Slime Time

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Chapter 7
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Author's Notes

Just a compilation of all the parts into one piece, to make it easier for those who want to just keep scrolling and reading. The title is just the terrain they are in, and the word count is next to the title. ♥

The Slime Quest (all in one)

Day / Light (637)

“Alphonse, make sure to be careful when lifting rocks, you don't know if they could be lurking under the rocks you are lifting. You may accidentally squish the very things we’re trying to find, then you’ll feel quite bad.” Raising his hand to shield his face as he looked a bit in the distance to his dragon who was off prancing around and lifting rocks, Gerold was sent out in the blinding sunny day to find these slimes that had apparently exploded and escaped to the great wilderness during an accident in a lab. In honesty, it didn’t really interest Gerold, but he supposed it gave Alphonse time to interact with others they might come across while traveling and have him out and about. The earth dragon did like that after all.

It also gave him time to hang out with his distraught wife dragon who had recently lost a rider and needed all the help she could keeping her mind off of that situation. Gerold didn’t mind taking care of her for now, letting the young one try and mend his broken heart and do what he thought was best. He wasn’t sure the path Ryou chose was the right one, but it was the one that he wanted to take and set himself off to do

“Understood Gerold! I shall be more careful with the rocks!” Setting the large boulder sized rock back down, but more gently then the previous one that jumped and left a few holes, he was lifting up another when a pink slime with the cutest face came out, making the biggest eyes as they staring up at Alphonse. Noticing the glimmer in the light, Gerold came over to gently coo and scoop up the adorable slime.

“There there, we got you, come along  now pretty darling.” Gerold cooed, letting Al set the rock down before letting him reach out his little arms to touch the slime, so happy to have found the first one.

Swishing the ball on her tail from side to side, Isabella was currently trying to claw her way up a tree. The sun was a bit too bright for her taste as it shone brilliantly across the sky as well. At points having to close her eyes as she tried to climb the tree and huff at hopefully the right spot.

She had taken off from the ship that left her feeling so down to the nice gentlemanly dragon and their rider that talked at her sweet enough to remind her of her missing one. She adored Ryou, but they were about as much of a mess as she was at the moment, not wanting to sit around moping long with the others.

"Come down! It's okay!" she called up to the highest branch. Something spikey, yellow, and most importantly slimy, was at the top of the tree just waiting for her to come up there and get it. Her smaller bear-like paws weren't the best match with raptor talons when it came to tree climbing though. Oh how she wished she had bear feet as well at the moment. Only briefly, because that sounded like quite the odd sight that she didn't want the pretty bubble dinosaur to see.

The slime merely babbled at her at first, making all sorts of noises that separate, sort of sounded like they might be from a language, but together, were all garbled up. "Awe common, we can play bunches with the others if you come down!" she tried, flailing her paws around. Something she didn't think would work at first, but before she knew it, the slime was leaping into the air, gravity bringing it right back down into her arms as she blinked at it. "Ahaha, yay! Let's go! Gerold, Alphonse look!"


Fire / Jungle (765)

Jumping as Gerold pulled his foot back from a patch of grass he just stepped on, he never knew a fiery jungle existed, and he was sure he would have been better off not knowing they did. He had come from a world where this wasn’t all that plausible, but in chronoscape he supposed that sort of logic went out the window when the worlds would rip open and dump things and creatures from other worlds into it. Even he did the same, though he also went back in time as far as he knew as well.

“Gerold, this leaf with a face is teasing me...” Whining at hsi rider, Gerold was standing on one of the rocks, looking down at a small pit of fire that would hurt but with his tough skin he figured he could run through, but there was the small slime just dancing around with it's’ fireproof leaf, taunting the dragon who wouldn’t hop down to get him.

“Blow some bubbles at it, I’m a bit caught up not stepping in some fire myself... What sadistic mother nature thought this was a good idea?” He huffed, taking a tentative step forward.

Leaping easily through the fires, Seros didn't mind the flames licking at his clawed toes. The fiery jungle was actually just in his element as he hunted down the fiercely angry slime that had escaped him just a moment ago. Something that was largely due to the effeminately dressed rider on their back. The other having fallen at just the wrong time from the tree tops, screeching and making him dash over to catch the damsel.

They were quite apologetic, going into detail about how they had just stumbled through a portal into the area to find themselves lost in fog. Then the next thing they knew, there they were, falling through the ground where Seros had rescued them. Telling the other it was fine, he'd get them out of the dangerous location, but only after he caught the slime they had scared off.

