The Rabbit Is Out Of The Hat

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2 years, 14 days ago
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Chapter 4
Published 2 years, 14 days ago

Gerold and Alphone meet Zoren and Mytos

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The Show Is About To Start!

Sitting in the field with small horse like dragon’s nearby, Gerold was having a hard time keeping them close enough to him while the show was being set up. Whatever it may be. Alphonse was off chasing after one of them, scooping them up in his mouth and returning them to Gerold who thanked his dagon as he stroked along their short manes that were still growing in. ONe of the other house guests had just hatched a batch of light dragons and light hybrids but were off to gather more, leaving them in the care of Gerold who was the only other light rider there.

“Stay calm now, don’t you wanna see what the bunny has to show us?” He cooed, though his voice was still monotone. Staring up at him with it's many eyes, it did settle down for a moment as Al brought back another and set it next to Gerold. This one firmly attached to a rock that Al had to use some of his magic to get, but there were no hard feelings as he was off to collect another before it got far.

Unpacking the box, Zoren had set up a small stage completely with a couple retractable poles and a borrowed blanket when he realized he had forgotten to pack that in. Peaking his head out briefly to check on the slowly growing audience, he was still dressing up Mytos, but wanted to make sure they weren't keeping the small crowd. Luckily it seemed Alphy was still in the processes of gathering everyone up. Winking at the pair that were sitting and the plus one that had joined when he wasn't looking, he went back behind the makeshift curtain.

"Don't forget my other side," The dragon reminded him, turning his head to the side where the eyes weren't painted on yet. Chuckling, Usagi grabbed up his brush and started applying the makeup. They were well done, but of course it was up to his companion to remember to use their light magic to 'blink' with them. "Alright my darling little diva, I'm ready for my makeover as well~" stomping one set of feet excitedly, Mytos casted a glamor over his rider, letting them play their female role for the show. The dragon checking the outside first this time, they wanted to make sure Alphonse was there and sitting with whomever they had gathered up before opening the curtains.

“That’s all of them Gerold!” Al said as his came back with one more light dragon in his arms, a very huffy one that wriggles about as Gerold was already covered in small dragons who took to pulling as his wings and ponytail that hung down. Al took his spot after, snuggling up close enough to Gerold to get a small pat for being such a good babysitter with him.

“Thank you Al, your help was much appreciated at the time. Let’s see what Zoren and Mytos have planned for us now.” It was a pain getting the young ones to stay still, but with the power of many snacks and stroking them they had all stayed gathered around Gerold for now, each getting a snack occasionally as long as they stayed close by.

Not too long after the last of the light hatchlings and Alphonse joined, the curtains were flung open for all to see. It caught the attention of the young ones as Myto has glammed up his rider, making the rabbit male look similar enough but in female for this show! So excited, they all gathered into Gerold’s lap, leaving him just sitting there and realizing he’d have to bleach his clothes to get the grass stains out. A pity, as he wasn’t fond of doing laundry, but as a single man what could he do?