Racconti di Volpe

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Entry 5
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Explicit Sexual Content

Short stories set in the world of "Ragazza Volpe Magica ~A Fox by any other name isn't as rhythmical~"

These are more character focused and happen during downtimes during the story.

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Author's Notes

Just a normal day for Shouri and Blakki

La Volpi Giorno


It was another bright, shiny late-spring weekday. The birds were singing, the apartment complex was empty, and a certain pair slept peacefully in the safety of their bedroom. Shouri didn’t have the biggest bed in the world, which would be an issue for most couples. However, he and Blakki slept comfortably in each other’s arms.

That being said, Shouri was a notoriously light sleeper, and the sun would eventually move to just the right position to shine on his eyes - waking him up this morning. He remained in bed for a bit, just enjoying the tranquility. His girlfriend was a bit heavier of a sleeper, but not by much though. Her sensitive fox ears would twitch as construction resumed outside. This had been a fixture of their spring mornings for some time, and it was never the way they wanted to be awoken.

“B-buongiorno Sho…” Blakki muttered groggily.
“Morning Blakki.” He would reply.

“When are they supposed to be done with that?”
“Dunno, they’ve been at it for a while now.”

Blakki buried her face in his chest, squeezing him tightly. He stroked her hair, and occasionally scratched the back of her ears. They remained this way for some time. Eventually the vixen raised her head. “Could I bother you for some attention?” She asked. “I thought you’d never ask.” The boy chuckled.


After burning some calories with some intense blanket exercises, the duo had worked up an appetite and for that, they had wandered into the kitchen. “What do you want for breakfast?” Shouri inquired, opening the fridge to see what they had. “I dunno.” Blakki replied, sitting on the counter, kicking her feet.

“I got an idea.”


As usual, Shouri couldn’t just make a basic breakfast, oh no, Shouri Tomoshibi would put his culinary skills to work. He made an entire French Toast Casserole – brioche cubes soaked generously in a homemade custard. This amalgamation of ingredients was served warm, topped with a generous amount of maple syrup and crowned with a plump strawberry just for Blakki.

The vixen sat at the table, eyes sparkling, tail wagging wildly as the food was set in front of her. She watched him make it, but even so she had no idea what he was doing. It was always a surprise – a delicious surprise. She took the first bite of her brunch and immediately squealed in delight. It was warm, soft, and sweet.

“Sho, I think I love you.” Blakki swooned over the sweet treat she had the luxury of consuming as the first meal of her day.

Shouri couldn’t help but smile as he washed the dishes created by his production of a breakfast.


Shouri and Blakki stared at the huge casserole dish still nearly two-thirds full of French Toast. “Well I don’t want it to go to waste, but I’m so full.” The resonator whimpered, holding her stomach. “I guess we’re going to Sonia’s.” Her maestro rolled his eyes with a smile.

“Hey, you’re the one that always makes way too much food.” Blakki pointed out.
“I was taught to cook by someone who made stupid amounts of food for their friends. I’m physically incapable of making small meals.”
“Then let’s go share with Sonia and all them.”

Truth be told, this was a conversation that happened almost daily. Yet Shouri never learned, or perhaps he did it on purpose. Putting a plastic lid over the remaining brunch, the pair got ready to go. A quick spritz of deodorant, jackets on (despite it being quite warm out), casserole in hand – the pair was ready to go.

Renoir’s Apparel wasn’t too terribly far from Shouri’s place. It was about a five-minute walk if they cut through some back alleys. Given the time of day, there weren’t too many people around. Most people were working, others were taking lunch. Nobody really paid the boy and his fox girl any mind.

Ding ding

Renoir’s Apparel usually had a few patrons meandering about. Sonia wasn’t shy about diversity in her shop. You could find elaborate dresses meant for high profile clientele, while on the opposite wall proudly hung a custom outfit inspired by the latest popular anime. It seemed confusing at first, but in reality, it was set up in such a way where everyone had their place.

Vinci perked up as soon as he noticed his friends enter the shop, and rushed over upon catching sight of the dish Shouri was carrying.

“Hey guys! Sonia’s in the back, I think Colette and Rebecca are upstairs if you want to go up and grab them.” He told the pair. Shouri could see him eyeing the dish intently. Blakki caught the dog boy resisting wagging his own tail with all his might.    


After sharing the sweet treats with Sonia and company, Shouri and Blakki made their way to their next destination. Most days however, the pair would spend some time at the local park. They usually wouldn’t do anything in particular, just kind of people watch and or chat. Today was a bit different though.

“Hey Sho, look what I found.” Blakki presented a rubber ball to Shouri with a proud smile on her face. The maestro took the toy in question from his resonator and looked it over. It was a dull blue color, worn down, and the distinct markings of canine teeth all over it.

