Design TOS

1 year, 8 months ago

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liiontai's design terms and conditions

1. You may not resell a design for more than you paid (unless including additional art or writings that were purchased).

1.5. Do not sell designs you got for virtual currency for real currency unless you purchased additional art for real currency.

2. Do not design flip. If I catch you purchasing my designs only to immediately put them up for sale/trade, you will be blacklisted. If you lose connection to a design you purchased recently, you may re-sell them for exactly what you paid, or something of equivalent value.

3. Please credit my (liiontai) when storing characters, offsite or onsite.

4. You are free to revamp designs, though it is preferred they remain recognisable.

5. Please refer to closed species TOS for closed species designs, as well as mine.

6. I do not feel comfortable having my designs used for mature/nsfw content. This includes but is not limited to sexual nsfw, extremely heavy gore, and illicit drug-related content. If you purchase my designs and plan to use them to engage in this content, I will most likely blacklist you. Do not use my designs for hate speech under any circumstances. Artistic/minor nudity is ok with me if you have an anthro/humanoid design. Story-related injury, violence and dark themes are ok.

7. My designs are not to be used for commercial purposes. You may use my designs as a mascot/logo however the design may not be replicated onto commercial merchandise or for profit. If you wish to use any of my designs for commercial purposes, that would have to be discussed and would require explicit permission from me.

By purchasing/owning/selling one of my designs you agree to these terms. I will not apply amended terms retroactively. You are bound by the terms present here at the time of acquirement. It is appreciated that anyone trading/selling my designs link back to these terms/recommend new owners read them, however this is just a courtesy and is not enforced. If you have any questions, please ask me.