Agreeing without a fight, the beautifully dressed rider clung to their new noble steed, chasing the fiery slime through the forest now. Not paying much mind as he nearly had it snatched up in his jaws now.

Lowering his body down as he stared at the slime that taunted him, as the red leaf wearing slime blew a raspberry, the earth dragon huffed, blowing a steady stream of bubbles at the slime that fell back and looked so distraught having a taste of their own slightly-too-cruel-to-be-fun medicine.

“The leaf no longer taunts me, Gerold!”

“I’m proud, please pick it up now.” Making his way over, hopping over an area still set ablaze, he turned to the sound of screeching before letting out a loud whistle to call back the fire cat that he was watching for a strange forest spirit. As he saw his snatch up the fire blub he cooed such sweet words of how he was a wonderful dragon, that deserved the praise, holding open the bag for the feline to drop it in before he sighed, just wishing this slime madness would be done already. He was curious where the person that was previously on the dragon’s back was off to, but he decided it was best not to question it.

Finally scooping the blazing slime up, the feeling of it in his mouth wasn't something Seros was very interested in feeling for long. Already on his way back towards Gerold before they needed to call, he blinked his three eyes up at the rider that patted his neck. Pausing for a moment, he wasn't sure what they wanted at first, so tried to continue, but he finally heard the soft voice asking to be let off before they went on. Making questioning noises, he shook his head, wanting to see them out of the chronoscape himself, but when he attempted to move forward again, he felt them start to slide off his back on their own.

Not wanting them to simply fall to the ground while he was moving, he gave in, letting the other go off on their own, soon disappearing back into the fog of the mysterious beyond. Sighing, he hurried to Gerold, dropping the slime in before he ran off again. The fire dragon had a sense of duty he wanted to fulfill to the strange rider, if he was fast enough, perhaps he could catch up to them before they vanished completely.


Thunder / Earth (968)

"He is super pretty isn't he?" Isabella chuckled, much happier now that she had two friends riding on her back. It hadn't been much of a problem to find the green slime in the mountain city. Currently there was a young looking rider on her back holding the slime that simply looked so happy to be going for a trot with them. They had apparently gotten lost and separated after getting flustered at the sight of someone quite dashing. Which the dam could understand quite well! "I feel all wiggly too whenever I get to talk to Alphonse! He's so nice, and comes out to play with me whenever I ask. He even brings me snacks when I don't ask sometimes!"

Enjoying the casual ride through the streets, she told the pair to hold on probably a little too late as she hopped herself over a small rocky wall as a shortcut. The ones on her back yelped, sliding off to land a little ungracefully on the ground, but Isabella of course knew this was mostly her fault as she hurried and helped them back up. "I'm so sorry! Um, here let me help!" Trying to pat the dirt off, the other chuckled musically, waving off her frantic behavior as they claimed it was fine.

“Gerold, GEROLD!” Alphone screeched, holding the yellow crowned slime out as far from his body as he could with his head turned away. The dark brown earth dragon loved exploring the city to find the slime that was so pretty, but now he wished he never picked it up and left it among the pile of gold it was sleeping on and trying to blend into. But, alas, Gerold said he needed to come with them before they left.

“Just put it in the bag, Alphone. It’ll be fine.”

“But what if he hurts the others, Gerold. Then they will be sad!” The big trex made his best puppy dog eyes at his rider, sighing as he reached out the thick gloved arms to take the dragon and put it in himself, shaking his head at his dragon but looked down at the face he was being given as he slipped away the pretty golden slime and could only hope Bella has the earth one. .

“Don’t look at me like that, I’m not the one who caused you such predicaments.”

“Don’t be mean now, Gerold! You’re just grumpy cause you've been out all day!”

“I’m grumpy because this is a nuisance, let’s go find Bella.”

The trio seeming to be easily distracted, were currently still trying to playfully slap at one another. Isabella was doing her very best to dust off the other rider, but they simply weren't having it! In the playful manner of course, slapping at the tops of her fuzzy bear paws whenever she would reach up to dust them. "There's a spot right there though!" She insisted, reaching up again just to have the agile rider tap her paw back down.

As an Earth dragon, it would be mere child's play to simply keep her paw up and wipe it away without caring about the slap, but she was far too nice for such a thing! Instead she pouted until the other finally put the green slime in her paws to hold, then up and over their way on to her back once more. Surprisingly agile for a supposed lady, but the dam was impressed all the same. "Fiiiine, I guess you win this time," She caved, starting on their trip once more back to Gerold. They even met a nice alley cat half way there!