“Huh, I thought you were a fox not a dog.” Shouri teased. The girl pouted at him, folding her arms across her chest. “È una cosa cattiva, Sho.” She puffed up her cheeks a bit. The boy held up the sphere, and noticed that despite his partner’s protests she was tracking the ball with her eyes. He moved it from side to side, taking further note that her tail started to wag excitedly. He pulled his arm back and then chucked the orb as hard as he could, launching it a considerable distance away.

“I GOT IT SHO!” Blakki suddenly shouted, bolting after the flying object.


After playing in the park, the pair made their way down to their original destination: the grocery store. Shouri was the kind of person that ended up coming to the grocery story daily. He insisted on always having the freshest ingredients.

Blakki grabbed a basket and followed her maestro about. They started in the produce section where she watched Shouri compare two heads of lettuce. Then they took a trip over to the butcher, where he would then pick out a cut of beef and have the butcher grind it down for them. Moving on to the deli, they spent some time sifting through the store’s wide variety of artisan cheeses. Lastly, basked in the glory of the baking section where Shouri stared at several bags of flour before making a decision on one particular brand of flour.

Making their way back to the front of the store, they waited in line for their turn to check out. Shouri looked over at his girlfriend and caught her staring intently at a bar of chocolate. She didn’t say anything, but once again, he took note of her tail wagging. He shook his head and smiled before reaching over and tossing the treat in question onto the conveyor belt, much to Blakki’s elation.


Shouri yawned loudly as he put the last of the groceries away. Blakki was already pawing at the chocolate bar Shouri had bought for her. He immediately snatched it away from her. “No.” He chided. “Shoooooo…” The girl whined back.

“You’ll ruin your dinner.” He frowned at her.
“It’s just one chocolate bar.”
“You don’t eat very much as is.”
“But I always clean my plate!”
“Yeah, even if it takes you three hours to do so.”

She grumpily folded her arms across her chest, looking away. “I can just take it from you with Volontà Estesa.” The lunar-fox grumbled. “Don’t.” Shouri replied sternly wagging a finger at her.


It would be a bit before Aura would be home, so in the meantime the pair had returned to their bedroom – Shouri on his computer, Blakki making use of her maestro’s phone. They would remain this way for a little bit, just catching up on their daily website checks Being a weekday, nothing too terribly interesting was going on, so it was only inevitable that they both would run out of things to check. Shouri turned off his monitor and stretched out, unable to contain a yawn.  He blinked slowly, staring blankly at the powered off computer monitor in front of him. With a sigh, he slowly rose to his feet before walking over to the bed.

“Stanco?” Blakki asked, putting the phone up on the night stand.
“Si, amor mio.” Shouri replied, rubbing his eyes.

Blakki smiled warmly and opened her arms for him. He laid down next to his girlfriend and wrapped his arms around her, with her reciprocating the gesture.

“Sleep well.”
“You too.”


At one point, Shouri opened his eyes, having awoken randomly from his nap. The black-haired beauty he had the pleasure of dating laid next to him; fast asleep, with a slight smile on her face. He couldn’t help but return the smile as he drifted back to sleep himself.


The orange light of the setting sun shone through the window, giving Blakki a good guess as to what time it was. For a moment she laid there in Shouri’s arms, content to bask in the warmth he provided. She squeaked quietly in surprise as she felt a hand stroking her hair. “Sho…” She cooed.

After a few blissful moments of resting in bed in peace and quiet, Shouri spoke up: “I really need to piss.”

Blakki groaned irritably, holding her boyfriend’s shirt tightly, not wanting this moment to end.  After getting her fill of protesting, she released her prisoner and laid on her back as said prisoner fled the bed and shuttered himself in the bathroom.

Closing her eyes, the lunar resonator spread out on the mattress stretching out as far as she could. A bit of time passed, and before she knew it, she could smell the lovely scent of Shouri’s cooking wafting into the room. Prying herself from the comfort of her bed, she wandered out into the living room where she caught the sounds of something being fried. Peering into the kitchen, the vixen’s tail swished back and forth excitedly as she watched her beloved maestro frying some dough into flat disks. The disks would eventually be transferred to a baking sheet which eventually ended up in the oven.

Next up on the operation was the beef that they had purchased. Shouri fried that up and mixed in some expertly chopped onions. A healthy amount of spices were added to the mix, which introduced a new variety of scents to the already heavenly odor wafting from the kitchen. The entire time, Shouri was laser focused on his craft, moving about the kitchen almost as if it was part of his own body. The girl watching smiled warmly. No matter how many times she witnessed him work, it always captivated her and she just let the time slip away, completely enraptured by the dance of food craft.


