Racconti di Volpe

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Entry 9
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Explicit Sexual Content

Short stories set in the world of "Ragazza Volpe Magica ~A Fox by any other name isn't as rhythmical~"

These are more character focused and happen during downtimes during the story.

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Author's Notes

This one takes place around the start of the third arc. Blakki wants to get a check-up thinking it would be fun, however this turns out to be more introspective than she would have liked. 

Ragazza e dottore di Fox

“Huh? Annuals? Yeah, we do annual check-ups; why wouldn’t we? Do you guys not have that here?”
“Oh! You meant for resonators!”
“Yeah; some doctors can be kind of a pain in the ass about reptilian and avian resonators, usually canine and felid resonators are pretty easy. Oh, also most doctors see both the maestro and resonator at the same time to measure tempo.”

Following that discussion with Colette, Shouri decided to take Blakki to the doctor. The vixen herself was excited by this opportunity for a new adventure. It seemed simple enough too; they could just go to one of the cheap walk-in clinics and get her checked up. However, in practice this was a far more challenging affair than they had initially thought:

“What’s with the costume?”
“No, I’m sorry, we serve humans.”
“Does she have insurance? No? Sorry, can’t take that.”
“There’s a vet down the road.”

Shouri and Blakki headed home. The fox-girl staring at the ground dejectedly; her tail drooping sadly behind her, ears folded back. “Why are people so mean?” She asked. “They’re thrown off by the ears and tail.” Shouri commented with a shrug. His expression soured. “They could work on their customer service skills though.”

The duo came to a stop by a store-front. Blakki kept her head lowered. “I just want to see the nice doctor.” She pouted.

“I’m sure we’ll find someone that will see a fox girl.” Shouri patted his resonators back reassuringly.

“Fox girl?”

Standing just outside the store-front was an older woman with long blonde hair. She stared at Blakki, looking her over. “I’ve heard the rumors, but I never thought I’d see one in the wild, especially in this town.”

“Rumors?” Shouri spoke uneasily, holding an arm out in front of his partner.

“I believe they’re called “kemonomimi” in Japan.” The woman started. “Rumor has it they’re real and live among us as regular people, though you’d never find too much reliable information on them online cause the government is good at hiding that shit. Guess that wasn’t an exaggeration.” She clarified. Shouri glared while Blakki stared blankly. “Alisa Lysenko, I’m a doctor by trade.”

“A medical doctor?” Shouri raised an eyebrow.

The woman chuckled. “Yes, a medical doctor. Though I don’t run what you would call a standard practice. Let’s just say I operate a bit… “off the grid” so to speak.”

“What does that mean Sho?”
“It means she runs her practice illegally; she doesn’t report to the government or any kind of advisory board. Perfect for people who don’t want their injuries or illnesses reported to authorities.”

The woman shrugged. “Hey, if the government didn’t have to know every little fuckin’ thing about what my patients do and how they get injured, then people like me wouldn’t have to exist. But I digress-” She looked Blakki over again. “You seem to look fine at a glance. Why do you need a doctor?”

“Sho said I should get a check-up, to make sure I’m healthy. I thought it sounded fun.” The girl admitted sheepishly.


Shouri and Blakki stared at the enigmatic doctor. “I’ll take a look, a basic checkup is child’s play compared to what I’m used to.” She reached into her back pocket and after a moment of shuffling pulled out a business card. She handed it over to Shouri. The maestro and resonator looked at the card “Meet me here in an hour and I’ll look your little fox over.” She waved while departing.

With a little help from the internet, the pair found the address listed on the business card. It was an unmarked building just on the edge of town. Notably, it seemed to be on the complete opposite end of the small city from where Sahji set up shop.

“Are you sure this is it Sho?” Blakki asked, seeing the general state of the buildings around them. It wasn’t the best kept portion of town. An older district that had fallen into some disrepair since the time of its construction. There weren’t many people around. If nature were to take over it’d probably be less than a couple of years before most of this area would be reclaimed.

