[CC] Meeth: Blacksmith Job

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2 years, 6 months ago
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Chapter 3
Published 2 years, 6 months ago

When it’s time to go to battle, the Blacksmiths suit you up. They provide weapons to use against wild beasts, along with well-fitted armor that meets your every need. They sometimes craft some heavy Den items that Carpenters have trouble managing. Blacksmiths with a careful hand may create smaller things, though–what one might consider a bit technological.

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Author's Notes

Option One – Your Rider has been commissioned for an incredibly specialized tool! Show your Rider crafting it or showing it off to their client. It will not be a sword, armor, or conventional smithing subjects. Examples: Bonsai Tree Trimmers, a motherboard, a wedding band, etc.... or a universal equinoctial ring dial


Meeth looked over the blueprints for the commision she'd just recieved, staring at the intricacies, and more accurately, the precise measurements that was needed to allow it to work; in effect it was a form of sundial, just highly specilisied and small; but she found the design fascinatng, especially as it was a functioning tool and not decorative. Enderia moved around her gathering the materials they needed, and gathering the makeshift molds her and Riva had fashioned, hunning gently; the work so fine that Meeth had roped the smaller dragon. Thankfully, the commisioner hadn't been quite lax in just when he needed the dial for; having been more than happy to have someone work on the delicate piece and to get it as accurate as possible.

The tool she was about to start crafting was a universal equinoctial ring dial (ringsundial), two rings interlinked, with a central bar which when aligned with the suns permitted the user to tell the time, anywhere, simply because unlike a static sundial, could be aligned with north, and adjusting the suspension point on the inner ring, allowed for the local latitude. The inner bar itself could be adjusted based on month. Along the two rings, inscriptions with time and atitude would go, and the characters for the months in the middle.

"It looks difficult." Enderia said, drawing her riders attention from the blueprint, the hybrid having finished getting what was needed. "It is." She responded, standing up, and moving to the bellows to heat the forge up futher while Enderia moved the molds closer, so that the melted metal could be poured in as soon as possible.

The metal she'd chosen was mined close to the fort, it had a low melting point, but when mixed with another component, upon hardening was durable against the elements with a pale goldish color. As soon as it was viscous, she poured it into the molds listening to Enderia as the dragon used her magic; they had several 'copies' of the mold, just incase the first one failed, for once they were forged, the rest was 'hammering' them together. Easing of the bellows once the last mold had been filled, she poured the remainder into a spare container, knowing Riva liked to experiment, but was reluctant to use any of the minerals, metals and ores that Meeth used for her normal blacksmithing jobs.

It didn't take long for the molds to cool, during that time she gathered the few other smaller bits she'd worked on before starting this part, the black metal with a slit, which would go over the central bar and through which the suns beam would show the time; the small bolts and nuts which would connect it all. "They're cool enough now. Meeth." Enderia said, her voice higher with exceitement, as she turned them over, doing her best to not damage the molds, they all tried to reuse them as much as possible. The dragon laid the rings, and central bar out carefully, the outer meridian ring was 'larger;, the equatorial ring smaller, and handed one of each to her rider. Meeth carefully attempted to piece them together, filing them where needed, until they slotted snugly. The next part was to engrave the characters onto the rings, each one had to be so precise to the diagram she'd been given to give the most accurate form of telling the time; Enderia held it still as Meeth worked on that bit.

It was time consuming, Riva checked on them at one point, but was waved off, the last of the inscriptions was just about done. Stetching, Meeth flared her wings, all that was left now was the weave them together.... and this was where she was relying on Enderia more, the dragons metal magic perfect for this type of things. The central car was first, the black metal slotted on, the movement smooth, as she tested it; placing that down she picked up the two rings interlinking them, the outer edge of the inner ring, pressed close against the inner egde of the outer, collecting the suspension or pivot metal, Enderal wove it with the rings, this would allow the user to adjust the latitude of the ring, after a few tests that the movements were smooth and not catching. Finally, they placed the central bar in, its location the center of the outer ring, only when both were happy with positioning did Enderia meld it together.

Leaning back, Meeth moved things on it, the pivot to adjust the latitude, the black bar to change month, and even to fold it, "Do you think they'll be happy?" Enderia asked, pressing against Meeth as she placed it carefully down, eyeing the black space on the outer ring, she could only assume her client would engrave something there. "We shall see, he'll need to test it, but if theres something off, we have the other rings, so we can try again." She replied, placing a gloved hand on the dragoness's head. "Thank you for the help, Enderia." She said softly, the dragon closing her eyes and dozing for bit..... such projects were fun, but tiring..

There was one final thing to do, meld a ring and a cord to it, so that it could be carried with ease... but that was a task for later...

WC: 889

Author's Notes

WC: 889
Terrain: Meta/Thunder