The tumblers of the front door lock were pushed into place, and a moment later, Aura walked into the apartment. As usual with the end of any work day, her neat bun was slightly askew, her makeup worn, and her gait noticeably slowed. Passing by the kitchen, she found her brother already plating dinner, humming to himself. Continuing on, his girlfriend sat at the table smiling and wagging her tail awaiting sustenance.

Ms. Tomoshibi would retreat to her bedroom where she’d let her hair down, wash her face and slip into much less stuffy clothing. By the time she fully disengaged from work mode, dinner was being placed on the table.

Aura took her place at the table. Blakki was excitedly looking over the chaos that was on her plate. “What’s this Sho?” The fox-girl asked, the excitement radiating from her form.

“Decided to make a taco salad, thought it’d be fun.” He replied from the kitchen.

The eldest of the trio looked over the food. Tortilla chips, fresh cut lettuce, beef and a healthy amount of molten cheese decorated their plates. Aura especially took note of the chips. “What brand are these?” She asked, picking one up and taking a bite out of it.

“Shouri brand.” He responded simply, setting some condiments on the table. The chef took a seat himself.

Blakki frowned hard at the dish in front of her, she wasn’t sure how to attack it. There were no utensils set out, so it was obviously intended to be eaten with her hands, but how?

She watched the two siblings prepare their own dishes with their choice of extra toppings. The resonator perked up when she noticed the vehicle of delivery for the meal as demonstrated by the others – the chips themselves. Both Shouri and Aura used the chips on the outsides of the plate to scoop some of the chaotic mess up for consumption. Following their lead, she took a healthy amount of meat, cheese and lettuce into her mouth and bit down on it. Not being used to this, she put a bit too much stuff on the one lone chip; so, when it broke apart from her bite the remaining load of food fell on the table.

This earned a bit of a chuckle from Shouri, who passed some napkins over to his girlfriend so she could clean up the mess herself. “Don’t put too much on one chip.” He advised. She quickly nodded and addressed the spillage in front of her.


Blakki and Aura sat on the couch, the older girl flipping through channels. “What do you wanna watch?” Aura asked.

“Dunno.” Blakki replied. This exchange was pretty common between the two as Blakki didn’t really hold an attachment to any one show or channel. To be totally honest she’d watch whatever was put on the television, regardless of content or progress.

“How about this?” The channel surfing settled on a cooking show. Specifically, one about chef’s being given a basket of random ingredients and then forced to make a meal out of the randomly chosen ingredients. Blakki watched the show with a slight smile, wondering if Shouri could do that too.

The young chef in question walked into the living room, drying his hands off after cleaning the mess he created in the kitchen. “Oh, this show?”

“Could you do that Sho?” Blakki inquired of her culinary hero.
“What? No. That’s too stressful.” He took his seat next to his girlfriend.

Before she could probe further, he produced the bar of chocolate from earlier, completely taking her attention away from the show and her previous line of questioning. She eagerly took the sweet treat from him when it was offered to her. The boy smiled as Blakki bit into the chocolate, completely disregarding the perforations in the bar.

Aura was bothered by this, but would remain silent on the matter.


Aura retired to her room for the night, work having been particularly taxing today. This left Shouri and Blakki in control of the living room. After deciding they didn’t want to watch anything that was on the television, Shouri pulled out one of the game consoles they had.

Shouri only really had a passing interest in gaming, especially these days. In fact, he was so behind the times in that regard, the newest console he had was the one from the last generation. Despite that though, the two would still find enjoyment in slightly older games, especially because Blakki had little to no exposure to any form of video games. So naturally, any game he showed her was a magical trip into fun.

Or in the case of this evenings’ choice – frustration. The game in question was that one popular kart racing game which was a practice of organized chaos. The concept seemed simple enough to Blakki at first: just race and be first. However, this was no normal racing game. No, the chaos came from the item boxes that were littered all over the track, which contained goodies that you could use to hamper the other racers, speed yourself up, or even protect yourself from the weapons the other vicious racers wielded.

Blakki quickly discovered the AI racers were not very kind, they would spam all kinds of items against her, and in some instances, they would even go as far to kick her while she was down. “Porca miseria!” The girl exclaimed, getting more and more angry at the innocuous game. “A voi sembra giusto?!” She barked.

Shouri remained focused on the screen, being comfortably in first. “Well, the further back you are in the rankings, the better items you get.” He told her.

Blakki grumbled and continued to race. She found her maestro’s claim to indeed be accurate. In the latter rankings of the race, she was getting more and more powerful items, however, the AI that were in the pack with her were also flinging around items of similar power, which just made the whole thing into a cacophony of madness. She peeked at Shouri’s screen, which was relatively peaceful by comparison.

Needless to say, this would be a game they returned to.


After spending some time with infuriating racing games, the pair of lovers returned to their humble bedroom, where they engaged in the most intimate of bonding exercises: browsing the internet in separate parts of the room, not saying anything to or acknowledging each other in the slightest.

