The Rabbit Is Out Of The Hat

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2 years, 16 days ago
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Chapter 1
Published 2 years, 16 days ago

Gerold and Alphone meet Zoren and Mytos

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A Dinner Invitation

Whistling a merry tune, Zoren currently had his dragon hooked up to their cart, the bright and sunny day making for perfect traveling conditions along the well worn road. They were currently traveling from one town to another to briefly keep under the radar of a certain murderous individual that didn't approve of his thieving habits. He absolutely adored messing with the tall angry man, but he made getting enough food to live off of surprisingly hard in his line of work.

"Usagi?" the lovely black and white horse questioned, preferring to use the nickname for the children, meaning bunny. Leaning forward on the reigns, the rider quieted down to give a curious hum. "Yeees~? What is it my dear, six legged compadre?" Rolling his hat down one arm over his shoulder to the other, he donned the makeshift house back on his head. "Someone's in the middle of the road."

“Alphonse, what on earth are you doing?” The oddly white male asked, his wigs folded to lay against his back as he looked up his book. He had been reading more about light dragons, having gotten his first in the other day, and boy were they so much more work already then his lovely brown dino who was ruffling around in the bushes. The white angel male was also marking and highlighting certain points, doing his best to not run into the doodles his dragon put in the book. He had told him many times not to, but he guessed as he hadn’t gotten him a journal of his own he’d deal.

“I found some feathers! You make pens with those right?” Clutched in his small arms, were a few rather bright feathers. Bubbles leaked out of his nose and floated away. He was so young and... so special. Sighing though, Gerold nodded and agreed.

“You are right, we can make some very pretty pens with those.”

Leaning to the side slightly, Zoren looked around his plated stead to see a rather tall individual making notes in a book. Mytos slowly coming to a stop next to them, they shook out their mane out before leaning forward to sniff at the stranger. Not as keen on hopping down from his post at the front of the cart, the rabbit held a hand up in greeting to the possible traveler. "Greetings my fine feathered fellow! You haven't found yourself in a bit of trouble or anything have you?"

Smiling without a care in the world, the roaming magician was a perfectly peaceful guy when he wasn't gathering knickknacks and trinkets from the unsuspecting audience. He loved to have fun, flirt, and in general joke around with all he ran into, which meant he much preferred when others were smiling and having a good time as well.

Looking up as a cart came to a stop near him, he looked at the strange horse in front of him and reaching into his pocket withdrew an apple to feed to the strange horse drawn carriage. He was learning at least, but he did try his best to befriend the strange dragons who looked so pretty. Even as Zoran started calling, he didn’t seem to hear at first, petting Mytos so gently as he put away his book. He did respond with time though, leaving Mytos to sniff away at him

“Not at all, just taking my dragon companion on a walk.” His tone was level, without emotion, his face young in appearance but eyes looked as if they had seen everything.

“He means me, my good sirs. I am Alphonse!” Offering a flower to the horse and so pleased to watch it nibbled away.

Pleased with the offerings, Mytos would be someone's best friend for an apple, this new man simply on a walk with their dragon. While flowers weren't as high on his list of favored foods, they were still appreciated, taking and munching on it. The children from the plays often fed him various grasses and weeds as well, which didn't really interest him, but Usagi always gave him a treat afterwards for not complaining about the more bitter weeds.

Tilting his head at the other, the dragon seemed in good spirits, but the other winged man was probably the most emotionless looking stranger he had yet to come across. Not even the many eyed companion looked so listless, though more often than not they were looking at him rather angrily no matter how hard he tried to cheer them up with flowers, confetti, and tricks. "I see! Well hello there Alphonse!" Deciding to hop down from the cart since they didn't seem terribly dangerous, Zoren leaned in closer to the bubbly dinosaur, holding up his hand and whispering, but doing it in a loud and obvious manner. "You look rather chip my friend, but what of your rider? He looks like he could use quite the pick me up. Or a strong drink."

Staring up at the long eared rider as Alphone turned his entire body to look at Gerold, the angel rider was back to looking at his book and marking down important details. He seemed normal to the small dinosaur, turning back to Zoran as he offered the strange horse dragon some carrots now, as he had plenty for super.

“Gerold is quite fine, he is always like that. One of the pink haired riders that resides in the sanctuary often says he needs to get laid though, whatever that means.” Chipper and well spoken, Al offered Zoren a carrot as well before he started after his rider who was starting to walk away. He was still small in size, not even to his rider’s chest yet and still growing.

“Come along, Alphonse. We need to get back home to start dinner before the angry boys destroy the kitchen again.” Starting off back down the road, Alphonse nodded as he looked at the pair, figuring some more company was always nice.

“Would you like to join us for dinner? We’re having stew over rice tonight.”

Tilting his head at the offer, Zoren gladly took the offered carrot, munching on it right away. The rabbit and his horse were quite the predictable pair, loving their stereotypical snacks more than anything. They both could agree that they loved to eat, even if they didn't always agree on how Zoren acquired the means to make their food.

Leaning casually Mytos, the other rider and dragon were much more opposites, though he did wonder what angels preferred to eat. The question not needing to wait for long as they were invited over for dinner. Blinking, it wasn't terribly uncommon for someone to either ask the flirtatious rabbit over for dinner, or to have as dinner, but he was hoping it would be the first one, the second was often literal like rabbit soup. "But of course! We'd love to if you don't mind the intrusion!" When they mentioned the angry boys, Zoren was also thinking there would be a pair of young children to entertain with his magic tricks and wiles. "Would you like to hop on in front with me, or ride in the back? I'm sure my dear Mytos here would be more than happy if you wanted to travel on his back as well." Nodding his head, the dragon horse of course minded not, especially for the pair to share an apple and carrot with him and his rider.

He was easy to please. Thinking that the emotionless one was a little strange but kind enough to feed a couple of travelers, and of course enjoying the way the dinosaur pronounced their words so well. It was quite different from what he was used to from other earthly looking dragons. Plenty of them simply tried to nip at his hooves or attempt to start headbutting games because of how he looked like a ram with his curled horns.