Having a group of four was even more fun! The saying the more the merrier being amazingly true, she couldn't wait until they got back to the awaiting angel and his dragon. Just when they were in sight however, the rider flailed at her until she crouched down for them, running off into the distance. "Ah wait! You haven't met Gerold yet! And Alphonse! THEY'RE SUPER NICE!" she had to shout the last part as they were getting too far away. Now, however, she turned to give the pair the biggest eyes with her slime still in hand. "My new friend ran awaaaaaay!"

Finally convincing Alphonse that it was perfectly fine to put the grumpy slime in the bag, and how all the slimes would be safe, and no they wouldn’t get hurt, Gerold was just left rubbing at his face as Al was picking up building materials to toss around. Showing off his strength and actually trying to see were there any hidden gems under any structures that someone could have missed. Gerold himself doubted it, but he was learning to leave his dragons to it if it meant no one was being harmed.

Seeing the dam running at the pair of them, green and oblivious slime in hand, Gerold was left standing there and blinking as she was so distressed about her new friend, leaving him wondering did that strange person find their way around them again and then flee once too close. He wasn’t sure, now was he sure that he wanted to know now that he thought about the idea of someone lurking in the not so shadows.

“It’s alright Bella, you still have your cat friend. You have us as well, how about we go back to the field and roll around in the grass for a bit with the other wild friends. Doesn’t that sound nice?” Though still given big eyes, the dam nodded a yes as Gerold took slime and put it in the bag as well, leading them off to this fabled relaxing time for a little bit until everyone was happy once again.


Ocean / Storm (801)

Waves lapping against the walls of the cave, Sharkie was squeaking away happily as he looked around the sapphire dwelling. He was pretty sure he had seen the bouncy little creature that the big dino and angel were looking for. It had hopped it's happy way into here. Looking around every rock and nook he could find, he wasn't making any headway until a glob of seaweed plopped onto his head.

Starting up a series of distressed squeaks, the small bipedal shark ran around in frantic circles while a purple bat like slime cackled from the gemmed ceiling. "That isn't very nice now!" Came the huffy voice, oh so pleasant to listen to, even as it was scolding the mischievous creature. Going still when he was picked up, Sharkie let out a long relieved squeak like a deflating chicken toy as the wet weeds were removed. Not really minding the wetness considering he was an ocean dragon, he merely looked around for the slime that was bullying him.

"No, no," the lady wagged their finger in front of his face, immediately drawing the easily distracted dragon's attention. "No revenge, at least not yet," Setting the smaller dragon back down on the ground, they held their arms up to the one on the ceiling, "Come on then, come apologize and we'll play a game together. Otherwise you might be shark bait~" It was said so sweetly

Sitting in the small boat, clothes covered in a clean rain coat with a white umbrella as close to his body as possible as they sailed along, Gerold wondered why did the sky gods not look down upon him with gleeful faces and instead frown and soak him with this unpleasant weather. Al didn’t seem to mind, head over the edge and he started into the water, small arms unable to reach the liquid but he was having a great time watching the small amount of fish that dared swim close to shore and other brave ocean creatures things go by while the rider was trying to stay as dry as possible.

“What are we looking for again?”

“Blue watery slime” The rider told him as he looked around to the shore side, it’s water counterpart at war with the sky water while the beachy land didn’t have a care in the world and was some mx of liquid and sand Gerold was still displeased with.

“Oh, that was just another fish then. Shame, as soon as we find it we could head back to land.”

“Yeah, a complete shame if you ask me. Look at all this wonderful weather and all....” Huffing at the weather, he tightened his clean coat around him as he looked to his left, a blue and rather sad looking slime staring at him from the rail with big eyes as he stared back.

Letting the umbrella go he grabbed it, getting his face sprayed with a jet of water and a fit of crying was soon to follow, along with his umbrella was whipped away by the winds, but oh he got the slime. That was what mattered, he told himself, was he got the slime. Slipping it into the only dry part left on him, the bag hidden under the coat,  he was less thrilled being soaked but now he could start turning the boat back to land.

