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Explicit Sexual Content

Short stories set in the world of "Ragazza Volpe Magica ~A Fox by any other name isn't as rhythmical~"

These are more character focused and happen during downtimes during the story.

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Author's Notes

Happy Valentines day! 

This one takes place sometime during the third arc

Sono Pazza per Lei

“A date?” Shouri Tomoshibi questioned.

“Yeah! Haven’t you taken her out somewhere fancy? I mean you and Blakki are dating now, right?” Aura inquired of her younger brother.

It was another Tuesday in the sleepy northern California town that Aura and Shouri called home. The pair of siblings was on their way back from the local grocery store.

“I mean is that really necessary?”


Shouri whipped forward, being nearly choked as the safety mechanisms of the seat belt engaged; a direct result of Aura slamming her foot on the brake, bringing the previously 60mph vehicle to a dead stop in only a couple of seconds

“JESUS FINE! Trying to fucking kill me over a stupid dinner…”

Aura stopped impeding the flow of traffic. “I swear with how smart you should be, you sure are an idiot.” The car ride continued in silence for a couple of minutes. “And you better take her somewhere NICE.” The elder sister growled. “Fine!” The brother folded his arms across his chest in a huff, glaring at the road ahead of him. “And you’re not going dressed like that.”

“What the fuck?! Why not?!”
“A date should be SPECIAL; going to a fast-food place in your PJs is not a date, it’s trashy.”
“God, why do you care so much?!”
“That girl has been keeping your dumb ass alive for months now, you need to show her some RESPECT.”


Once the groceries were safely in the apartment and put away Shouri attempted an escape to the safety of his bedroom. “And WHERE do you think you’re going?” Aura’s voice caused the boy to jump and stop where he was. He slowly looked back at his sister. She pointed at Blakki, who was innocently watching TV on the couch, oblivious to the sibling’s machinations.

Shouri glared at his sister who kept mouthing “Go!” and pointing him towards the living room. He finally realized he wasn’t getting out of this and stood next to the couch. Blakki was watching some kind of monster battling anime or something. “Whatcha watchin’?” He asked.

“I don’t know. It just kind of came on and I wanted to see where it was going.” She replied.
“Is it any good?”
“I’m not invested.” She looked over and smiled at her maestro. “What’s up?” She asked.

The boy’s face reddened a bit; he hadn’t ever done this before and was finding it difficult to come up with how he wanted to phrase it. Aura just watched as her brother floundered about, she smacked her face with her hand and quickly pulled out her phone. Shouri felt a buzz in his pocket and pulled out his own phone.

“Just say it you idiot!” Was the text from Aura that greeted him immediately.

Swallowing his pride, he closed his eyes and just went with his gut instinct. “Blakki you wanna go on a date tonight?” After a moment of silence, he hesitantly opened his eyes.

Blakki stared up at him - her eyes wide and practically sparkling, mouth slightly agape, ears straight up at attention. “D-dici sul serio, Sho?” She asked, her voice full of wonder. His own jaw caught slack; his girlfriend was simply too precious for words.


Poking around the corner, Shouri and Blakki watched Aura let in a small army of people. Specifically, Colette; Rebecca; Sonia; Vinci; and the strangest addition to the group: the family pilot and chauffer, Miles.

“Why are all of them here?” Shouri glared at his sister.

Aura chuckled to herself, as if the answer should have been obvious. “I can’t trust either of you to dress yourselves properly.” The elder sibling turned to her personal army. “Miles and Vinci, you take Shouri somewhere to get fitted for a suit. Sonia, Colette, and Rebecca, you get Blakki.” Blakki and Shouri were quickly apprehended by their respective groups.

“Let go of me Vinci!”

Blakki surrendered quickly, while Shouri struggled against his captors. He glared at his sister. “How did you plan this so quickly?!” The younger brother barked at her as he was being dragged out of the house. “I have a cell phone dummy.” She chuckled.

