasn’t mad, upset, or even disappointed. He just smiled warmly at her. “We pay extra for insurance on these things. Got the good coverage. They’ll just replace the screen for no extra charge.” He told her.

“So… it’ll be okay?” She squeaked.
“It’ll be fine.” He chuckled.

The resonator smiled through her tears. “Thank goodness.”

“Take your bath, I’m sure you could use a bit of relaxation.” Shouri advised, turning to walk back to his room.
“You’re right, that sounds good.” Blakki sniffled, wiping the tears away with her arm.

The maestro stopped suddenly. He looked back at her over his shoulder. “Oh. Blakki?”
“Yeah Sho?”
“Just so you know, I can see your browsing history.” He told her, waving the phone at her.

Blakki was never the same again. 

Author's Notes

"Romancing the Crimson Scourge" is an AU between PuppyToast and PHB 's characters.