"One, two, and- THREE!" the trio laughed together as the rider tossed the slime into the air and it stuck itself to the side of the cave wall. The little shark dragon was soon to follow, yeeted upwards where it clung on to the slime as well. Together, the pair stretched slightly until they started swinging like a tire, in and out of the storm weather. The other might not know it, but as Sharkie was tossed once more by the slime into the arms of the rider, he knew quite well that they weren't exactly what they appeared to be.

He was carried around all the time by all sorts of people, especially by his missing cat rider, so he knew that nice, hard, flat chest when hugged closely against it. Not that the earth hybrid minded at all, in fact, he thought the other looked very pretty in their skirt, even if it was a little damp now. The thick embroidered jacket covered everything nicely.

Hearing the tell tale sign of the boat returning however, Sharkie flailed his flippers for the storm slime to come down. It clung up as if it was refusing, but gave in just in time to tackle the dragon. By the time he looked back, the rider was gone, leaving him confused, but he had the slime the other wanted, rushing back out to meet them with so many excited squeaks.


Wind / Metal (816)

Looking over the edge of the floating island that Gerold was currently standing on, he had found his way up to a higher area to admire the glimmering amethyst and enjoy the cool breeze while Alphonse was chasing a purple little birdly slime around the larger island below. The people of the glittery and shiny city didn’t seem to mind, all so friendly as they cooed how sweet of a dragon Al was and how his pure seeming rider was so wonderful to take him on adventures. His patience was slowly coming to an end though, their adventure of out and about all day left him tired and desiring some sort of home cooked meal even if he had to make it himself.

Leaning down to his knees, Abyss tentatively reached his arm out to stroke the slime that looked oh so happy to see him. It jiggled and wiggled in excitement just being pet, he wanted to take it home with him to stroke it all day long. Something he knew he wasn't able to do, considering Gerold had requested it for their bag of slime collection... but.. maybe just a little more petting.

Gently patting the slime, it seemed just a little more was enough for it for now, suddenly bouncing off with a smile down the city. "No, please come back!" though if this ever worked, movies would be a lot shorter than usual. It seemed that the slime was hip hopping their way right into a crowd of people!

“Come here little birdy! Don’t you want to go back with all your lovely friendly faces? THey must miss you so!” Chasing the bird like slime some more, Alphonse sighed as he just let his shoulders slump forward, trudging after it as he knew he’d never catch up but the little birdy would wait until he caught up before leading the way more into people.

Having a seat on the ground himself, Gerold watched the pair of dragons that were under his care chase around two of the remaining four slimes left.

Raising a hand to shield his eyes a little, it was starting to grow dark, a good sign of the dinner time that was to come. Gerold could’t wait, all too ready to sit and read a book for the remaining time of his day, tired of the slime’s antics.

“I almost have it, Gerold!” Al called up, still so determined.

Weaving through the crowd, Abyss did his best to avoid touching anyone. Even when he did accidently bump into someone, they were so nice, apologizing first for not watching where they were going. The cluster of people was so thick though, he inevitably knocked someone over in his hurried steps after the slime. A little more sturdy and not nearly as short, he frantically made sure to apologize first this time, reaching down with an armored hand to help them back to their feet.

It wasn't the first time they had been knocked down today, but goodness, was it an exciting day trying to find his way back home. The rider knew he shouldn't simply go around portal hopping aimlessly, but he had no other choice. "No worries, we were both in a hurry," They smiled, making the dragon tilt its head at them.

Watching the other try to hurry away again, Abyss, grabbed their hand when he noticed them limping slightly. While it might not have been his doing, he was afraid enough of the answer not to ask. "U-Uhm, I'm sorry.. I um.." still holding on to their hand, he wasn't sure how to get the words out properly. Thankfully, the kind stranger blinked with big long lashes at him, but smiled once again, "Actually, would you mind helping me wrap my ankle? I sprained it on my way here and haven't found a good spot to rest yet." More than happy to assist, they yelped when he bent down to pick them up, shoving the frilly skirt down for cover. Abyss wound up apologizing yet again, but was quick to leave the crowd for a nearby bench with a certain happily humming grey slime on it.

It took rather well to the injured rider, crawling up in their lap for a nap as they seemed to be getting tired with the long day too. At least that would make it easier to bring back to Gerold.

Grabbing the bird as it finally landed on a rock, Al held the slime as high as he could to show Gerold who chuckled from the safety of his height. Leaning down into his hands, both the bird slime and Alphonse were so pleased as Al started hsi trek back to his rider, all too ready to put this adventure to bed as well after a long eventful time out and about for these lost things.


