Racconti di Volpe

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Explicit Sexual Content

Short stories set in the world of "Ragazza Volpe Magica ~A Fox by any other name isn't as rhythmical~"

These are more character focused and happen during downtimes during the story.

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Author's Notes

Here's a little piece I wrote in celebration of Blakki's birthday.


July 16th, 2020CE

Tired, blue eyes fluttered open. Blakki would tremble. It was cold. Where was her warm boyfriend?

Her black fox ears twitched as the door to their bedroom squeaked open. Shouri stood at the door, covered in a good layer of sweat. Naturally this drew the vixen’s curiosity. “Where did you go Sho?” She immediately questioned.

“The usual place.” He muttered, averting his gaze. Blakki knew full well what he meant by that and opted to say nothing further on the matter. “Bagno.” She grumbled. Slipping out of bed, she rushed by her maestro to deal with her morning routine.

One answering of nature later, Blakki was ready to tackle the day. “What are we going to do today Sho?” She asked, sitting down at the table for breakfast.

Shouri set a plate in front of her, stacked with pancakes which in turn were topped with homemade whipped cream and a generous helping of macerated strawberries. Instantly the girl’s eyes sparkled as she squealed in joy at the sweets set in front of her.

The chef smiled as he watched his girlfriend heartily consume the breakfast treat before her.

“So, what do you want to do today?” He reflected her question back at her.
“Hm?” Blakki tilted her head. “Well, I thought we were gonna go to Sonia’s then maybe play at the park for a bit and then get some stuff for dinner.”

Shouri shook his head. “No, that’s what we do every day. What would you like to do today? We can go anywhere you want.”

The resonator thought about that for a moment. Outside of their occasional trips to obtain the orchestra of heaven instruments, their lives were pretty set in stone; they had a routine and they stuck with it almost unflinchingly. Maybe Shouri was bored with just doing the usual? It was the only thing she could really think of.

Either way, Shouri was staring at her expectingly. “Ah… uhh…” What did she want to do? Spending time with Shouri really was her idea of a good time. Even just sitting around not doing much of anything made her happy. She continued to ponder that idea – Shouri never wanted to do anything (his weakness was willpower after all). So, if he was asking her what they should occupy their time with he was probably expecting some kind of actual answer from her.

“Maybe we could go to a bookstore?” She offered. Shouri hummed in thought, tilting his head back and forth while he mused it over himself. “Yeah, I think I know where one is.”


Blakki took in the scent of the bookstore they just entered. It was an old, musty scent, but oddly it gave her a warm, almost nostalgic feeling. With a little sigh of pleasure, she began to take in the visual stimuli of her new surroundings. Hundreds upon thousands of books lined many rows of shelves. Everything from Mystery, to Sci-fi, to of course, Romance. Naturally there was a lot of non-fiction as well (though she’d stay away from that section of the store)

She fluttered over to the romance section without a care in the world. Scanning the shelves, she found the paperback versions of her particular favorite series “Romancing the Crimson Scourge”. There were a ton of volumes. She had already read nearly all of them, but actually holding them was another experience altogether. Blakki would pick up one of the volumes and flip to one of her favorite chapters, quietly giggling to herself at the scenes unfolding on the pages.

Looking up and down the aisle though, there were a ton of different books by a huge number of authors. Shelving the book she held, she would take her time and start reading a menagerie of different titles. Just skimming the first few pages to see if they would catch her interest.

Some time passed, with the vixen only becoming aware of it when Shouri showed up again. “Having fun?” He asked. Blakki looked up from the book she was currently “sampling” with about three under her arm. “Eheh…” She laughed nervously. He caught sight of the books she was holding onto. “You want those?” He asked. “Ah, they were interesting so I-“


She blinked. “Okay?” She questioned. “I’ll buy those for you.” He said. “Non! I mean… I can probably find them online and-”

“I’m sure it would be nice to actually hold a physical book instead of straining your eyes with a phone screen. They’re not that expensive here anyways.” He told her, patting her head. “O-okay Sho.” She wouldn’t argue further, as holding an actual book just felt right to her.

Exiting the store with their newly paid for acquisitions, Shouri once again deferred to his foxy companion for their next destination. “Where do you want to go next?”

The girl furrowed her brow. “Erm…” She didn’t really know where they could go. The bookstore was kind of her only idea. “Maybe we could go to the park.” She offered.

Shouri frowned, humming in thought once more. “Maybe.” He shrugged. They began their trek in the direction of the park in question. Blakki looked around in curiosity. The part of town they ended up in was removed from their normal stomping grounds, so everything was new and interesting to her. The most new and interesting thing was a brightly colored shop with loud music playing from it and flashing lights. “Sho.” She grabbed her partner’s jacket and tugged on it as they walked by. “What’s that?” She asked, pointing across the street.