“Stop texting and speeding!” Was the last thing Shouri barked out before the door closed behind them. Aura shook her head. “Silly kids, shouldn’t have to drag them out kicking and screaming.”


Blakki’s side:

As soon as they were pulled out of the apartment, the pair started to get dragged in opposite directions.


They cried out and reached for each other as they were dragged apart.

“God you two are so fucking dramatic.” Rebecca complained, doing most of the dragging of her fellow resonator. “B-but Sho-!”

“Don’t you want to look sexy for him?” Sonia asked. Blakki ceased her resistancesii. “S-sexy?” She questioned. That wasn’t an adjective she ever thought someone would describe her as.

The trio of girls took their captive back to Renoir’s Apparel, the shop that Sonia owned. Immediately Blakki was put on a small pedestal, Sonia rushing around taking all of her measurements. “So, what are you thinking Sonia?”

“I have a few outfits we can try on her.”
“It’s her first date right? Go simple.”
“It’s her FIRST date. Go big or go home.”

Blakki watched the other three girls debate what she would be wearing. “Sii gentile…” She whimpered fearfully. The first outfit was overly elaborate; a large almost comically large dress more fit for a Victorian era maiden and not a magical fox girl.

“What the heck is this?” Blakki whined attempting (and failing) to move around effectively. Not only were the undergarments restricting, but the outfit as a whole elevated her body temperature and she could already feel the sweat building. What’s more, it made her normally thin profile three times as large and every bit of motion caused her to bump into things, startling the poor girl

“I kinda just wanted to see what a fox girl would look like in that dress.” Sonia admitted watching Blakki flail in distress.
“You can’t even see her tail, that ruins the charm.” Colette added shaking her head in disappointment. This comment earned a raised brow from Rebecca.

“Get it off! I hate this!” The lunar resonator cried out in protest.

The next outfit was a sporty track suit, black in color with blue lines going down the sides.

“What the hell is this?!” Colette barked at the choice of attire.
“She’s ready to flee at a moment’s notice!” Rebecca countered with a toothy grin.
“From WHAT?! She’s going to DINNER not a RAID!”
“Well, if the date goes south, she can use her legs.”
“And what pray tell do you mean by that?!”
“Obviously to RUN!”
“Oh way to fall into the stereotype!”
“Hey! I would run from a bad date too! Don’t bring her element into this!”

The argument continued on like this, both Blakki and Sonia watching, but not listening. Truthfully the tracksuit was very comfy, but she knew that Shouri would give her funny looks if she showed up like that. Also, it wasn’t what she had in mind when she thought “sexy”

Colette grabbed another dress from the rack. “Okay, get out of the way, I got this.”

Blakki emerged from the dressing room wearing a long, form fitting black dress covered in sequins from top to bottom. Her arms sported black opera gloves. Finally, her height was bolstered by tall high heels.

The other worldly pair whistled in agreement. “There we go! I think we have a winner!” Rebecca shouted. Colette nodded in agreement.

Sonia however hummed in thought, stroking her chin.

The lunar fox stared at herself in the mirror. It was flashy. It accentuated her curves. It made her stand out. Would Shouri like it?

Rebecca and Colette’s eagerness over this outfit faded as they took notice of Blakki’s crestfallen expression. The pair quieted down. Sonia walked over and placed a hand on the disheartened resonator. “Let’s try another one.” She smiled; the fox-girl nodded slowly.

Blakki sighed, sitting in the small dressing room Sonia’s shop had. On a hanger attached to the wall was another ridiculous outfit the trio of girls outside had picked out for her. The attention was nice, but it was starting to wear on her. She put her normal clothes back on and exited the dressing room.

The trio was about to shout about the outfit, but tempered themselves when they saw the gloomy fox-girl in her normal attire.

“Thanks for trying to help. Lo apprezzo molto.” She smiled bittersweetly. “Nothing looks good on me.”

“N-nonsense!” Colette shouted.
“Yeah! Just cause something doesn’t feel right doesn’t mean it doesn’t look good!” Rebecca added.