The boy looked to his cell phone. “I mean, the helpful map lady said we arrived.” He looked around. “And this looks like the only place with electricity. Maybe even running water.” He commented.  With a shrug the maestro laughed. “Only way to find out is to go inside.”

With that the pair entered the sketchy looking building. Immediately a sterile scent hit them, similar to the hospital they had been in before. The waiting room was quite small. Four chairs against a wall and a small adjoining receptionist area. Finally, the dreaded door where the doctor would come from.

There was one other person in the room with them, and that was a young girl sitting behind the front desk in the adjoining receptionist area. “You’re the fox girl Dr. Lysenko said was coming.” The girl spoke. She couldn’t have been older than sixteen, but she carried the air of a world-weary adult. “Fill this out please.” She held out a clipboard with a pen and paper attached to it. Blakki accepted it, looking over the paper that was clipped down. It was labeled “Patient information” and had tons of blank fields all with different labeling “You can go sit over there and fill it out.” The young receptionist pointed at the line of four chairs.

“This is… a lot.” Blakki gulped. At first glance it seemed like quite a bit to fill out. Upon a second inspection it was actually much more than she had thought. Shouri patted his partner’s head. “There there, we’ll take it one step at a time.”

“This is hard.” Blakki decided not a minute later. The only thing she had filled out was her first name. She had no idea what to put for a middle or last name. Then she saw “birthday” listed. “Hrm…” She frowned. “I remember I’m nineteen… but I can’t recall when I was born.” She furrowed her brow in frustration. “This is hard.” She repeated.

A few minutes later, the duo walked back up to the front counter. “We did what we could.” Shouri allowed the clipboard to clatter onto the counter. The front desk attendant took the clipboard and looked it over. “Wow, this sucks.” She noted.

“Yeah, well she has amnesia and nobody thought to send her full medical records with her, so you’re gonna have to deal.” Shouri snarked back. The front desk girl smirked. “You’re feisty.” She commented. “I’ve learned to stop taking shit from others.” He glanced over at Blakki. “Especially when my girlfriend is involved.” And then said girlfriend blushed hard, she still wasn’t used to being referred to in that manner it seemed.

“Dr. Lysenko will see you shortly.”
“Is she even allowed to call herself a doctor?”
“Do you really care?”
“I mean I guess not really.”

With that, Shouri and Blakki resumed waiting in the lobby. Shouri looked around. No magazines, no television, and not even one of those little children’s puzzle amusement toy things that were in every doctor’s office he had ever been to. Blakki was just sat in her chair, bored out of her mind. “Mi annoiò…” The vixen stared out into space, slowly slumping down in her chair. “You wanna watch some videos with me?” Shouri offered, flashing his phone screen. The girl sat up excitedly, leaning on the boy holding the phone.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” He chuckled. And so they began to browse that one video sharing website that was all the rage.

“What’s up internet? My name is Capnoxious coming at you today with another sick prank!” Blakki’s eyes sparkled at the heavily edited video she was watching. The prank in question involved sprinkling some seeds in a roommate’s keyboard while they were on vacation and filming the reaction when they returned to find tiny plants sprouting up between the keys.

It was hilarious.

“Hey brain rot twins.” The teen receptionist called out. Being the only pair in the office, Shouri and Blakki looked up from their video. “Dr. Lysenko will see you now. Room seven around the corner.”

And with that, video time was over. Walking to the door on the other side, they let themselves in. The back offices were quiet. It seemed there were no other patients at this time. There were all kinds of medical equipment in the various rooms. Room Six was even a full operating room. It seemed Dr. Lysenko was a jack of all trades kind of doctor, which made sense given what she had told them earlier. Finally, they located room Seven, which was by all means a normal looking examination room. There was a couple of chairs for family of the patient to sit in, your usual array of cabinets filled with medical supplies, fairly standard medical equipment, and of course, the examination table.

“Sit up here Blakki.” Shouri patted the examination table. The girl stared at it for a moment before hopping up onto it. It was more comfortable than it looked, though barely so. Shouri went ahead and took a seat in one of the hard plastic chairs in the corner of the small room. Looking around, he took in more of the ambiance; by all accounts, without knowing where he was, this felt like a normal, genuine doctor’s office.