The pair came to a stop. “Ah, that’s the old skating rink. Surprised they’re still in business to be honest.” He commented.

“Skating rink?” Blakki tilted her head. She was confused. “It’s probably just easier if I show you, come on.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her across the street into the strange building. Given it was a Thursday afternoon there shouldn’t have been too many people around; however, it was the heat of summer so there were plenty of teens and adolescents trying to beat the heat while also skating.

“Oooh, what are they doing?” Blakki asked, rushing over to the plexi-glass that surrounded the rink in question. It was lit up vibrantly with music blaring overhead, with a bunch of people wearing strange, wheeled shoes. A lot of people were slowly rolling about the rink, where there were select few that blazed around the slower patrons. “Wait…” Blakki looked closer.

Among the people speeding around the rink, she caught a pair of her friends: Rebecca, who was wearing a standard set of roller skates and then Colette, who sported a pair of what looked like top of the line roller blades. Even more crazy was the fact that Colette was going as fast as she could, all while reading something on her tuner. She wasn’t paying attention to the people around her at all - or at least that’s how it appeared. She weaved in and out of the groups of people that congested the rink, Rebecca on her tail; all of this while keeping her eyes glued to her screen.

Shouri seemed irritated by their presence, however Rebecca would catch sight of the lunar pair on one of her passes. Exiting the rink Rebecca rolled on over and came to a stop using one of the nearby arcade machines. Colette was far more elegant and blazed over, coming to a stop unaided.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Rebecca asked.

“Don’t what’s up me! I thought you were helping Sonia!” Shouri barked.

“Ah, well… funny story.” Rebecca glanced over and noticed Blakki. “I’ll tell you later – Sonia kicked us out though.” The fire resonator laughed loudly.

The male maestro grunted in annoyance, but decided to let it pass. “You two can skate though?” He questioned.

“I can do something resembling skating. Colette is the master though.” Rebecca pointed out.

“That’s really random.” Shouri chuckled. “Though I guess everyone has to have a hobby I guess.” He shrugged.

Rebecca grabbed Shouri’s shoulders. “No, you don’t understand. It’s UNFAIR how good she is at skating.” Colette rolled her. “It’s not that big a deal.” She shook her head in denial of her apparent skill.

The fire-fox glanced back, shooting her maestro a dirty look before turning her attention back to her friends. “Anyways, why are you guys here?” She asked.

“I’ve never been to one of these before and I was curious.” Blakki piped up. “Oh! You have to try it! Come on!” Rebecca urged Blakki along.

Getting a pair of basic skates, Blakki wobbled with some apprehension. “Che cavolo!” The lunar resonator yelped, trying to keep her balance. With the wheels now affixed to her feet, it felt like her legs wanted to go in opposite directions. Before she fell and busted her head on something hard, she used her telekinesis provided by her class skill to right herself. Rebecca instantly caught that. “That’s fucking cheating.” The fire resonator grumbled.

Colette blazed by again, back on the rink and once again seemingly not paying attention to where she was going. “What about you?” Rebecca asked Shouri. “Nah I’m good. Been here, done that.” He smiled. “Not good at it?” Rebecca chuckled.

“Not at all.” He nodded slowly. Rebecca frowned. “Anyways, let’s go out on the rink.” The fire fox pushed her fellow vixen along.

“It’s okay to bend your knees, don’t stiffen up.”
“Relax, bend those knees!”
“I gotcha, shift your feet wider, keep a good gap.”
“Oop! Don’t let your wheels hit each other!”
“Don’t try to walk with them, move like this.”
“Sweet! You’re doing it! Let yourself roll!”


“Oof… Are you okay Blakki!?”

The lunar resonator rolled off the rink with Colette and Rebecca in tow. Notably, Blakki could at least move around more naturally on her skates now, but was still rubbing her head where she has smashed into the side wall. “La Bella Vita, Pianissimo.” Shouri chuckled as they rolled up. The pain faded from her face. “Grazie Sho.” Blakki rubbed her forehead one final time as the pain faded away thanks to the basic healing spell.

“If you didn’t skate, what did you do when you came here before Sho?” Blakki inquired of her maestro. She figured he had come here with Lina, Amika, and Leofwine previously. She surmised that he most likely stopped when their friend group fell apart.

“That.” He pointed to a cluster of arcade machines that surrounded the rink itself. “Hm?” Blakki eyed the machines in the distance in curiosity. But before she could go to investigate them further, Colette and Rebecca rolled in front of them.

“Hey, we’re gonna get going, you two have fun!” Rebecca told them. “Oh, okay.” Blakki blinked, perplexed by the sudden departure of the other pair.