“No, she’s right.” Sonia replied.

The other three looked at the seamstress in shock. “If you feel out of place with the outfit, it’ll show.” Sonia replied. “Blakki hasn’t been happy with anything we’ve given her. The outfits have suffered.” She explained. “I’ve seen lots of people try change into someone they aren’t using clothes. It just doesn’t work.”

Rebecca, Colette, and Blakki stared at Sonia, taking in her sagely fashion advice.

“So if you’re not happy with what we’ve picked. How about you try to find something for yourself? Something that speaks to you?”

Blakki continued to stare, accepting those words. She looked down at herself. Her simple jacket and pants. How could she “dress up” when her current clothes were such a defining part of her identity? The vixen started to walk the store. She wanted to show off, but she wanted to do it on her own terms.

She stopped for a moment, closing her eyes tightly. Why was this important? All she wanted to do was jump up on a table and shout to the whole restaurant that she was Shouri’s partner; no that she was his lover. She wanted to be someone that made others jealous that Shouri had her. A treasure; not some garbage to be discarded. Everything she had seen today wasn’t her though. The fox-girl standing in the mirror wasn’t Blakki. She was some other girl who just accepted the whims of others.

But who even was Blakki? She certainly didn’t know.

Or did she?

The girl slowly opened her eyes. And at that moment she figured it out.

“Is she gonna be okay?” Colette asked.
“This means a lot to her; I can feel it in her rhythm.” Sonia replied.
“Me too, but I didn’t think it was that big of a deal.” Rebecca frowned; a bit embarrassed that she mis-read Blakki’s emotions.

Suddenly the girl they were talking about rushed by with a bundle of clothes in hand.


The dressing room door slammed shut and locked. Sonia could help but giggle. “I think she found it.”


Shouri’s side:

As soon as they were pulled out of the apartment, the pair started to get dragged in opposite directions.


They cried out and reached for each other as they were dragged apart.

“What the hell am I doing?” Miles complained. Vinci was doing most of the hard work in pulling Shouri along, but the pilot still wondered how in the world he got roped into this. Unlike the other group who would undoubtedly be walking, their trio came up to a rather fancy limousine.

“Get in. There’s a couple of places we can go.” Miles told the other two. Seeing how he wasn’t getting out of this, Shouri got into the limo with Vinci behind him.

“Shoulda swapped tuners with Sonia.” Shouri grumbled.
“Why’s that?” Vinci looked over at the present maestro.
“In case something incredibly annoying happens.”
“I doubt anything’s gonna happen. It’s mid-day. Scherzando don’t come out during the day.”
“I have at least two instances I can recall that prove otherwise.”
“I’m sure it’ll be fine.” Vinci laughed nervously.

The luxury vehicle started and they were off. “This thing is really nice.” Vinci noted. He and Shouri were sitting across from each other in big plush white seats with red trimmings, the flooring was red and made of some fancy velvety material the resonator couldn’t place. On one wall there was a monitor mounted with controls for a video player of some kind. Under that was also some kind of stereo system? Opposing the wall of technology was the wall of alcohol; specifically, twin ice buckets crystal glasses and decanters. There was lighting built into the ceiling of the vehicle which all flanked a moon roof, positioned in such a way so one could look at the sky while reclined in the seat.

“A bit over the top if you ask me. Aura must have got Grandpa Marsuru to foot the bill on this.” The maestro huffed, arms folded across his chest.

Vinci didn’t have the best social sense, however even he could see Shouri was upset. “What’s eating you up?” He asked, a slight blue glow in his eyes.

Shouri’s glare deepened, as he tightened his grip around himself. “I don’t like using Grandpa Marsuru’s money.”

“I mean, it seems like he just wants to spoil his grandkid. Then again I never met the guy.” Vinci replied, leaning back to enjoy the comfy seating. “Why is it bothering you so much?”

