Racconti di Volpe

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Entry 2
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Explicit Sexual Content

Short stories set in the world of "Ragazza Volpe Magica ~A Fox by any other name isn't as rhythmical~"

These are more character focused and happen during downtimes during the story.

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Author's Notes

One morning Shouri and Blakki decide to get frisky, but...

Warning: this does contain sexual content, continue at your own risk


It was another bright spring morning. The birds were singing, the bees were buzzing, and Shouri Tomoshibi was awake. Laying next to him was the magical fox girl who added a layer of complication to his life, Blakki. Despite making his life anything but simple, he did care for his foxy partner. In fact, they were lovers.

She stirred and slowly opened her eyes. “Buongiorno amore mio.” She smiled.

“Good morning to you too my little vixen.” Shouri chuckled, stroking the girl’s hair. She giggled as he pulled her close. Their lips met for a prolonged kiss. The pair pulled away for a moment before slowly moving towards another kiss. They stopped short, foreheads touching. “H-hey Sho… you wanna do that…?” She asked.

“Now? We just woke up.”
“I’m in the mood, and we haven’t yet.”
“Well if you’re up for it…”

He pressed his lips against hers once more, running his hand up the back of her shirt, feeling the bare of her back. He moved his hand down and undid the button on the back of her pants, freeing her tail. Tracing his hand around to the front of her pants he undid the front button and pushed the zipper down.

“I’m kinda nervous Sho…”
“I’ll be gentle.”
“I know…”

Shouri turned Blakki and pinned her to the bed. His hand slowly moved down her stomach, his fingers reaching the edge of her panties, he lifted them up-


The door suddenly opened, startling the two lovers; Shouri dropping next to Blakki and pulling the blanket they were sharing higher in an instant. The shocked duo looked to the now open door. Shouri’s sister, Aura, stood at the open door, tying up her hair for work. “Hey Shouri, I need you two to go to the store and pick up some stuff for dinner.” She said, seemingly oblivious to what she had just walked in on.

“And you had to open the door WHY?” The brother asked, irritated at being disturbed so violently.
“I had to make sure you were awake.” The sister raised an eyebrow.
“You could have just texted me.”
“The last time I did that you ended up in another dimension.”
“J-just get out.”

The woman audibly scoffed before leaving the room. “You could have closed the door!” He barked. “I-it’s okay Sh-sho…” Blakki trembled.

“Are you okay?” He asked his partner.
“That just really spooked me…” She whimpered. Her face was still completely red over being “caught”.

“Just close the door and we’ll pick back up where we left off.” He told her. She nodded and closed the door with her telekinesis. Shouri pinned her to the bed once again. However, the mood was broken, the poor fox-girl looked distracted, her ears twitching every so often. His expression softened. He released her and sat up. “You can still hear her, can’t you?”

She nodded quickly. Shouri sighed. He plopped down next to her. “We’ll wait until she leaves.” He pouted.

“Thank you.” Blakki smiled nervously. The pair sat in relative silence for a little bit.

“H-hey Sho?”
“Have you ever done it before?”
“What? Get groceries? All the time.”

Blakki couldn’t help but laugh at her maestro’s dumb joke and elbowed him. “No silly.” Her face reddened slightly. “I meant have sex.”

The boy grunted, trying to find what he wanted to say. “Yeah.” He said quietly.

“With Lina?”
“Yeah. Sorry.”
“For what?”

He glanced over at his partner. “That you're not my first.” He said simply. “But you’re mine.” She countered. “And… it just means you know what to do.” The girl pulled the blanket up to cover her ever red face. The boy just stared in awe at his unbearably cute girlfriend.

The distinct sound of the front door shutting and the deadbolt clicking into place was the starting gun Shouri was waiting for. He resumed where they had left off, taking a position over Blakki. “Now where were we?” He smirked. Using his foot, he pushed Blakki’s pants down to her knees, he reached back and traced her inner thigh with his finger and-


“Hey Shouri!” The door opened right after that.

“WHO?!” The boy yelped glaring at the intruder. Rebecca stood at the open door. Several objects from around Shouri’s room floated in the air, ready to be launched at the attacker; Blakki’s wide, startled eyes glowing blue.

Rebecca’s ears folded back taken aback by the intense expressions the two bedded individuals were wearing. “Uhh… Aura told us we could hang out… and she said you were awake.” She laughed loudly and nervously.


“Where are we going Sho?” Blakki asked, being dragged down the street by Shouri. “Sonia’s; I know she’s working, so we can use her guest bedroom. I slept like a baby the last time we were there so I know the walls are pretty thick.” He grumbled.