Dark / Night (1018)

Listening to the slime mumbling to itself, the creature wasn't very active, but it was quite odd. Whenever Seros looked back at it, it looked away from him, continuing it's murmurs as if it hadn't looked upon him a single moment in its life. Heaving a sigh, he supposed as long as it kept still, he didn't mind. The night was as dark, but at least the sky was clear, a bright, full moon lighting up the sky overhead while a fire lit the ground below. Made by the dragon of course, to keep him and the damsel warm.

He had found 'her' again sitting beside a river soaking their ankle. Not wanting them to catch a cold, he lit a fire that had attracted the attention of the slime with a skull inside. Being leaned on, they stroked his fiery mane without worry, watching the flames flicker together.

Walking along in the quiet night, Alphonse was murmuring to Gerold as he held the very tired slime that was snoozing in his arms. Not wanting to wake them, Gerold agreed to hold the monotone colored slime for now as they walked along and looked for the other that was somewhere out in the darkness, below the moon and stars that shined down upon them and was the most pleasant time of day to Gerold even if he didn’t blend at all all with it.

“What do we do with the slimes once we caught them all?” Al asked, holding the bag very careful, not wanting to cause too much movement for the ones inside. He wasn’t sure they could feel such things, but he was careful just in case..

“I’m not sure.... I can only assume if i write a letter back saying we found them all they would come and get the bag. Worse case they may wander the sanctuary for the time being, I think Mint may enjoy their company if kept under close watch.” The pair of them had come out to find Seros, Mana had said he’d come collect them before morning and Gerold didn’t want the pretty fire lion wandering away from him and getting lost in the darkness.

Sitting so close together, even the murmuring skull slime had come to roll its way into the rider's lap. The three lightly dozing while they warmed up. Seros was easily able to keep the fire going warm and bright in the night, but became confused when he felt the other suddenly tense up. Their cheeks slightly flushed as they looked out into the void. The void that held one very contrasting white clothed angel coming towards them. "Greeting Gerold. I've found the slime, as well as the young lady from the jungle. She seems to have sprained her ankle, but is otherwise doing well."

Looking away with a shy smile, he wasn't normally so embarrassed but, well, the young pretty male didn't often get to see such a handsome angel on earth. Literally. There were so many different one liners that could be used, but none of them came to mind as he quietly stroked the slime.

“That’s very good, don’t forget to grab some food before it gets too late. Mana will be displeased if you don’t have something more definite to eat before he gets back.” Nodding to agree, Al loved how Gerold always took such good care of all the different dragons, including his sweet wife who was staying with them for a short period of time until the blue rider could figure things out.

Gerold paused to look over the other, carefully sitting down beside the other to look more closely at the ankle but was still very careful as to not wake the strange oddly tired slime that had no cares in the world.

“Come on Seros! There’s still plenty of food! Let’s get some before everyone eats it all, bouncing around a little, Al was so excited to also help, leading away the lion like dragon once he started following. Watching All and Seros be off, Gerold leaned back a bit to hold out the bag, allowing the slimes to slip in before he returned his attention to the other who was putting off an odd aura before it clicked and he gave a sweet smile. A rare site, but a pleasant one all the same as he offered his hand to the ‘damsel’.

“You look lovely, young sir, but I have much better medicine inside if you’d care to join me. It’s just as warm if not warmer, I promise you that.” Only smiling as he gave away that fact he knew what was under those pretty clothes, he still didn’t seem bothered as he waited for the response, helping them up and even picking up the pretty individual if allowed to.

Seros begrudgingly got up to follow after the dinosaur, supposing the temptation of food was nice and all. He would have preferred laying with the other rider, but they were in good enough hands with Gerold. It was highly unlikely they'd do anything unsavory, the fire hybrid huffing as he went with the excited bubbly dragon.

Raising an eyebrow with that slight curve to his lips, the rider was even more intrigued when the one named Gerold picked up on him and still called him lovely. "That's most kind of you. If you don't mind the intrusion, I'd be more than happy for a warm place to rest for a bit." More pleased if anything, he took their hand for assistance, Yelping as they were picked up yet again, but wrapped their arms around the angel's neck to keep steady.

Chuckling at both the excited feeling Alphonse was giving off, as well as to the stranger he swept up, his slime adventures were done. The night was still young, but Gerold has a funny feeling that soon he’d lose track of time in the company of someone else.

Not that he minded that at all, if anything, he welcomed the distraction.