And with that, their group was back to just herself and Shouri.

Deciding to return the roller skates, they went to investigate the arcade machines. There were many different types. Puzzle games, platformers, claw machines; you name it, it was there. Blakki caught sight of another machine though. It was a well illuminated device with a small “stage” in front of a larger screen. There was currently someone occupying the machine. A girl, probably in her late teens, who almost seemed like she was dancing?

The fox girl wandered over and watched the other girl move. There were arrows moving up on the screen, as Blakki listened closer, she could hear the beat of the song within the steps the girl was making on the machine.

The song came to a stop and the girl wiped some sweat from her brow. She noticed the fox girl staring. “You wanna try?” She asked.

“Uh… Non lo so. I’m not sure what this is.” Blakki admitted sheepishly.

“It’s a rhythm game. The arrows come up on the screen and you press the buttons with your feet.” The teen motioned to the “stage”, which on further inspection did have arrows that matched the ones that had been previously shown on the display.

“Can I Sho?” Blakki asked her maestro. He stared back incredulously. “Why are you asking me?” He chuckled.

With a hesitant gulp, Blakki got on the stage. The girl who had been previously playing even went ahead and paid for this session and picked out a nice easy song.

It was dull in comparison to what Blakki had seen only minutes ago. The notes crawled up the screen so slowly. Tapping the right button in time was almost effortless. Shouri even noticed how bored Blakki seemed. The song ended with a perfect score.

“You sure you haven’t done this before?” The teen asked. “It seems simple. Is there something a bit faster?” The resonator asked.

“Sure. Try this one.”

The second song of the set was a bit faster. Blakki actually had to try a little. But again, there was this air of frustration. Not because of the difficulty, but the lack thereof.

Another perfect score.

“What was the one you were doing before?” Blakki asked.

“Oho?” The girl’s eyes lit up as she went to a second of songs colored red. “You sure?” She asked with a chuckle. “Yeah, those other two were boring.” Blakki stated adamantly.

“Okaaaay, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

With the song selected, the music began to play. Blakki was caught off guard by how fast and sudden the notes came at her. She missed the first chunk and stumbled over herself trying to catch up with the song. But it was odd, the rush she got was almost like when she was fighting – and within a couple of seconds she had regained her bearings and began to hit all the notes again. “Not even using the bar, what the heck?” The teen gasped, noting the fox girl’s movements.

A small crowd watched the fox girl as she focused entirely on the screen, keeping perfect pace with the notes as they assaulted her. Finally with the song’s conclusion, she would turn on the ball of her foot to face Shouri, breathing slightly harder. “Come è stato, Sho?” She smiled at her maestro. He couldn’t help but smile back. “You were cool.” He replied.


With all the fun they had in the arcade, afternoon waned into evening. “We should probably get going.” Shouri told his dear companion. “Ah, okay.” Blakki wilted a bit, putting down the electronic gun from one of the shooting games they had just completed. “We can come back here again if you want.” The girl perked up. “Yeah!”

The walk home was quiet, but only because Blakki was a bit on the tired side. She smiled as she held up her bag containing the books Shouri had bought for her earlier in the day. It had been such a wonderful day; she couldn’t think of time where she had enjoyed herself so thoroughly. As they approached the apartment, she remembered something: “Wait Sho! We forgot to get stuff for dinner!” The girl exclaimed. “Oh? Did we?” He asked aloud. “Well dang. I guess we did.” He frowned. “Let’s put our stuff down and then we can go back out and get something.” He told her. She nodded in agreement with that course of action.

The duo went up the stairs and entered the apartment. It was dark inside, but that wasn’t unusual. However, when the lights were flicked on:

“Surprise! Happy birthday Blakki!”

The bag of books fell from her hands. “Che-?” She squeaked out. Aura, Sonia, Vinci, Colette, Rebecca and even Cheryth and Haruki were all there clapping. “I ran into that fucking asshole time sage again and wrang out your birthday from him.” Shouri told his resonator. “So, I figured a surprise party wouldn’t hurt.” He chuckled. “Happy twentieth birthday Blakki.” He smiled, though it would fade.

Thick streams of tears poured down the birthday girl’s face as she stared at everything in shock. There was a huge cake, and several boxes wrapped up in decorative paper. “I… I…” She didn’t know what to say. She knew what surprise birthday parties were conceptually. But there was this dark feeling in the very depths of her being that told her she would never be the one standing in this spot. In a spot where a room full of people were celebrating her birth of all things. Surrounded by a group of individuals who all cherished her presence in their lives. “Thank you all so much!” She cried out falling to her knees and crying loudly.

Needless to say, this would be a day Blakki would never forget.