“We can just wait until later.” Blakki suggested.
“No we can’t, I’m horny NOW.” He growled.
“M-me too…” The vixen admitted.

Shouri threw open the door to Sonia’s shop. “Welcome to Renoir’s!” Vinci greeted the frustrated pair. “Oh, what’s wrong with you guys?” He asked as Shouri stomped up to the counter, Blakki in tow.

“Can we use your guest room? The apartment is loud right now.” The maestro asked. Vinci raised an eyebrow at the strange request. “Let me ask Sonia.” The male resonator walked away from the front counter.

Blakki fidgeted nervously. “Are we really doing this Sho?” She whispered.

“We’re already here; if you had a problem with it you should have said something sooner.” He whispered back.

Vinci returned a moment later, taking his place behind the front counter once again. “She says its cool. Sleep well.” He told his friends, not realizing what they intended to use the spare bedroom for. “Thanks, just need a power nap.” Shouri said as he pulled Blakki upstairs.

With the door closed and locked, Shouri turned to his partner who sat on the edge of the bed nervously. He walked over to the bed and stood in front of his dear resonator. Pushing her chin up he leaned down and kissed her. After a moment he pushed her onto the bed. “Sorry for the wait my treat, shall we get started?” He asked.

The girl giggled and nodded. He ran his hands up her sides, pulling her shirt up with it. He allowed himself to drop on top of her, holding her tightly as his hands ran down her back. “Sho…” She gasped out. He found the clips on her bra and started to un-do them.


The boy trembled in anger, he glared at the smoke detector that was loudly announcing its presence. “I-it’s probably nothing?” Blakki suggested.

Then there was the smell of smoke.

“M-maybe Sonia burned something?” Blakki offered, her voice rising ever so slightly.

“FIIIRRRE!!!” They both heard Vinci shout from downstairs.



Shouri, Blakki, Sonia, and Vinci all stood outside of the shop. “What happened?” Sonia asked a fire fighter that had walked out of the store. “Looks like the stove was left on and a phone book caught fire which melted a bottle of cooking oil and lit the kitchen up. We’re still combing the building to make sure there are no stray embers that may catch. It’ll be about an hour before we can give the all clear.”

“At least it was just the kitchen.” Vinci sighed.
“Yeah, but it’s gonna smell like smoke for weeks. Ugh, now I gotta call the insurance company…” Sonia groaned, stepping away from the group, cell-phone in hand.

Vinci turned to their guests. “Sorry guys.”

“Don’t apologize, you literally had a house fire. Right Sho?” Blakki laughed nervously. The boy grumbled something; arms folded across his chest. “He’s just tired.” The vixen told her fellow canine resonator, patting her grumpy maestro's back. Vinci nodded slowly; he looked over to his own maestro who was already yelling into the phone. “I’m gonna go reel her in.” He shook his head.

“Good luck! We’ll be off!” Blakki shouted. She turned to her partner in crime. “What do you want to do Sho?” She asked.

“You.” He said curtly. She instantly blushed. “I got another idea, let’s go.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her away.


“You got a room we can use for like an hour?” Shouri asked. The pair stood in the office of the seedy motel down the street from their apartment. Blakki grimaced at the state the building was in. It looked like it hadn’t been updated since the 1950’s, and probably not cleaned since then either.

The man at the front desk looked between Shouri and Blakki, raising an eyebrow. “You even over eighteen?”

“You got an ID?”
“Look dude, I got a credit card, do you really care?”
“Not really.”

With that the transaction was complete. The front desk attendant handed Shouri a rather greasy key and the pair took to a room on the first floor. Opening the room revealed the cleaning staff seemed to pay better attention to the rooms than the front office. No bugs or anything, just hilariously outdated décor.

Blakki frowned, taking inventory of her new surroundings. “I mean… I wasn’t asking for a candlelit dinner for my first time, but this feels like I’m setting the bar kinda low.” She pouted.

“We’ve been blue-balled three times this morning, do you really care at this point?” Shouri asked.
“Not really, no.”

Shouri sighed, sitting on the bed. “Let’s just take a minute to unwind.” He told her. “Good idea.” Blakki walked over to the bed, sitting down next to her maestro. The pair laid back together, spreading out on the bed.

“Yeah Sho?”
“Did you ever think we’d end up here when we met?”
“Honestly, I didn’t think we were going to make it out of the forest.”

The boy chuckled. “Come on now, have more faith in me.” Blakki sat up. “Sho, you told me you were ready to die with me, a total stranger.” She told him.

