It Turn Out Okay

2 years, 2 months ago

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The early morning sun found its way into the room, the curtained windows were opened for the world to leak in as the gentle breeze pushed around papers and moved around other lighter objects that scattered the room. Sitting at the kitchen table, the slim incubus staring at the page before him as he sighed deeply at his scrambled mind.

It was a bit too early for him still, but he had grown used to waking with his nice dark haired husband and previously his dragons who were so distressed by the missing rider. He couldn’t blame them, there was a hole in everyone as the feline rider was gone, but that mattered no more as he had returned and made himself at home.

His cool colored hair that had grown longer in the past few years was pulled back into a ponytail as he twirled the pen between his fingers, debating more on what he should write to release these stressed feelings.

“You could draw?” He heard as he looked up from the table to the brown colored dragon with blood red fur that sloshed around as he wiggled.

“You are right, what are you doing out here Al? Gerold was looking for you in the kitchen.”

“Is boring, Gerold got bored and went to read. Wife and I wander now.” Nodding, he did suppose that was fair enough.

Jogging down the hall, Isabella had a banana in her mouth she was currently fleeing with. 'Stolen' from the kitchen, it was technically an extra from asking Diem to suddenly make her banana bread, but it was a just in case extra in case her rider needed ooone more. Hopefully he didn't though, Bel turning after the scent of her husband into the room with a certain blue haired incubus in it. "Yes, wander!" She cooed excitedly, only catching the last couple sentences.

Going to rub up against Alfy, she reached up to stroke his red mane with her paw. She had been up for a while herself, but she just liked to rise early with her rider and get a kickstart on the day. "What are you doing Ryou?" she questioned, trotting over to rest her head on the desk for pets as well. She thought she heard something about drawing as she was wandering over, but that paper had words on it instead.

“I see.” Ryou had to admit it was nice having the bonded dragons on board with them, they were so fluffy and happy to travel together through the sky even if they couldn’t do much then wander the ship and stare out the window. Just curling up together was fine for them. “I’m writing a letter to Diem’s parents. Gerold said it’s the month to write letters to people you hold ill thoughts against and shoot them off into the sky, in hope those feelings vanish like the letter...”

Ryou wasn’t too sure if that was how it would go, but he hoped. He understood why they didn’t help, but it didn't make those two years the hardest he ever endured just trying to keep everyone together in some sort of way while looking for the dear dark haired boy.

Puffing her cheeks out at the mention of the parents, Bel never liked them to begin with. They were the reason her rider wasn't as happily gay as he could have been when she was a baby! Of course she hadn't known that then, but she did now and it just made her upsetty thinking about it. Tapping her claws on the desk, she huffed, "Write that they're mean! And bad! And that they aren't getting any banana bread!"

The ball on her tail flicked in irritation knocking briefly against the floorboards and making her jump. Looking around, she signed, resting her head back on the table. At least she hadn't felt the worst of it, spending most of her time while Diem was taken away with Al and Gerold. They were both nice, but she had been so excited when her rider returned, then heartbroken when he didn't remember her. Now she just blamed the parents as the root of this problem for not letting him be the big gay to begin with. "Put that they're straight too! How daaaare they!" Slightly unreasonable since she was being the big straight too with Al, but she just wanted to help put things in the letter.

Leaning into his hand as he watched Bella huff and twitch her tail until she startled herself, she was so endearing even if upset and only trying to help. SHe meant so well, and was one of the dragons Ryou left on her own as she stayed with the light colored rider and his not so light colored dragon that became her husband. He was glad she returned, even if sad for a few days for Diem still taking everything in.

“They are mean, but at least the dad wanted what is best. Why don’t you sit and write as well?” He offered, letting her take one of the bigger pens and a paper as Al peeked his head over the table, his small hands making grabby hands at some of the colored one that Ryou let him have.

“May I draw?”

“Of course, Al. Why don’t you draw as Bella writes. You can help her.” Watching as the two settled down to write away, Ryou shook his head as he went back to writing as well.

Head more clear, his anger out, though he was still upset at the parents even if he would never tell them. He had his darling, and soon these works would burn in the sky and they’d sit and watch while eating snacks under the night sky. It was not a perfect world, as he learned, but he knew it was much better with the other rider by his side. That was enough of a upside that he’d let the grudge go, and just cuddle in the cold night and hope one day Diem would remember more of them.