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"Disguised" as Kazu'ran, Covenant returned to Nazmir with the help of a friend, and is given a small reassurance from his loa about whenever his death may come. (meant as a post-RP ficlet)

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Kazu'ran slunk away to his little hidden room once Zagai had departed, fingers carefully holding the feather that Git had left behind. Bwonsamdi watched him, still eerily quiet.. the loa normally was ready to bicker with his more feisty follower at any given moment, but with Kazu in that sort of mood, it soured his own. But he would let the troll rest, idly floating backwards to resume his usual duties.


It wouldn't be until morning that the warlock awoke, and naturally, the first thing he saw was Bwonsamdi's half-skull face staring back at him. If he wasn't so used to it, he'd probably have jumped right out of his bed. The loa had brought himself down to a small enough size to sit on his bed, but he was still far larger than the troll by more than a couple of feet. A skeletal hand found the other's hair and he began to comb his two fingers through it, gentle as can be. Kazu'ran sighed softly, remaining horizontal for the time being aside from pulling himself up to rest on his elbows.

"I felt dat likkle episode ya had, Kazu'ran," came Bwonsamdi's voice, a bit quieter in tone than usual. "But dat be all ol' Bwonsamdi felt. Haven't sensed ya presence much since den, and ya magic feels.. muted. What did ya do?"

"I.. tried ta get rid of de fel. Was told it be de only way ta ensure I.. get da go to de Other Side, and don't get stuck wit' de Legion," he admitted outright, and Bwonsamdi's hand paused in its ministrations as he tilted his head towards the troll.

"Who told ya dat?"

"A shadow huntah."

Bwonsamdi gave a heavy, almost offended snort as he resuming petting through Kazu'ran's hair. "I be de only one decidin' ya fate, likkle ting. De fel tries very hard ta tug ya away from me, but I be strongah. Ya won't be gettin' away from our deal dat easily, hmm?" The warlock smiled faintly and managed a tiny laugh, and the loa grinned as a digit tilted the other's head up. "Dere be ya smile. T'ought ya went and lost it wit' everyting else."

"Y-Ya embarrassin' me, Bwonsamdi.." he murmured, and Bwonsamdi clicked his tongue in annoyance.

"Tch! Embarrassin' ya to who? We be de only ones here. Can be rude ta ya if dat be what ya prefer." The comment was accented with a little flick to Kazu's tusk, and he winced with a grumble. His tired orange eyes gazed up at the loa again, and Bwonsamdi stared him down a moment before he leaned in to press his exposed teeth against the troll's forehead. "Go get yaself clean, fix ya hair, and fill ya belly. Doesn't do ol' Bwonsamdi any good ta have unhappy followahs."

Kazu'ran grinned weakly, the traces of a blush tinting the tips of his ears. "Yes, my Loa."