Erebus Cult (modified + updated)

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Chapter 1
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Lore for the Erebus Cult

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Author's Notes

original literature by Zokfaar, had been modified since by AzureFox2100. This version only incorporates my own characters, and no one else’s. This is merely my own twist on Hawk’s backstory and a more fleshed-out version that involves my own characters. I have permission from Zokfaar to use this story. Original:

Chapter 1

Erebus is a primordial Greek deity of darkness and shadows, as well as the portion of the underworld one goes to when they first die. The Erebus Cult, named after the god, worships him. They make sacrifices to appease him, and hopefully gain a place in his domain. These sacrifices come in the form of killing other dragons, as their souls will pass through Erebus’s domain. Particularly, dragons who would be evil, or morally incorrect. 

Morona was who started the cult. They were an individual who claimed to have been a chosen prophet of Erebus, and many believed them. They had unknown powers that were unlike those possessed by any other dragon. They used these powers to influence others, and spread the word of Erebus. As Morona grew old, a younger dragon would take their place and name to continue the cycle.

However, that was long ago. Nowadays, most do not actually believe in Erebus. The cult’s motive for their killings has shifted from appeasing a god many no longer believe in to organised crime. New Moronas who didn’t follow the original beliefs of the cult, and encouraged killings for money and political power, rather than purging the world of evil.


Hawk, as he goes by, as a lower level lackey of the modern day Erebus, a criminal empire. In his attempts to climb the ranks and make something for himself he meets Falcon, a well trained assassin who he is mentored by, a punishment for Falcon given by his boss for often killing targets for his own reasons, rather than for the Erebus Cult. As Falcon and Hawk grow closer together, Falcon shares his desire for reform within the cult to return to its roots. This resonates with Hawk, and he also wants to make changes within the cult. 

As they spend more time together, eventually they begin both dating and considering overthrowing the current Morona. Although the rewards they could reap by just playing along, both of them decided that they must push forward with their plan.