[CC] Grand Display: Morkal + King

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Chapter 1
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Dragons must undergo thorough courtship traditions before others will be interested in breeding with them. The Grand Display pushes their skills to the limit, ensuring only the finest of Dragons will go on to breed. Each element has their own traditions to impress others of their kind, though this same practice can dissuade their opposing element from breeding. Regardless of this, achieving their own element’s Grand Display is a dream of every growing dragon, and they are eager to enter into the ceremony as soon as permitted.

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Author's Notes

Before they can impress potential mates, they must earn the respect of an elemental dragon matching their own element which has already passed through the Grand Display. This dragon should also not belong to the same player as the dragon going through the trial. Depict your dragon fighting its companion for this prompt! You may choose to portray the dragons using their elemental magic, even if they have not unlocked those abilities yet. Alternatively, show the dragon impressing its companion with a mastery of their element.

Strength Trial

"Come back here you bird branied freak!" Morkal screamed... okay it wasn't the best insult, but the cursed avian dragon who was his 'opponent' was getting on his nerves, the endless 'cheerful' whistling that was frankly irritating. He glanced over at his companion, a dragon he'd only met several days ago as she went through her rites of renewal, at least she had a proper opponent. Squawking, he dropped dodging the rock the purple feathered dragon had just thrown at him... becasue the stupid thing as earth... and in a land of floating earth... he had plenty of ammunituin. Diving, weaving between the floating rocks, Morkal dove, his smaller frame easily dodiging the green glowing rocks that Zeke threw.... a green glow coverered the dragon... and Morkal 'bounced' off, his attack for nothing... An amused whistle sounded as he righted himself... Glaring Morkal hovered on the winds as he tried to figure some way of besting the older male...

King snarled... or.. well tried to.... it paled in comparison to the sound her competitor made, the melanistic light dragon bared her own fangs in response... she was also quite a bit larger; still it was a fun challenge. King grinned, hearing Morkal scream at Zeke, before running towards Abhorson, though if she ever met the older female in true battle.. well she'd likely run the other way... and then do a sneak attack... which was what she was going to now. Powerful legs carried her towards her foe, and the dragon lowered her head, horn faced towards her, at the last moment, King turned veering off and jumping onto a floating bit of earth and out of the others sight... at least for now.

Morkal spotted the well.. spotted form of the earth dragon dart up and around the floating earth... realising what she meant to do... though at least she had the earth she could play with... yelping he dropped again as the floating earth around him started to press close, any slower and he would of been crushed. "Now you've asked for." He shouted, all thoughts of the other pair pushed from his mind. Below him the purple dragon yawned, shaking himself... and then launched another rock at him, the green glow lingering. Now though Morkal had an idea, the other dragon was using his magic... and so would he... he'd already used it to support King before, and he could do it the other way. Flying upwards weaving in and our of the floating earth, only then did he begin to 'sing' the sound been amplified as he focused on Zeke, and focused only on him, the wind magic turning the air a light purple, fear hitting the avain dragon completely. Still singing Morkal had the joy of hearing Zek chirp in startlement and a tinge of fear, floating with ease on the air he continued to weave his magic, he couldn't beat Zeke through strength, but he could use his magic....

Ignoring the purple hue above her, King continied to weave between the earth, spotting the dark from of Abhorson below her, and then she leapt, claws outstretched to strike, at the last minute the older female stepped to one side, and King crashed, the impact winding her as black hooves flashed as Abhorson reared up, rolling King dodged the deadly limbs, her neckfrill flared as she hissed... and a green glow covered her, and the floating rocks above began to fall towards them, causing Abhorson to turn from the smaller dragon to strike out at the earth, shattering the earth with ease, before turning to snarl at King.... this fight was far from over.

Author's Notes

WC: 609
Terrain: Earth/Wind (flaoting earth...)
Morkal with companion Zeke
King with compaion Abhorson