Shouri’s internet activity of choice was reading articles online, then scrolling down to the comment section so he could judge the human filth that tended to congregate there. He never said anything, he was merely content in silently judging them and their poor opinions.

Blakki on the other hand was on Shouri’s phone, browsing some risqué romance novels as she usually did. She had gotten much better at poker facing her way through her preferred reading material. Some scenes would get her slightly flustered, but she thought she had a good grip on her facial expressions (Shouri totally noticed, but didn’t ever say anything out of respect for her self-esteem)


The lunar resonator was having a difficult time keeping her head up as she zoned in and out. She closed her eyes for a moment, and when she opened them next, about ten minutes had passed. The girl perked up and looked around, before yawning and stretching out. Taking a mental note of where she was in her current story, the girl cleared her browsing history and gently laid the phone on the adjacent night stand. Curling up around a pillow, she allowed some time to pass while she rested her eyes.

Blakki wasn’t sure how much time passed, but the next time she became fully aware of her surroundings, her ears were perked up, and she was at full attention. “Sho.” She called out to her maestro.

“That time of the night already?”


It was a balmy late spring night; unfortunately, there was a bit of humidity in the air. Shouri and Blakki were on the prowl. The nightly hunting activities were fairly routine at this point. They usually started at around one in the morning, and could go all the way till three or four depending on how many Scherzando decided to show up.

This particular evening it seemed there weren’t too many prowling about. The trio of maestros that protected this fair, sleeping town would convene via text message, sharing a group chat where they would update the group on their progress.

It seemed Colette and Rebecca had started the festivities this lovely evening. Sonia and Vinci would start shortly, while Shouri and Blakki were already on the way to their first target.

Despite how tired she was before, Blakki was now fully alert, having gotten her second wind. She was raring to go, leading the way to their first target of the night. “This way.” Blakki suddenly took a sharp right, rushing towards a nearby alleyway.

Sure enough, there was a dog-shaped scherzando, white in color, that immediately fell into an aggressive stance upon catching sight of the lunar duo.

“Great, a solar, it’s gonna be one of those nights.” Shouri complained, pulling his tuner from his side.


“Motherfuckers.” Shouri cursed watching their latest quarry fade into the air. Their hunting had taken them well to the edge of town. Checking the tuner’s tracking app, he noted Colette and Sonia had stayed pretty close together in their wanderings. “I can’t sense any more Sho.” Blakki told her maestro after a moment.

“I hope not, we’re on the other side of fucking creation.” The boy grumbled, texting the group chat to check on their progress.

[Me 2:11AM]
“You good? We got nothing else out here.”
[Sonia 2:12AM]
“I think we’re done here.”
[Colette 2:12AM]
“Rebecca says we’re done here.”
[Me 2:13AM]
“Good enough for me. We’re heading home.”
[Sonia 2:13AM]
“Good night”
[Colette 2:13AM]
“Stay safe”

Pocketing his phone, Blakki stared at him expectedly. “What’s the verdict?” She inquired. “We’re free for the night.” He replied. The boy sighed wearily, allowing himself to slouch.

“You okay Sho?”
“Just dreading the long walk home.”
“Yeah.” She nodded in agreement, wiping some sweat from her brow. “Can’t wait to take a shower.” The girl added.
“For sure.” The maestro agreed with his resonator.

And so the pair began their long walk home. On the way they stopped by a local fast food joint, who were intimately familiar with the two night owls. The workers were closing up for the night, so the duo scored some free food in addition to their normal order.


Shouri unlocked the front door of the apartment, food in hand. The tired pair walked in, coated in sweat from the humid, warm night air. They silently crept into the bedroom. Once in the safety of their room, they both quickly shed their jackets to cool off a bit while they ate.

“What do you want to do tomorrow Sho?”
“Dunno, I don’t think the pools are open until after Memorial Day.”
“We could go to the park again.”
“Maybe, we’ll see.”

After polishing off her food, Blakki hopped off the bed to clean up. “I’ll throw this away.” She grabbed the paper bag, which was filled with their trash at this point. She crumbled it up and went to throw it away while Shouri finished his own meal.

Rather than returning to the room immediately, she took the liberty of drawing up a shower. She walked back into the bedroom to fetch her maestro. “Shower’s ready.” She said simply.

“I’ll be there in a sec.”


Now that they were clean, full, and exhausted from the day’s activities, Shouri and Blakki laid in bed together content with another day under their belt.

Blakki sighed wistfully as she held her boyfriend’s shirt.

“What’s up?” Shouri questioned.
“Just excited.” Blakki purred as her hair was stroked.
“Spending another day with you tomorrow.”

The boy shook his head, but smiled. “You’re so saccharine.” He spoke softly. “But I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Good night Blakki.”
“Buonanotte Sho.”