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01/01/2020 NEW: If you have commissioned me at least twice before you will get 10% off. Please make sure to mention it.


This is a terms of service agreement (hence forth referred to as the "agreement") made effective upon time of payment by and between the artist (hereby referred to as "Mansery") and the individual purchasing the commission (hereby referred to as the "commissioner").

These terms are subject to change with out any notice, edits may be marked. This agreement is effective on all websites and platforms.

- Mansery can deny a commission for any reason without explanation.

-Payment is due upfront before any time is put into the piece. USD is the only accepted currency (with exception to digital currency when specified). Payment can only be sent via paypal or venmo.

-The art piece commissioned may appear in Mansery's gallery, advertisements, or portfolio unless the commissioner specifies otherwise, in doing so they may receive an additional charge.

-The piece can be posted by the commissioner anywhere as long as the piece is credited.

- Commissions may not be used commercially unless it is discussed pre-payment.

- Commissions can be modified slightly, but not past recognition.

- Any not safe for work (NSFW) commissions may cost more than the prices listed.

- RefundsĀ will not be issued unless an order is over 60 USD, the following only applies to commissioners that spend over 60 USD:

  • Mansery will make a second rendition of the sketch if you are not satisfied with the first, however the first may be recycled into another piece.
  • There is a $10 USD fee if the commissioner chooses to request a refund, this only applies if the commission has been in queue for under two months.

  • SFW & NSFW
  • Animals & Fantasy
  • Feral & Anthro
  • Mild Gore & Body Horror
  • Wings and other complex attributes

  • Humans (unless otherwise stated)
  • Beastiality
  • Diaper
  • Child / Pup NSFW
  • Hyper / Inflation
  • Vore
  • Excessive Gore
  • Mecha