[CC] Grand Display: Alphonse & Teoxihuitl

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Chapter 1
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Dragons must undergo thorough courtship traditions before others will be interested in breeding with them. The Grand Display pushes their skills to the limit, ensuring only the finest of Dragons will go on to breed. Each element has their own traditions to impress others of their kind, though this same practice can dissuade their opposing element from breeding. Regardless of this, achieving their own element’s Grand Display is a dream of every growing dragon, and they are eager to enter into the ceremony as soon as permitted.

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Author's Notes

Before they can impress potential mates, they must earn the respect of an elemental dragon matching their own element which has already passed through the Grand Display. This dragon should also not belong to the same player as the dragon going through the trial. Depict your dragon fighting its companion for this prompt! You may choose to portray the dragons using their elemental magic, even if they have not unlocked those abilities yet. Alternatively, show the dragon impressing its companion with a mastery of their element.

Strength Trial

The sun burned down on the sands, the shadows cast from the rocks and cacti minute, for the sun was at its zenith; little moved below, and what did was wary of the shadow that soared far above them, the barbary falcons wings spread as it rode the thermals, its sharp eyes keeping watch on anything that moved, ready to dive at the first sign of movement.

In the middle of a cactus 'field' though, two dragons tussled, playfighting as they waited for their companions to arrive, both were young, but were already itching to prove themselves. Alphonse rolled, kicking at the metal hybrid near him, and sending him stumbling, though Teo quickly righted himself, lashing out with his tail; seperating both yogsters shook themselves, the energy running through them. "There." Teo said, lifting up as high as he could (not that he was much bigger that Alphonse). Alphonse followed the others gaze spotting the plodding movements of the two dragon approaching them. One a purple, bird like dragon, who was cheerfully whistling; his own comapnion a dragon who looked moved more slowly, no rush in his gait, the tail plumes trailing in the sands below. Zeke and Tesseract; the youngsters companions for the first trial.

Teo brushed against Aphonse before charging towards Tesserect, the jungle/earth hybrid flaring the tail plumes as Zeke surged forward; for Tess was Teos's companion; lowering his head, Teo came closer and closer to the older male, who stood his ground, feet spread, his size larger that Teo had reaslised; hissing Teo barrelled into him, stumbling back from the force of the collision, Tess barely moving an inch, stunned, Teo was slow to respond as Tess lowered his head, slipping it underneath the other males chest and pushing with all of his weight, sending the metal/earth hybrid stumbling into the sands... and then waited for the next attack.

Aphonse watched Teo's charge, before returning his attention to the dragon pacing towards him, Zeke slowed as he neared, and cocked his head, waiting for the youngster to make the first move. Alphonse, bowed (well... it was meant to be a bow). "Please take care of me." He said, etiquette drilled into him, Zeke flared his wings, bowing in response, and gave a soft whistle, the amusement apparent. Alphonse was curious about the other, he simply didn't look like an earth dragon, even with the neckfrill amongst the feathers. Oh well.... Alphonse charged forward, taking a book out of Teo's respository, only to have Zeke sidestep with ease, the sands shifting around Alphonse's feet, green magic coursing through the terrain as avian utilised his magic. Growling, Alphonse struggled against the pressing sands, eventually breaking free as the magic faded and charging after the avian who was swiftly covering the desert with ease, slipping to 'hide' behind a large rock. Alphonse surged into the rock, shattering it..... only to have the rocks halt in their momentum, and surge towards him, Alphonse rolled, dodging the projectiles before chasing after Zeke once more.

Teo righted himself, circling the larger male, who followed his movements, sheer power alone wouldn't topple the larger male, he was heavier and more experianced....Still... Teo roared, and charged again, powerful feet churning the sands as Tess anchored himself again, plumes flared; this time Teo lowered his body, not aiming for the others chest... but instead for the legs, his entire weight thrown into the attack, Tess took it, the force moving him in the sands as the two hybrids locked, Teo attempting to topple the other as he stood firm against the pushing.

Above them the falcon continued to soar, a witness to the trials below, which were far from over.

Author's Notes

WC: 619
Terrain: Earth
Alphonse with companion Zeke
Teoxihuitl with companion Tesseract