Shouri sat up with her. “I was being honest. I wasn’t in the best headspace at the time.”
The fox-girl fidgeted with the bottom of her shirt. “I put my faith in you after that. I could feel how genuine you were. I didn’t have any memories then either, but I could feel that you were the first person to ever care about me.” She paused. “That moment meant a lot to me.”

The maestro lowered his gaze. “It’s been worth it then.” He chuckled.

“Everything we’ve been through. I love you Blakki.”
“I love you too Sho.”

They leaned forward, their lips meeting in the middle.


“Eh?” They looked up. The ceiling was dripping. “That’s weir-” Before they could even finish that thought, the ceiling opened up, unleashing a ton of water and drywall on the pair.


“Sorry about that kids, some asshole left the bathtub on and broke the lock, didn’t have any idea the room was fuckin' filling up. Can I put ya in another room?” The motel attendant asked.

A soaked Blakki clung to an equally soggy Shouri. “No. I’ll take my refund and I won’t report you to the better business bureau.” The annoyed boy grumbled.

With that behind them, they trudged out to the local park. It being a school day, there were very few people around. “Fuck it, let’s just air dry.” Shouri decided, dropping onto the grass. He laid back, arms behind his head. His dear resonator took a seat next to him.

Blakki glanced over at her maestro, who laid in the grass, eyes closed. She smiled, thinking about what a crazy day they’ve had. It was at that moment that she burst out into laughter. “What’s so funny?” Shouri asked, opening one eye.

“I was just thinking that this would be a funny story to tell our kids one day.” She told him.

“Kids?” Shouri sat up next to her. The smile faded from her lips. “Well… yeah… I kinda wanted kids.” She smiled warmly. “Unless you don’t!” She fretted, looking to her maestro.

He shook his head. “I’m not opposed to the idea.” The boy smirked coyly. “You’re still a virgin and already thinking about our kids?” He asked. Blakki blushed, folding her ears back. “Well I-“

“We could fix that problem you know.”
“There’s some woods over there, we can get some privacy there.”
“Trying to decide whether the motel was better or worse than that suggestion.”
“Do you care right now?”
“My mind says yes, my body says “take me Sho!””

On that brazen declaration the duo got to their feet and made their way into the spooky woods. They walked through the forest, taking in the sights.

“It’s much different here during the day.” Blakki noted.
“Oh yeah, I guess we do come here a lot when dealing with scherzando.” Shouri commented.

Suddenly Blakki was pinned to one of the trees. “And now this predator has captured his prey.” The boy grinned toothily. “Be gentle please.” Blakki whimpered. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into a kiss. He pulled away and began to kiss her cheek, slowly repeating this process until he made his way down to her neck. He gently bit the side of her neck, eliciting a small moan from the girl. “That’s good?” She asked breathily.

The boy pulled away from a moment. “There’s all kinds of things we can do, and we have all the time in the world to do them.” He chuckled. Blakki smiled, ready to accept whatever was coming, when her ears twitched.

Shouri’s expression soured. “…now what?”

“Something is walking this way.” She whispered. “God I hope it’s a scherzando. I’m gonna beat it’s non-existent ass myself.”

Unfortunately, it was not an enemy for the pair to unleash their rage on, but in fact a member of law enforcement. “Hey folks, what are you doing out here?” The police officer asked.

Shouri sighed loudly. “Nothing officer, nothing at all.”


“Sahji get out.” Shouri demanded of the wish sage.

“Shouri, good to see you too.” The sage chuckled at the frustration of the maestro. “I’m serious, Sahji, leave.” He growled.

The ethereal flicked his tanzaku earring back and forth as he pondered that thought. “That is quite an easy wish for me to grant. But why should I?”

“Because I fucking said so, just leave.” He replied.
“Can we borrow your shop for like ten minutes?” Blakki asked.

“Hmm… Blakki’s asking too. That’s strange.” Sahji frowned. His expression changed to surprise. “The tanzaku is reacting?” He pulled the paper strip from his earring, looking at what text had appeared on it. From curiosity, his face slowly morphed into pure disgust. “You two are SICK. Get out!”

"Have a heart! Grant my wish! Give me that dumb sword, please! " Shouri fell to his knees,  pleading with the embodiment of desire himself. "No." Sahji lifted the pair into the air with his own telekinesis and tossed them out of his shop.

Shouri sat on his knees, shouting at the sky. “I JUST WANT TO FUCK MY GIRLFRIEND!”

Author's Notes

The real April fool's joke is Shouri and Blakki didn't get laid