Slime Time

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Chapter 3
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Author's Notes

Thunder / Earth

"He is super pretty isn't he?" Isabella chuckled, much happier now that she had two friends riding on her back. It hadn't been much of a problem to find the green slime in the mountain city. Currently there was a young looking rider on her back holding the slime that simply looked so happy to be going for a trot with them. They had apparently gotten lost and separated after getting flustered at the sight of someone quite dashing. Which the dam could understand quite well! "I feel all wiggly too whenever I get to talk to Alphonse! He's so nice, and comes out to play with me whenever I ask. He even brings me snacks when I don't ask sometimes!"

Enjoying the casual ride through the streets, she told the pair to hold on probably a little too late as she hopped herself over a small rocky wall as a shortcut. The ones on her back yelped, sliding off to land a little ungracefully on the ground, but Isabella of course knew this was mostly her fault as she hurried and helped them back up. "I'm so sorry! Um, here let me help!" Trying to pat the dirt off, the other chuckled musically, waving off her frantic behavior as they claimed it was fine.

“Gerold, GEROLD!” Alphone screeched, holding the yellow crowned slime out as far from his body as he could with his head turned away. The dark brown earth dragon loved exploring the city to find the slime that was so pretty, but now he wished he never picked it up and left it among the pile of gold it was sleeping on and trying to blend into. But, alas, Gerold said he needed to come with them before they left.

“Just put it in the bag, Alphone. It’ll be fine.”

“But what if he hurts the others, Gerold. Then they will be sad!” The big trex made his best puppy dog eyes at his rider, sighing as he reached out the thick gloved arms to take the dragon and put it in himself, shaking his head at his dragon but looked down at the face he was being given as he slipped away the pretty golden slime and could only hope Bella has the earth one. .

“Don’t look at me like that, I’m not the one who caused you such predicaments.”

“Don’t be mean now, Gerold! You’re just grumpy cause you've been out all day!”

“I’m grumpy because this is a nuisance, let’s go find Bella.”

The trio seeming to be easily distracted, were currently still trying to playfully slap at one another. Isabella was doing her very best to dust off the other rider, but they simply weren't having it! In the playful manner of course, slapping at the tops of her fuzzy bear paws whenever she would reach up to dust them. "There's a spot right there though!" She insisted, reaching up again just to have the agile rider tap her paw back down.

As an Earth dragon, it would be mere child's play to simply keep her paw up and wipe it away without caring about the slap, but she was far too nice for such a thing! Instead she pouted until the other finally put the green slime in her paws to hold, then up and over their way on to her back once more. Surprisingly agile for a supposed lady, but the dam was impressed all the same. "Fiiiine, I guess you win this time," She caved, starting on their trip once more back to Gerold. They even met a nice alley cat half way there!

Having a group of four was even more fun! The saying the more the merrier being amazingly true, she couldn't wait until they got back to the awaiting angel and his dragon. Just when they were in sight however, the rider flailed at her until she crouched down for them, running off into the distance. "Ah wait! You haven't met Gerold yet! And Alphonse! THEY'RE SUPER NICE!" she had to shout the last part as they were getting too far away. Now, however, she turned to give the pair the biggest eyes with her slime still in hand. "My new friend ran awaaaaaay!"

Finally convincing Alphonse that it was perfectly fine to put the grumpy slime in the bag, and how all the slimes would be safe, and no they wouldn’t get hurt, Gerold was just left rubbing at his face as Al was picking up building materials to toss around. Showing off his strength and actually trying to see were there any hidden gems under any structures that someone could have missed. Gerold himself doubted it, but he was learning to leave his dragons to it if it meant no one was being harmed.

Seeing the dam running at the pair of them, green and oblivious slime in hand, Gerold was left standing there and blinking as she was so distressed about her new friend, leaving him wondering did that strange person find their way around them again and then flee once too close. He wasn’t sure, now was he sure that he wanted to know now that he thought about the idea of someone lurking in the not so shadows.

“It’s alright Bella, you still have your cat friend. You have us as well, how about we go back to the field and roll around in the grass for a bit with the other wild friends. Doesn’t that sound nice?” Though still given big eyes, the dam nodded a yes as Gerold took slime and put it in the bag as well, leading them off to this fabled relaxing time for a little bit until everyone was happy once again.