your morning dose of sugar

3 months, 5 days ago

[Obey Me! fanfic, w/ Lucifer x MC]

Lucifer hates getting up in the mornings. Iridian annoys him awake.

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Author's Notes

i banged this out in 20 minutes just take it




...Still nothing.

“Lucifer, wake up.

The mound of blankets move, and Lucifer’s floofy black bedhead peeks out from under the comforter. Iridian sees him blink some sleep out of his eyes, then his gaze flicks up to them...

...and then he growls as he rolls over and buries himself back under the covers.

“Are you shitting me,” Iridian says to the restored blanket lump. It doesn’t respond.

Well fine, they think. If you’re going to play it like that...

Summoning all the sweetness they could muster, Iridian sings-songs to the lump. “Luuuucifer...~”

No reaction.

“Luuuuuci. Lulu. Sweetheart.”

The lump starts to squirm.

“Darling. Sweetie bear. Honey bunny. Pumpkindoodle— ”

This time the comforter is flung away, Lucifer sitting up and fixing Iridian with a glare that screams murder. It would’ve been intimidating, even with the bedhead... if he wasn’t blushing up to his ears and down to his neck.

“Will you stop.”

Iridian leans over and gives him a peck on the cheek. “No.”