A few minutes later, the woman herself arrived, looking more like a doctor than when they first met. “My assistant told me you had some difficulty with the paper work.” She noted, looking over the forms Blakki had filled out earlier.

“Kinda difficult to fill out a family history when she doesn’t remember anything past a few months ago.” Shouri countered.

“Interesting. Is that common?” Dr. Lysenko asked.

“Yeah. Any resonators like her don’t have any memories of where they came from.” Shouri replied simply.

The woman chuckled. “Now isn’t that interesting.” She mused to herself. Turning to the fox-girl in question, the doctor gave her another look over. “Okay, first thing’s first, let’s get some vitals. Stand up please.”

Blakki did as instructed. She was led over to a scale where the doctor adjusted the little weights on the top until they balanced. “Hmm…” She took note of how much Blakki weighed, then extended another part of it out to measure the girl’s height. “Wait, should I count the tip of the ears?” The doctor second-guessed herself. “Nah.” She decided after a moment.

“You can be seated.” Dr. Lysenko told the vixen. With a nod, Blakki returned to the examination table. Picking up her clipboard, Dr. Lysenko wrote down her observations. “I’m going to need you to take off your shirt.” The doctor motioned to Shouri. “You okay with him being in here?”

“Yeah, that’s fine.” Blakki nodded.
“You two fuckin’?” The medical “professional” asked.

Blakki’s face went totally red. “S-si…” she nodded sheepishly, not expecting that. After a moment, Blakki removed her jacket and then her shirt, leaving her in just her bra. She looked away. “Ah, that’s what I was afraid of.” Dr. Lysenko looked to Shouri. “Tell me, how does she eat?” She asked the maestro.

“She refuses to throw away any food, and loves her junk food.”
“You gotta be honest with your doctor Blakki.”

The fox girl looked away with a pout. “I’ll be blunt – She’s underweight. She weighs 104 pounds at five foot four. That’s slightly underweight for a human of her height. This girl has some extra equipment weighing her down.” The doctor motioned to Blakki’s big fluffy tail. “How active are you?” She asked the fox-girl. “Uhh, well we go-” She looked to Shouri for guidance. He simply nodded. “-uhh, running late night.”

“How long?”
“About an hour or two every night?”
Every night?
“Every night.”
“Hmmm.” Dr. Lysenko looked back to Shouri.

“Could you please leave the room?” She asked. The boy looked a bit defensive. “What? Why?” He asked, his hand instinctively moving to the tuner at his waist.

“I just want to ask her some questions, and I need to make sure she can be honest.” The doctor replied simply. Shouri looked between the sketchy doctor and his resonator. He rose to his feet. “Fine.” The boy sighed. He gripped the tuner still clipped to his waist. “If she does anything funny, Mente Offuscata, Piannisimo Staccato.” Shouri told his resonator. Blakki jumped a bit at the sudden rhythm link between them. “It’ll be fine Sho.” She told her maestro. Shouri nodded and left the room.

Dr. Lysenko took some notes in the interim. “You have no memories up to a few months ago?” She asked for clarification. “Not a one.” Blakki replied.

“Tell me Blakki, when you first came to, did you ever check yourself physically?” The doctor asked.

“What do you mean?”
“Did you ever look at yourself in the mirror naked?”
“Well I…” The girl trailed off.

“Hm?” The doctor raised an eyebrow

“I did.” She muttered.
“And? What did you see?”
“I could see my ribs very clearly.” She admitted shakily.
The doctor nodded. “What prompted you to do this?”
“I saw some pictures on Sho’s phone of other girls and I uhh… wanted to see how I compared to them. But when I saw the way I looked I was… horrified.”

“That’s what I thought.” Dr. Lysenko muttered. “How well does he feed you?” She asked.

“What? Very well! Shouri gives me everything I could ever want!” She exclaimed. “I’m a bit better than I was when I looked at myself.” She looked down at her body. There was still a tinge of shame from what she saw when she looked at herself that day. “Do you have problems eating?”