The maestro gathered his thoughts before he spoke: “Because I didn’t earn this. This date isn’t going to be special because I didn’t work for it. It was just given to me.”

Vinci hummed and nodded. “I see.” He paused for a moment. “What about Blakki?”

“What about her?”
“I dunno; I just get the feeling from what you guys told us about the other world that she wasn’t well off.” Vinci furrowed his brow as he mulled over what he wanted to say next. “If not for you, maybe just play along to give her something nice?”

Shouri remained silent.

“When you asked her to go on a date, what did she say?”

The image was burned into Shouri’s mind of course. Her pure almost child-like wonder, but more than that, he had sensed something else in Blakki when he had asked. Something like joy, no more intense than that. It was as if her soul was crying in sheer happiness. At least that was the feeling he got. Maybe it was a rhythm thing.

At any rate, Blakki wanted this, even subconsciously it seemed. “Fine fine, you convinced me.” Shouri finally spoke back up. At that moment the vehicle stopped in front of probably one of the fanciest clothing stores in town. “And suddenly I’m far less convinced.” He grumbled, realizing the torture he was about to have to go through. Heading inside the trio was immediately assaulted by one of the workers attempting to make his daily quota of sales.

“So how can I help you gentlemen today?”

Both Vinci and Miles pointed at Shouri who looked simply betrayed. He would flip off the other pair as he was dragged away to be suited up.


The torment would continue until the evening time.

The limo would pull up in front of Renoir’s Apparel. “I’ll go see if Blakki is ready and send her out.” Vinci told Shouri.

“Sure sure.” Shouri fidgeted with his own outfit, not enjoying its stuffiness. “You look fine, don’t worry about it.” The dog boy smiled before rushing into the shop.

Shouri decided to get out of the vehicle and stretch his legs.

One of the stops during the day was a trip to the barber to have his hair trimmed up and washed. Nothing too terribly outside the normal “Shouri” styled hair, but it did look much softer and well-groomed than usual.

He wore a black vest with a white button-up dress shirt, black dress pants and a shiny new pair of dress shoes. His tuner was naturally clipped to his belt, that was non-negotiable.

Leaning up against the limo, he’d check his phone messages while waiting for his vixen to join him. Naturally there was a menagerie of texts from Aura telling him what and what not to do. He skimmed the advice, not really committing any of it to memory.

The chime of the door bells alerted Shouri to the exit of a certain figure.

“Buona sera, Sho.”

Shouri just stared.

Blakki was outfitted in a shoulder-less white top with long sleeves and frilling out at the bottom almost like a skirt. She had on a pair of skin tight black pants, modified by Sonia to allow her tail to poke out comfortably. Like Shouri, she had gone to the barber and gotten her hair cleaned and trimmed up, looking much fluffier than normal. It seems her tail wasn’t excluded from the festivities, looking smoother than usual.

Her face would redden more and more as her boyfriend’s eyes scanned her form multiple times, and for good reason. He appreciated how simple but effective her outfit was. He could trace the outline of her curves, which while he knew very well from their private moments, there was a certain allure to her outfit that extenuated her natural beauty.

Shouri wasn’t the only one enjoying the view however, Blakki herself had finally taken notice of her maestro’s outfit. He kept his selections light, but sleek. There was a certain scent coming from him – it smelled good whatever it was. “It’s cologne.” Shouri smirked.

“I could see you sniffing the air.”

And once more Blakki blushed, adverting her gaze. “Ahahaha..!” She laughed loudly in a vain attempt to hide her embarrassment.

“You’re not hiding your tail or ears?” Shouri questioned suddenly, pointing out her foxy-features.

Blakki smirked knowingly. “Of course not. I want everyone to see who I am.” Her eyes glowed a vivid blue. “I’m not going to hide it. I’m your girlfriend and nobody else deserves to be in that spot but me.” Her confident smile was alluring in its own way.

A slow nod and a smile of his own returned his girlfriend’s declaration. “Of course not, amor mio. Let’s make this a night to remember.”