[CC] Grand Display: Alphonse & Teoxihuitl

2 years, 4 months ago
2 years, 4 months ago
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Chapter 3
Published 2 years, 4 months ago

Dragons must undergo thorough courtship traditions before others will be interested in breeding with them. The Grand Display pushes their skills to the limit, ensuring only the finest of Dragons will go on to breed. Each element has their own traditions to impress others of their kind, though this same practice can dissuade their opposing element from breeding. Regardless of this, achieving their own element’s Grand Display is a dream of every growing dragon, and they are eager to enter into the ceremony as soon as permitted.

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Author's Notes

To complete the Providence Trial, your dragon must prove that they can provide for a family. Show them fulfilling one of the following prompts:

  • Finding an amazing deep sea treasure.
  • Gathering or hunting a feast.
  • Having a daring adventure through an unexplored cave.

Providence Trial

Having completeted both their strength and flexibility trial, both Teo and Al were eager to complete the last part, especially as it meant the could finally warm up; neither had any particular urge to go exploring underwater, and they'd hunted for food since leaving the wintery landscape. So the option was 'adventure through a unexplored cave'... and what better way than in an extinct volcano... the magma having long since cooled, but compared to the icy waters of before it was bliss for the two youngsters. "So warm." Teo commented pressed against the walls of the old chute happily, Alphonse didn't even respond, he'd dug himself a shallow hole was happily rolling around, letting the earth warm him up fully, for he'd not only been in the cold, but the water as well, and it had taken longer for him to warm up even with Tehvah's warmth presence, the female remaining long after Kuro had left, only leaving once she was sure both youngsters had recovered enough.

Teo didn't press Al to go any quicker, though he was itching to explore the old volcano, he could feel gems vaguely further in, an echo of sorts tingling along his earth sense, and metal... but that was far deeper. Finally Alphonse sighed and stood up, shaking himself his own jeweled parts glinting in the faint light that filtered down, the same as how it caught on Teo's neckfrill. "Thank you for waiting. Ready?" Alphonse asked, grinning when Teo nodded, easily slipping next to the grey male, sides pressing together as the headed deeper into the chute, the warmth increasing though the light faded, not that the lack of light bothered either dragon, the earth was easly to read, leading deeper into the volcano.

A small glow eventually caught Alphonse's attention and he nudged Teo to get his attention, curious as to what was causing the light, nodding Teo followed Al as he neared it, the chute opening into what had once been the magma chamber, the cavern immense, but despite the size, it was warm, the air nice as the two seperated, to explore the area. The small lights which had caught Al's notice turned out to be some sort of bug, now that he knew, he began nosing around the egde, in his periphial vison he could see Teo doing the same. Both could feel the tingle of precious stones and other minerals, but the cavern was too compacted to see anything immediately. He heard digging, and turned to see Teo digging up the dark earth, curious as to what he'd sensed, he strode over, and helped, using his powerful jaws to move the earth so that they could both see.It was diffcult, for the stone Teo had found was dark, brown or black neither was sure.

Grinning Alphonse bit down, breaking a chunk away and eating it, Teo followed suit... they'd probably get worng for chomping on gemstones, especially if they broke a tooth... after a few moments (after digging up some more of the dark mineral to return home with) they continued exploring the magma chamber, but nothing else really caught their attention. Instead they headed through another chute, this one not quite as 'steep' as the one they'd entered the volcano in.

It was long, the rocks shifting and changing as they felt the years of volcanic activity in the lines of the chute, it was also quite narrow, which meant that they had to walk nose to tail to travese it; eventually it started to climb, and the sweet scent of frest air tickled their noses long before the faint light of the outside world was apparent.

Alphonse stepped out into the lush forest first, his jaws gripping the hematite they'd dug up (now that they could see it), stepping to one side for Teo to step out; sides touching as they breathed in the air, and the warmth of the forest. The extinct volcano covered in green from this side.

Maybe they would return later to explore more of the volcano system, but after touching heads the two youngsters headed their seperate ways, to return to their riders, their display's completed at last.

Author's Notes

WC: 697
Terrain: Earth/Fire