Blakki frowned. “At first I did. Eating a lot of food at once was very hard, but there was this nagging voice in my head that told me if I threw it away I wouldn’t get to eat again.” The fox-girl trembled a bit. The doctor nodded, taking some notes. “But Shouri never prompted these feelings?” She questioned

“No no! He always tells me I can stop if I’m full. I just… I don’t know where these thoughts came from.”

“Wait here please.” Dr. Lysenko left the room and confronted Shouri outside.

“What is it?” He asked, immediately on edge when the doctor left the room. “She has an eating disorder.”

“What?” Shouri asked. “It’s nothing too serious. But you need to make sure she eats healthy.” The doctor advised. “Why’s that?” Shouri raised an eyebrow.

“She was starved in her past, pretty badly. I’ve had some… less than stellar parents bring me their children – she reminds me of what those kids told me. I don’t know exactly what happened to her, but I can’t say it was good.”

Shouri looked down. There were a lot of things about Blakki he had noticed in the past, he had hoped that it was just a result of whatever caused her amnesia and not something long term.

“Outside of her weight, she seems to be healthy. I’ll run through some tests just to be sure.” Dr. Lysenko told the concerned maestro. He nodded slowly.

The two re-entered the room. “You can put your shirt back on – we’re gonna do some more tests.” The doctor told the fox-girl. Blakki nodded and followed that direction.

The next thing that would be done was a check of Blakki’s heart rate. She was hooked up to a machine which compressed her arm along with a couple of other wires attached at different spots on her body. After a couple of minutes of this, the doctor removed the device from the resonator and began looking at the numbers

“Hmm, Blood pressure is 115/79, Temperature is 97.2, Pulse 66, Respiration 15, Oxygen Saturation 98%.” The doctor read off.

“That’s bad?” Blakki asked.

“Quite the opposite – your heart and lungs are pretty strong. Based on what you told me about your activity levels, your heart and lungs will probably get more efficient with time.” The doctor explained. “Have you had any problems? Any pains or trouble doing anything?” She asked.

Blakki shook her head. “No, I just wanted to make sure I was healthy.” She said.

“Admirable. Here’s my recommendation – you need to gain some weight. With you activity levels, that will be a bit difficult. That being said, eating a bunch of junk food is going to cause you other issues.” The doctor told the fox girl.

“Protein shakes are a good start. Red meats, potatoes and other starchy foods, oily fish, breads, and cereals should set you right. Just pull back when you hit about the 120-130 range.” Dr. Lysenko advised.

“That’s a lot to remember.” Blakki whimpered. “Don’t worry, your boy toy over there is already writing it down.” The doctor pointed at Shouri who was typing all of this into his phone. Blakki sighed in relief.

“You seem perfectly healthy to me. I can run some blood tests for you if you want, but I’d want to make sure you’ve fasted for at least twelve hours first to get a good reading.” The woman told the fox-girl. Blakki nodded slowly. “Another time.” The doctor chuckled.

Shouri glanced up from his phone. “That it?” He questioned, raising a brow.

“Yep. Hit me up again when she’s ready for that blood work.”
“What’s the damage?”
“On the house.”

The maestro raised an eyebrow. “Hardly seems like a good way to run a practice.” He commented.

“Hey, you’re letting me deal with a patient type I never would have gotten to see otherwise. If anything, I’m looking at this as an investment.” Dr. Lysenko grinned toothily.

“Hrmph.” Shouri hopped to his feet. “Come on Blakki.” He motioned for his fox girl who eagerly hopped off the examination table.

“I’m healthy Sho!”
“We’ll stop by the store and grab some of this stuff.”
“She said I get shakes!”
“Yes yes. One a day though.”
“Awww, ma dai, Sho!”

Dr. Lysenko listened to the pair depart her practice. She glanced over at the clipboard with her notes. “Resonators huh? Just when I thought about closing up shop too.” The woman chuckled to herself.

Author's Notes

Blakki's weight isn't something that really had time to be brought up in the story, but in that regard she was not healthy. However her other vitals were perfectly fine. A mystery for sure.